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  • Krishna-Radha: The embodiment of love

    The saga of Radha and her Krishna is on the mind of every Indian and every lover worldwide. Krishna, the avatar of Lord Vishnu, is the most celebrated and most talked among all the Hindu gods. He is an epitome of love and naughtiness.  Krishna is the small, chirpy, naughty kid who is said to hail from the town of Mathura. Gokul and Vrindavan are the places where he grew up, and are still considered to be pious in the Hindu Mythology. He was notorious forhis love for butter and gopis (milkmaids), but nothing can ever be compared with his love for his childhood friend Radha. A Hindu household is nearly incomplete without an idol of the two, where Krishna is generally shown playing the flute and Radha is seen mesmerised by the beautiful melody.


    Shop For This Woodcarving Radhakrishna at http://tnpoompuhar.org/tamil-nadu/wood-carvings/woodcarving-radhakrishna/radhakrishna.html

    Making these idols requires a great deal of precision and hard work. Each one of them is unique in itself and requires perfect craftsmanship and perseverance. The wood carvings require the artisan to select a fine quality wood. This wood is approximately of the same width and length as the final product. What is astounding, is the fact that these idols range from being thumb sized to that of a storey or even more, but from each one of them emanates the Radha-Krishna love which delights their followers with their beauty of the intricacies that a fellow human being like them remembered while he carved them.


    Shop For This Wooden Radhakrishna at http://tnpoompuhar.org/tamil-nadu/wood/radhakrishna/wooden-radhakrishna.html

    TheRadha-Krishna idol from Poompuhar is the quintessential embodiment of love showing the divine couple standing beside each other in perfect harmony. Krishna’s signature peacock feather adorned on his head, his flute as well as Radha’s ornate jewelleryhighlights the remarkable detail in craftsmanship. This wooden work of art is a deviation from the usual coloured Radha Krishna idols and is a good way to add a classic touch to your home décor while upholding your religious devotion as well. Logon to shop online http://tnpoompuhar.org/tamil-nadu/wood-carvings/woodcarving-radhakrishna/radhakrishna.html

  • Tourist Attractions in and around Chennai

    Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu is one of the popular metros of India. It remains one of the most visited cities in India despite its hot climate. One can visit Chennai for its music, cuisine, and dance forms and to witness its unique culture completely. Tamil is the language spoken in Chennai and the people are a happy and unassuming lot.  Chennai ranked first in the country’s safest metros a few years back in a survey conducted by India Today, The city is most visited by people from the USA and UK. The city was formerly called ‘Madras’ and is 369 years old. What people love about the city is that it is both traditional and modern. Let’s look at the different places you just have to visit during your stay.

    Kapaleeshwar Kovil

    This is a Shiva temple located in Mylapore, Chennai. Mylapore is an area in the city which is known for its cultural brilliance.  It is also one of the best examples you can witness of Pallava architecture. There are about 6 poojas done on a daily basis for worshippers. The main highlight of the temple is the Gopuram which is 37 meters. You can also find inscriptions that date back to the 1250 AD.

    1 Image Credit - commons.wikimedia.org

    Dakshin Chitra

    It is a museum that has been built as an effort to reproduce the south Indian culture of India. It was open to the public from the year 1996. What makes this place interesting is that the owners have taken a lot of effort to showcase not only the cultures of south India but also the exact lifestyle lead by the different cultures in south India. They also have exhibitions, seminars and folk plays conducted on a regular basis to retain the Indian culture. This place was also established to bring southern Indian culture to the forefront and showcase the works of the artisans.

    Image Credit - commons.wikimedia.org Image Credit - commons.wikimedia.org

    Marina Beach

    Marina beach is one of the most visited beaches in Chennai. You find people from all walks of life in the beach. It is ideally suited for people who love walking. Since the beach is frequented by many people, it is surrounded by statues of historical importance to India. Some of the prominent statues include those of Barathidasan and Sivaji Ganesan.

    3 Image Credit - commons.wikimedia.org

    Santhome church

    It is one of the best Roman Catholic churches. Built in the sixteenth century in the Neo-Gothic style by the Portuguese, it remains as the most popular church in the city visited by localities and tourists. A walk through the church gives you a small understanding of how Portugal periods would have looked like. Santhome is the Tamil version of the name ‘St Thomas’ who was a representative of Jesus and the church was built to recall his good deeds. . You can also find a theatre there where the life of ‘St Thomas’ is depicted clearly.

    4 Image Credit - commons.wikimedia.org

    Guindy National Park

    Home to a large number of animals, the park is in a very accessible place in Chennai.  The government has taken many steps to preserve the flora and fauna of this place. The place is more suitable for children as visiting this place can be a way of introducing wildlife to them. Though it is one of the smallest national parks of India, you can go there to see the different animals there i.e. snakes, deers, mongoose, monkeys, grasshoppers, scorpions and many other animals.

    5 Credit Image - chennailocal.com

    Vandalur Zoo

    Located near Tambaram, this zoo is also popular in the city. Since it is a large zoo, you need to spend some time there to see all the animals. Established in 1985 and home to a large variety of flora and fauna, this is the favoured picnic spot for school children in the city.       

    Image Credit - en.wikipedia.org Image Credit - en.wikipedia.org

    Golden beach

    Golden beach  is just a short drive from Marina beach. The advantage of going to this place is that one can rest in the VGP resort which owns the beach. The VGP resort is an awesome resort filled with luxury to fulfill your holiday experience in Chennai.


    This holy city is 75 kms from Chennai. It is worth the drive as it has a large number of religious centers and is a place where you can get the best silk saris from country. People go there also to witness the temple festivals that happen regularly.

    7 Image Credit - commons.wikimedia.org

    ECR – East Coast Road

    There is a lot of exciting things to do on the East Coast of Chennai. The place is filled with fun places like amusement parks, malls, beaches, cafes and tourist spots. It is also ideal for people around the city to visit during their holidays with their families as it will be a break from  routine life.

    Kovalam Beach

    It is a beach located on the ECR (East Coast road).This is a classy place meant to be spent with your friends or family. People like this place for its soothing effect and is famous for fishing activities. You must have this in your travel agenda if you want a calm and pleasant experience, and don’t mind driving one hour from the city of Chennai.

    Image Credit - commons.wikimedia.org Image Credit - commons.wikimedia.org
  • 5 Monuments and temples with the best architecture in South India

    South India has some of the best monuments and temples that are architecturally brilliant. Some of these historical monuments and temples are visited both by national as well as international tourists. In South India, the temples that were constructed long back can even be classified as monuments because of their old world charm and their architectural profoundness. Let’s find out the best temples and monuments that you just need to visit when you have south India on your travel agenda.

    Mamallapuram Shore Temple, Chennai

    Located in the Kanchipuram district, it is about 60 kms from Chennai. Being one of the oldest temples of the country and a UNESCO World Heritage site, it is also a good example of structural temples made in stone. It was in fact the first building of its time that was made of granite stone rather than rocks. It was built in the 7thcentury; this temple is a group of three temples located overlooking the Bay of Bengal in Mamallapuram. The temple is literally located on the shore, and an early morning sunrise when the sun shines through the sea onto Shiva Linga in the main shrine is a sight to behold.

    1 Image Credit - commons.wikimedia.org

    Mysore Palace, Mysore

    This palace belongs to the royal family of Wodeyar Maharajas. The palace you now see was redesigned and remade by an English architect in 1912. This breathtaking beautiful building has beautiful interiors and you can see different artifacts and paintings inside. One day of the week, the palace is lit with around 10000 light bulbs that make its majestic charm visible.

    2 Image Credit - commons.wikimedia.org

    Meenakshi Temple, Madurai

    Meenakshi temple is the temple of Parvati who is the consort of Shiva. It is also one of the few popular temples celebrating a goddess. What makes the temple so epic is the fact that it has 33000 sculptures and is the largest temple complex in the state of Tamil Nadu. The other highlight of the temple is the 14 differently made Gopurams and the thousand pillar hall that has almost 1000 pillars arranged in a fashion that they appear to be in neat rows and columns, no matter which angle you look at them from.Gopurams are pyramid shaped towers that appear mostly in the entrance of temples. It is, in fact a prominent feature of Dravidian architecture.

    3 Image Credit - wikipedia.org

    Charminar, Hyderabad

    Charminar is a famous mosque in the heart of Hyderabad. This place is often recommended to be the top 10 places that need to be on your travel list in India. Built in 1591 by the fifth ruler of the Qualb Shahi dynasty, it is a tourist spot that represents Islamic architecture well. Though the reason why he built it is debated, this monument is famous because of its ornate and beautiful designs. It is during winter that most people visit the mosque.  It is a square structure with 20 meters each side and with four arches that face a direction that also opens into four streets. Though it is a piece of Islamic architecture, its architecture is also inspired by Hindu architecture. Many people say that the building does justice to the Hindu and Islamic cultures led by the society of Hyderabad.

    4 Image Credit - wikipedia.org

    Brihadeeshwarar temple, Thanjavur

    Built only out of granite, this temple is one of the greatest buildings of the Chola dynasty. Located in the city of Thanjavur, it is a temple dedicated to Lord Brihadeeshwara who was an avatar (form) of Lord Shiva. The most beautiful view is the one inside the temple of Lord Shiva which is one of the biggest idols of the deity. Many say it is one of the temples that showcase Dravidian architecture brilliantly. The temple is also famous for its sculptures of various gods like Dakshinamurthi, Ganesha, Vishnu as well as "Ashta-dikpaalakas" (deities who rule the specific directions of the space) – Indra, Agni, Yama, Nirrti, Varuna, Vayu, Kubera and Isana.

    5 Image Credit - wikipedia.org



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  • Craft Bazaar exhibition at Samatheshwar Mahadev Mandhir Ground

    PSSR, #New #Delhi is conducting "Craft Bazaar" #exhibition at Samatheshwar Mahadev Mandhir Ground, #Ahmedabad from 19th February to 2nd March 2015 with financial assistance of Ms. Office of Development Commissioner Handicrafts. Some pictures from the exhibition. You can also #shop online at poompuhar.org

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  • Taj Mahal: The Epitome of Love

    Considered as one of the most famous buildings of the world, the Taj Mahal was built by Shah Jahan for his beloved wife. It took 22 years to build the monument and Shah Jahan employed more than 20000 workers to build this beautiful place. The monument always features as  the top tourist spot for India and is loved by foreigners from different countries. The monument is also right next to the Yamuna River and is one of the best examples of Islamic architecture. This monument was constructed by Shah Jahan for the love he had for his wife. The monument is a white marble structure in Agra .It was designed by Ustad Ahmad Ali, one of the best architects of that time. The monument is called the ‘jewel of Muslim art’ and one of the finest buildings made during the Mughal times. This sprawling monument is beautifully furnished inside. This is a UNESCO world heritage site and it is said that the monument was built because Shah Jahan was not able to get over the death of his wife and wanted to create something that was extremely marvelous and yes, he accomplished it. Inside the building is the tomb of both Shah Jahan and his wife. There are three beautifully built monuments around the Taj Mahal which do not equal it in its beauty but certainly add to its grandeur. It is also said that viewing the sunrise in Taj Mahal is a blissful experience. Tourists are allowed to take pictures outside but photographs are strictly prohibited inside, where the mausoleum is. In case, you are a tourist and you think you needn’t visit the place because you know the building already thanks to the pictures and information available about it, you are mistaken because even photography doesn’t do justice to this exotic and mesmerizing monument. The tickets to this monument are priced at 750 rupees for foreign tourists, which is the highest ticket in India for any tourist spot. These charges of course don’t apply to the residents of the country.


    Taj Mahal in Indian handicrafts 

    Because it is such an adored monument, its designs and models are remade in pith work. Though paintings, home décor items and posters have Taj Mahal as a model, it is mostly found in pith work. In a pith work, the building is reproduced in the same way. Want a Taj Mahal in pith work? We have it here right at Poompuhar.These beautiful home décor items will add an arty look to your house. This form of art was initiated thanks to the efforts taken by the artisans who actually visited these places and took note of the monument and its detailing.


    Shop for this at http://tnpoompuhar.org/tamil-nadu/pithwork/tajmahal.html

  • Laughing Buddha in Indian Handicrafts

    What is the Laughing Buddha?

    The laughing Buddha is called ‘Pu-tai’ in China and ‘Hotai’ in Japan and is a happy monk who brings prosperity to everyone. The laughing Buddha is usually found in offices, homes, hospitals and gardens as it is also a decorative item. It is even placed in temples at the entrance. People often mistake the laughing Buddha for Gautama Buddha .They are different personalities. The highlight of this monk is his tummy or belly that promises to bring fortune to people rubbing it.

    1 b

    Shop for this at http://tnpoompuhar.org/tamil-nadu/wood/buddha/laughing-buddha.html

    Who is the idol based on?

    The idol is actually based on a monk who lived in China many years ago who was always happy with life. He was known as the laughing Buddha because he was always laughing and his message was to spread laughter around him. People used to come to him with lots of questions but his continuous laughter made people slowly forget about their problems and they would instead start laughing. It is also known that the man was such a happy soul that he even laughed in his sleep. Though initially he was called by his original name, his laughter actually gave him a name called ‘laughing Buddha’.

    Where to place the laughing Buddha?

    The laughing Buddha is usually placed near the front door of the house. For people who need his positive energy, they certainly should avoid keeping it in the bathroom or bedroom. The best spot for the laughing Buddha is the living room. For students and professionals, they can keep it on their desk. Many people who have nice gardens in their house also place Buddha idols which are big in size. You can also place in other rooms in your house where you perform a lot of tasks.

    2 b

    Shop for this at http://tnpoompuhar.org/tamil-nadu/wood/buddha/laughing-buddha-574.html

    Laughing Buddha in handicrafts

    It is this laughing Buddha that is used in many handicraft designs. He is represented majorly in these designs because it is believed that the idol brings positive energy and good luck wherever it is kept. These idols are supposed to be placed in the living room or wherever people are present during the major part of the day. Unlike other idols, it is not worshipped in the prayer room. It is kept in the living room or on a dining table for the purpose of bringing fortune to people. Laughing Buddha idols are often available in wood, stone and other materials. At Poompuhar, we have two types of idols – you will either find him sitting or you will notice him with a hand over his head with a pot.

    Rub his belly and a good change might well be your way!

  • Poompuhar ties up with Indiamart.com

    Our visionis to maximize the visibility of Indian handicrafts. Since we are an organization which deals with popular Indian handicrafts, we have taken another initiative and tied up with IndiaMART.com for buyers to get to know about us.IndiaMART.com is a space for connecting companies and buyers. IndiaMART.com now has about 1.5 million suppliers. Not only is it a platform for sellers to display themselves, it is also a place where buyers can get complete details of the products they want to shop.


    2014 has been a great year for us. We have undertaken many initiatives. With the launch of our website,customers can now buy products using credit/debit cards and net banking options. Then there was a signing of MOU with India post for timely delivery of goods and an MOU with GRT group of hotels was done so that tourists from different parts of the world could visit our showrooms. Read further to see the other initiatives by us-http://tnpoompuhar.org/blog/7-new-initiatives-by-poompuhar/. Wenow hope our tie up with IndiaMART.com will be an everlasting and fruitful one.

  • Crafts Mela 10% discount - Alwarpet

    Our ‪#‎Crafts‬ ‪#‎Mela‬ is back again! Get a chance to avail 10% ‪#‎discount‬ on authentic ‪#‎handicraft‬ items such as Thanjavur paintings, Rosewood panels, Jaipur paintings, Bathik painting, Kashmir sarees, Brass lamps and much more. Venue: Sankara Hall, ‪#‎Alwarpet‬ , Ttk Road, Chennai -18. PERIOD : 12.2.2015 to 23.2.2015 (Including Sunday). You can also shop online at poompuhar.org

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  • Unique Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas from Poompuhar

    As the second week of February draws to an end, love is in the air quite literally. Markets are on full display in red – the color of love, hearts and flowers hanging everywhere and there is almost a contagious feeling of romance that you cannot escape whether you are single, engaged or married. With so many options and products to choose from, it is only natural that your mind gets flooded with ideas, yet you are unable to decide what to gift your special one. Fret not, as Poompuhar has its own range of products specially designed for the Valentine’s Day which are unconventional from the common ideas of ‘hearts-teddies-chocolates-cologne’.

    Let’s take a look.

    Jali-Inlay box

    The Jaliinlay box from Poompuhar is a perfect gift for her dressing table. It comes with a smart wooden finish in an ideal size to store precious or everyday items like jewelry, coins, etc. Every time your girl dresses up, the box will remind her of your thoughtfulness. Ladies, if you want your man to remember you even while at work, this box is a smart way to find your way on his office table. What say?


    Radha-krishna Antique finish

    The love of Radha-Krishna has inspired us for generations and will continue to do so. If you want to give something that has a strong hint of tradition in it and is something that will stay on forever,this is what you are looking for.This metallic idol made ofzinc, copper, lead, tin and gold works both as a Valentine’s Day gift and pooja item. Its handcrafted antique polish makes sure both the gift and your love never lose their sheen.

    Painted bird

    This elegant pair of birds in brass is sure to woo your partner’s heart. Its creative design and fine polish can add a touch of elegance to any space it is adorned in. A perfect gifting idea for men and women, boys and girls!


    TajMahal Pithwork

    If love could be incarnated into something tangible, it would be certainly be like the TajMahal. The TajMahal is an eternal symbol of love and this miniature replica makes the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. Pith is the core of a plant grown in water andthis handicraft uses that to create a product made with great care and detail.

    These four gift ideas are not only unusual from the regular mushy gifts, buying them is also an act of kindness for the talented artisans who do not get access to sell their products at fancy marketplaces. Now that’s sure going to win you more admiration and respect from your beloved, isn’t it?


  • Mumbai Crafts Mela - Feb 2015

    A few snapshots from the Crafts Mela in Mumbai. Visit us at Shri Sunderbai Hall, Mumbai from 1st to 14th Feb 2015 and get a special 10% discount on the best range of handicrafts from all over India! For online shopping visit poompuhar.org

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