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  • White Metal Handicraft At It's Best

    India is a land rich of natural resources, where its metal and minerals alluvial earth has helped in the development of handicraft since the beginning of civilization. The point worthy of mentioning is that the Indian handicraft is the amalgamation of not just metals and creativity, but a unique blend of religion, history, tradition and culture. With the passage of time, artisans were able to create alloys that added new flavor and variety to the vast options of Indian handicraft.

    White-Metal-handicraftWhite metal alloy which includes antimony, tin, lead, cadmium, bismuth, and zinc and are mixed to achieve a desired goal or need. As an example, a base metal for jewelry needs to be castable, polishable, have good flow characteristics, have the ability to cast fine detail without an excessive amount of porosity and cast at between 230 °C and 300 °C (450 °F and 575 °F).

    White metal handicraft figures are not exactly “white” as the name suggests. It is a well-polished surface which seems to be inclined towards the “silvery metal” color. The white metal casted figure, which is well polished and has its unique shine is a treat to the eyes. It not only provides a variety in the pool of handicraft but is also high in demand specially that of the figures of Indian mythological gods. The image of Nataraja in all his glory casted in white metal is a sight to watch!

    In Poompuhar (www.tnpoompuhar.org) which seeks to connect together artisans and customers, special product categorization has been done for metal handicraft and white metal handicraft.The series of products available in white metal handicraft include white metal gift items ranging from a detailed carving of Lord Ganesha to naturally depicted white metal cow with her calf.

    A brief description of the products is as follows :

    1. White Metal Ganesh Face Wall Hanging: Lord Ganesha, the elephant god is the deity of fortune and wisdom. Being one of the most popular gods in India, his statues are sculpted in all forms and variations. A specimen of detailed sculpting, this wall hanging is worthy to be on your wall and is a fine example of white metal handicraft gift item.
    2. White Metal Camel: Poompuhar brings to you the ship of the desert in crafted in white metal. With availability in stock and prompt delivery, this white metal handicraft is a must have in your living room as a decorative item.
    3. White Metal Horse: One of man’s oldest allies, horses have carried warriors and traders, kings and gods across the continent since man learnt how to domesticate them. Bring home this beautifully sculpted white metal handicraft item.
    4. White Metal Nataraja: Lord Shiva in his dancing form is a sight to watch. Kudos to the artist who has so perfectly crafted the famous mudra in white metal along with the minutest of details which make this white metal crafted piece of handicraft a wonderful gift option or to seek inspiration from the dancing Shiva!
    5. White Metal Eagle: The eagle has been always a symbol of power, it was the imperial sign of the Holy Roman Empire and The Russian Royal insignia. In Hinduism it is the mount of Lord Vishnu in the form of Garuda. Visit the Poompuhar website to own this beautiful white metal crafted item.
    6. White Metal Cow with Calf: One of the most venerated animals in India, Poompuhar offers a white metal crafted cow with her calf. It not only is beautifully designed, but the detailed craftsmanship shown in creating this white metal handicraft makes it a must have!
    7. White Metal Ganesha: Catering to the popular demand of this popular deity, Poompuhar customers also have the option of purchasing a full fledgedGanesha statue crafted in shiny white metal. The item can be perfect to gift your near and dear ones or to be placed in your office or homes to make sure that there is no shortage of blessings!
    8. White Metal Elephant: The mighty elephant has been crafted and decorated beautifully in white metal which makes this item a leading white metal handicraft gift item.
    9. White Metal Trolley Bowl Set: Impress your guests by serving them in beautifully crafted, classy looking white metal trolley bowl set. This item is also a hot favorite white metal handicraft gift product which can be presented on the occasion of marriages, anniversaries etc.

    To have access to beautifully carved white metal artifacts please visit our website tnpoompuhar.org.

  • Cultural Treasure Cities of India

    India has thousands of cities, together they form a union, which is treasure of culture, tradition and it's rich and diverse heritage. These cities are more of ingredients which have their own distinctive properties and contributions in making this land – India!

    We look at a few cities, what they are famous for and how they have helped in shaping this great country.

    Delhi:The capital of several dynasties, empires and that of today’s India. The city’s rich and diverse culture and heritage is a witness and a result of those that have called it home and have left an ever- lasting impression. From the large Jama Masjid, which is not only one of the largest mosques in India but also an epitome of Mughal Architecture at its best. The culinary options which are dominated by the recipes handed over by the Mughals is a globally loved. Lutyen’s Delhi or New Delhi as its called, the power center of India, which hosts the symbol of Indian democracy – The Parliament and the Rashtrapati Bhawan, too is worth mentioning.

    Jama Masjid in Delhi Image Credit - Wikipedia

    Varanasi: One of the oldest cities in the world, Varanasi is a decadent tableau of multiple temples, riverside ghats, colorful markets and saffron-clad sadhus. The meandering Ganga river adds to its holiness and its tiny alleys in the old town along with its rich local delicacies makes this city special in several ways. The Ganga aarti, which is truly an uplifting experience – with pealing bells, chants, fire and incense is an experience for which words may fall short.

    Munshi Ghat in Varanasi Image Credit - Wikipedia

    Udaipur: Ranked as by many travel journos and researchers as one of the most culturally rich cities of the world, Udaipur is no less that a city from a fairy-tale. The City Palace Complex with the Jag Mandir in the centre of the lake adds to the beauty of this experience.

    Udaipur jag mandir india

    Madurai: Also known as the Athens of the East, this city is a cultural jewel. With imprints of civilizations that can be traced back to several centuries, this city is a must visit, if you are a cultural treasure seeker. The towering gopuram of the Meenakshi Temple, decorated with detailed carving leaves a humbling effect on its visitors.

    madurai meenakshi amman temple india Image Credit - Wikipedia

    Kanchipuram: One of the most famous cities of Tamil Nadu, Kanchipuram was known in early Tamil literature as Kachi or Kachipedu but was later Sanskritized to Kanchi or Kanchipuram. According to legend, the name Kanchi is derived from Ka referring to the Hindu god Brahma and anchi, referring to his worship of Hindu god Vishnu at this place. Famous for its silk sarees, Kanchipuram saris woven with heavy silk and gold cloth are considered to be special and are worn on occasions and festivities.

  • Celebrating India’s Amazing Handicraft

    India and its citizens have since the beginning of time been creators of several art forms, reflecting their culture, heritage and fulfilling several necessities of the rich and the poor. India’s handicraft ,too, is second to none, with variety of  cultures and sub-cultures existing and varying from each other, it is no wonder that its handicraft sector has given birth to globally famous genres of handicraft. We would like to give a brief introduction to some famous and amazing forms of handicraft which not only adds to the richness of this country’s culture but also is a celebration in itself!

    Madhubani: Madhubani painting is also known as Mithila painting. Natural dyes and pigments are used to create it. With five distinctive and equally impressive styles, namely - Bharni, Tantrik, Nepali, Katchni and Gobar, this art form uses natural dyes and pigments. With time, the Madhubani art form has increased in popularity and is even replicated in various other decorative forms.

    Madhubani paintings in india Image Credit - Wikipedia

    Phulkari: Tracing its root to the women-folk of Punjab, Phulkari, was started in the 19th century. The name “phulkari” translates to flower work in Punjabi, and as the name suggests the art form resembles, the bright colors of flowers and reflects the fertile colors of the fields of Punjab. The appeal of the phulkari is such that it is now a must-have in Punjabi households.

    Phulkari handicrafts from India Image Credit - Wikipedia

    Channapatna Toys: Situated 60kms from the hustle-bustle of Bengaluru, is situated a small town called Channapatna. In the local Kannada language, this town is called Gombegala Ooru, which translates to ‘toy town.’ The artists residing in this ‘tow-town’ make wooden toys, colored in organic colors, in front of the customers. Now, a major tourist destination, 80 % of the population of the town rely on this business for their livelihood

    Channapatna Toys handicrafts from India Image Credit - Wikipedia

    Brass Utensils: A symbol of prosperity, wealth and honor since humans started settling. The Lohars or the early blacksmiths from Rajasthan bought brass sheets from Ahmedabad and created the first brass utensils. Once, a dazzling element in the royal kitchens, they are now found in museums or handed down through generations as family heirlooms.

    Brass Utensils From India Handicrafts

    Kantha : The soft and comfortable material used, makes this a favorite among many.It all began decades ago when grandmothers would sew their old sarees as patchworks and make kanthas. Today, it is done on a larger commercial platform, and with much brighter colors.

    Kantha Handicrafts from India Image Credit - Wikipedia

    Dhana Murti: Mundas - This ethnic tribal group in the Chota Nagpur plateau region use unhusked rice grains to make idols. Rice grains, bamboo slivers, and colored threads are used to make beautiful idols of Indian gods and goddesses like Ganesha or Lakshmi.

    Image Credit - Gaatha.com Image Credit - Gaatha.com

    Ranidongri Baskets :  These popular products trace their origin to Ranidongri, a small town in Madhya Pradesh where local men and women weave baskets as a means of livelihood. Woven in almost every household in Ranidongri, these tokris or baskets are found in different shapes and sizes.

    Ranidogri-basket-handicrafts-india Image Credit - Gaatha.com

    Lappe Ka Kaam: Also popularly known as gota patti or zardousi, is a fine example of Rajasthan’s rich and centuries old royalty. It is a type of applique embroidery - a needlework technique in which patterns or representational scenes are created by the attachment of smaller pieces of fabric. Lappe ka kaam is seen a lot in bridal clothing these days.

    Lappe Ka Kaam handicrafts india

    Blue Pottery: This extremely time-consuming and tedious form of handicraft is worth every second and time. Blue pottery, as the name suggests is due to blue dye that is used. It is the only kind of pottery which does not use clay. A mixture of quartz stone powder, powdered glass, multani mitti, borax, gum and waterform its main composition. The Pink City – Jaipur is known and celebrated for its blue pottery .

    Blue Pottery handicrafts from India Image Credit - handicrafts India

    Kathputli: The famous mascot of Rajasthan, standing one-and-a-half feet tall, are manufactured in Sawai – Madhopur, Bari and Udaipur. They are commonly seen in puppets shows across the country.

  • Home Decor Craft Ideas by Poompuhar

    Looking for the perfect décor craft to make sure that your wall or the corner next to your sofa feels beautified? The items that are kept in a house make it a home. The difference between a house and a home is not only of spellings, in fact the difference is much larger. A home is your nest, a gather of every particle, big or small that has been carefully and intentionally included to make it a much loved abode. Poompuhar takes great pride in providing a large number of options that are ideal for home décor.

    : Thanjavur painting is a classical South Indian painting style, which was inaugurated from the town of Thanjavur (anglicized as Tanjore) and spread across the adjoining and geographically contiguous Tamil country. They are ideal to be used for wall decoration or even a trendy gift item. From paintings that capture the local citizens to paintings that glorifies deities. Available exclusively on our website, with prices ranging from Rs. 2,200 to Rs. 12,000.

    Thanjavur Painting

    Brass Hanging Lamps: With 5 beautiful varieties of hanging lamps, made with the best in class quality of brass, these options are a must have. Ideal for decorating your wall, which often is a victim of simplicity and plainness, these hanging walls are set to revive the look of your rooms. Your lamp lit room is bound to create a calming effect on everyone around. Ranging from a plain hanging lamp costing Rs 300 to a beautifully and detailed crafting of the Goddess Gajalakshmi at Rs 12,500.

    Annam Hanging Lamp

    Wooden Flower Vase: A well carved, wooden flower vase available at Poompuhar’s website is one home décor item that is a must-have! Flowers add beauty, color and fragrance to your abode and the wooden flower vase is its best companion. Available at Rs 800, this is all for grabs!

    Wooden Flower vase

    Coconut Shell:At Poompuhar we believe in using native, organic and natural elements to come up with the best examples of home décor craft products. Keeping this in mind we have used the humble coconut shell as our very adorable decorative item. Standing at 13x7x2 inches tall Coconut Shell Deer Night Lamp and Coconut Shell Giraffe Night Lamp are a must have to lighten up your evenings. Available at Rs. 1,440 each, exclusively available on our website.

    Coconut Shell

    For more native products that are ideal to decorate your homes, please visit our website http://tnpoompuhar.org/

  • An enchanting world: The crafts of India

    A nation with a rich history and a proud heritage, India is immensely popular for its crafts that are as diverse as the country itself. From historical ages to the trendy times of today, Indian crafts never fail to charm the world with their beauty and wonder. Rural communities of India still hold the cultural tradition of crafts guarded with sincerity.

    Indian Handicrafts Image Credit - Wikipedia

    The history of the Indian crafts industry goes back to about 5000 years from now. The Indus valley civilization is abundant with numerous examples of crafts of ancient times. It is a prestigious fact that India possesses a rich craft tradition characterized by high degree of technical excellence in the fields of weaving, jewelry, pottery and sculpture.

    All the states of India have their own identity in the world of crafts, each of which is unique and exclusive in its own right. Rajasthan, a state of north India with a royal heritage is home to a set of crafts like painting, puppetry, fabric coloration etc. These crafts were practiced and persevered through centuries by the royal Rajput families. Though puppetry has given way to modern entertainment like TV and movies, other crafts of Rajasthan like tie-dyeing is perceived as the roots of international fashion aesthetics. Even now, the interiors of Rajasthani homes are painted with floral motifs and the passion for decorative patterns run all over the state, which is easily the iconic identity of the nation’s crafts industry.

    The state of Gujrat is famous for its textile production methods which includes weaving, dyeing and printing. Bandhani is a unique Gujarati craft, wherein which the fabric is tied at some parts before dyeing resulting in interesting patterns on the cloth.

    Assam is renowned worldwide for its production of silk fabrics. The women of Assam are entrusted with the responsibility of creating silk fabrics. In Gandhi’s words, Assam women are born weavers they are capable of weaving even fairy tales out of their looms!

    Like north India, the southern states of India also present an interesting array of crafts. Karnataka is a state, which has international repute for its wood and stone works. The forests of this region supply wood, mostly rose wood to the wood workers of the state. And carving divine statues for temples is the major source of income for the people of Karnataka.

    Though the tides of time have turned dramatically in recent years, Indian crafts still present an adorable charisma to the international audience. Fashion and styles keep changing from time to time, but the value and the magic of Indian crafts still rule hearts.

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