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  • Kondapalli Bommalu

    Kondapalli Bommalu, the toys of Kondapalli Handicrafts are made in Kondapalli, AP, and India. This art is a more than 400 year old tradition. They have their own niche of handicrafts that are known globally. We are in a world where artistic values are less seen and hence are losing their charms. The daily life, the animal figures, and relation to the mythology make this art prominent, especially in the festivals like Dusshera, Deepawali and Navratri. They display the history of rich Indian culture along with the artistic creativity.  The toys are completely hand woven and there is no touch of machinery in it that makes it more special. This art really deserves appreciation.

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    The figures are for various lines like a carpenter, a farmer, a woman, a cow, wild animals like elephants and also the figures of our deities like Ganesha, Shiva. The artists use special wood to make these sculptures look adorably beautiful and mesmerizing. The wood, Tella Poniki is easy to be carved and then dried for a span of a couple of weeks so that the weight of the figure stays light and there is no more moisture in it. Then they do finishing, coating and painting the figure with beautiful vibrant colors. They do it with so much finesse that it looks irresistible and depicting true Indian culture.

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    The rough edges of the toy is ridden off by applying makku which is a mixture of ground powder of tamarind seeds and sawdust boiled in water to form a paste. The toys, in 16th century while Harappan civilization in power and the toys were made of clays and stones.

    The beautiful artistic creatures look cute when they find a place in your house. You can keep them in your showcase, on your table as a show piece or on the sides of your bed. They embellish the house and make it look more traditional as well as stylish. One should surely buy some of the Kondapalli Bommalu toys for their house or for gifting purpose to add décor to the place. One can also buy the sculptures of Gods and Goddesses and keep them in their temple of the house. In short, they deserve to be a part of your house as they reflect cultures and traditions of India. No matter we have entered the modern culture, one should still not forget the roots and to keep that attachment alive, the toys serve the purpose. The finesse in them cannot be depicted in just words.

    After all, art speaks out a lot in itself. Though a figure that has a complete family in it has nothing to do with the culture, but it makes us remind that art is still alive at its best. The serenity of art should always be respected and cannot be under estimated. Buy the Poompuhar Kondapalli Bommalu and let art talk to you. Keep them in your exhibitions, parties, shops and melas to make them look more elegant and traditional.

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  • Understanding the ancient India through the eyes of cultural art and architecture

    The architecture and the traditions of India are reflected through a very vibrant past that forms an integral element in history. The ancient traditions of India form of mesh of such vital and plethoric cultural interpretations that the person viewing them is ought to feel enticed. It isn’t simply about the rich cultural history that is portrayed through this architecture, but at the same time it is all about the elemental significance of this tradition that uplifts the cultural charisma of the nation.

    The rich cultural diversity of India can be traced back to the ancient period as it is evident from the monumental ecstasy that the nation holds. The nation has been home to a number of ethnic and foreign traditions that seemingly diversified the cultural integrity on a humungous scale. Some cultures certainly played a major role in shaping the architecture that makes it across the pages of history. Let’s take a look at them.

    • The Indo-Islamic architecture

    The Indo-Islamic architecture is perhaps the most widespread form of architecture in the entire of India. It magnificently uplifts the contemporary form of art and blends it with the authentic elements of Indian architecture as well. With a blend of Islamic taste, this seemingly enterprising elemental disclosure of art entices any person that sets eyes on them.

    Persian architecture and art also forms an integral part of the architectural bliss. It provides the integrity to the art of the entire structure forming an association of details and beauty as well. The fine art credentials and the vibrant use of colours allow the portrayal to ascend beyond the conventional insight to beauty. To say the least it is emphatically mesmerising.

    taj-mahal-in-india Image Credit - Wikipedia
    • Rajput architecture

    Rajput architecture is among the ethnic styles depicted through Indian culture and traditions. As an ethnic form of art, the architecture form depicts massive mansions and forts that provide for the royal and plethoric touch to the royalty. As the tradition had been conventionally heldup by the royals, their significance stands tall and vibrant in the cultural history of the country.

    The most enticing feature of the art form definitely transcends into the serene blend of colours and designs. The marvellous use of colour infused with the modern and contemporary blend of art makes the interiors resemble the best of royal craftsmanship.

    Image Credit - wikimedia Image Credit - wikimedia
    • Contemporary British Art

    Withascend of the British Empire, the British form of art ascended into the Indian matrix. The art form and architectural style reflects a fusion of contemporary and modern art form. They also hold flavours of Indian monarchy to a certain extent as well. Characterised with large halls and massive doorways, these form an integral part of the rich western and contemporary culture present today.

    The form of architecture is a treat to the eyes considering the tectonic elements of class and art. The depiction of class and royalty can be felt in each step owing to beautiful garden area and parks that make the places substantially elemental in terms of the visual enticement.

  • The best of Rajputana architecture

    Among all of the serene forms of architecture, there is something completely enticing about Rajput architecture. It is seemingly an existence that cannot be defined within the pages of paper or through the mere indulgence of words at all. The best of all Rajput architecture speak of ethnic designs and an intricate detailing which makes it exquisite.

    There is quite an array of architectural wonders in India, but the Rajput architecture certainly stands above all of the others. It is perhaps the vibrant use of portraits, marvellous interiors and the detailing of intricacy that makes them stand on the zenith of glory.

    Top 4 Rajput architectures you cannot afford to miss

    Among all of the architectures resembling the royalty of the Rajput, there are quite a few of them that certainly confer an edge to the design and eternal bliss.

    • Hawa Mahal: This form of Rajput architecture is a fine display of geometric art forms that represents a pattern of intricate detailing. The Hawa Mahal was initially designed the house in the riyal women of the family, which renders it with a purpose as to why the designs had been carefully crafted.
      The vibrant use of various shades of red certainly helps to uplift the craze for red that the Rajput had with their designs. On top of that the designs have been rendered with a lot of sophistications which render it with a professional and elegant touch.
    Image credit - wikimedia Image credit - wikimedia
    • The Amber Palace: The Amber Palace in Jaipur Rajasthan is perhaps one of the finest displays of intricate and ethnic art work. The beautiful carpeted designs and the manifestations of eccentric geometric patterns across the entire structure confer it with a luxurious feel.
      Surrounded by garden and the bliss of terrain, this magnificent piece of architecture is certainly one that soothes the eyes of any person. The contrast of gold with an elaborate radiance of colours makes it the best of all.
    Image credit - wikimedia Image credit - wikimedia
    • City Palace: The City Palace in Jaipur is another exquisite example of intricate detailing and fine art work. The City palace in Jaipur has a completely royal touch to it with the presence of a lawn and a refinement of architecture.
      The interior decoration of the palace is simply mesmerising owing to the fact that the City Palace makes an authentic use of blue shades and golden shades to highlight the sophisticated and fine artwork. The elaborate designs are certainly the visual treat appreciated by all.
    Image Credit - wikimedia Image Credit - wikimedia
    • Jaigarh Fort: This is a massive fort that outlooks the city of Jaigarh from the cliff top. The fort in itself is massive and has all of the flavours related to Rajput architecture associated with it. It is certainly a remnant of the fine taste in royalty and the special urge for epic proportions. The high rise walls large ceiling confers a majestic and elaborate aura to the entire structure.

    One of the most common things associated with each of these architectural wonders tends to be their epic proportion. Royalty was considered big and it is indeed reflective from their art form.

  • History of Tamil Nadu Handicrafts

    Tamil Nadu, one of the biggest states of South India has an enchanting cultural as well as traditional history that makes the state more diversified and interesting to talk about. Most popular art amongst all, known as Poompuhar brings to life lost and rare handicrafts of Tamil Nadu. The beauty and creativity of the handicrafts of Tamil Nadu keep you engrossed.

    The different handicrafts depicting the culture and traditions of the state add elegance and beauty to not only Tamil Nadu people, but also people all around the world. The different handicrafts of Tamil Nadu Include Paintings of Tanjore, Jewelry, Pottery, woodcraft, Stone carving and textiles.


    The best thing about the paintings of Tanjore is their mesmerizing beauty and most significant art that gets depicted in them. They are made on wood, mica and walls that make these painting more beautiful and profound. The Jewelry is another most important attraction of the handicraft of the state made of beautiful stones. They make the most beautiful ornaments that embellish the beauty of several people and are loved by all.

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    The love for the handicraft of Tamil Nadu is because of the quality, the authenticity and the diversification in designs the art engrosses. The paintings, mainly Tanjore Gold leaf paintings feature Hindu Gods and Goddesses and their stories. You can find the best Gold leaf paintings in Chennai where you will find authenticity. Since beauty is to be appreciated and art isn’t easily available, one should cherish the culture depicted in art and craft that makes the art as well as culture more appreciable.

    The woodcraft of the state is most commonly used to make the beautiful fiber products that exported abroad. Palm grasses and bamboo are used to make the authentic woodcrafts that add value to the culture as well as to the authenticity and glory of the country. Stone carving is also an irreplaceable art when it comes to Tamil Nadu, the best of which is Granite carving. The crafts of the Musical instrument cannot be ignored. The enticing beauty of art and culture gives the best blend of what comes out to be marvelous. Thanjavur, the hometown of many musicians is the major hub of musical instruments. The beautiful carvings make them wonderful.

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    The art is to be cherished and to be loved by all. The beautiful handicraft is to be explored and hence one can add divine art and beauty to their lives by giving these handicrafts a place in your houses so that it becomes more prevalent and known by all. They belong to the place where creativity and skill is the cast of beauty. The subtle beauty of Tamil Nadu is depicted through these beautiful and mesmerizing handicrafts only and has been endeavoring since ages to provide the best and diversified designs and miracle that can be done through human hands. The state and its beautiful handicrafts also glorify the country as it exposes the rich culture through the handicrafts and make India popularly known worldwide.

  • Making of Stone Idols

    Stone idols are the statues that are made to depict God. The three dimensional statue is created by artisans and is given the shape and structure of our deities and hence are called Stone Idols. The stone sculptures are more effective than metal ones and are widely accepted all over India. We Indians worship God in many ways. Some keep the pictures, while others keep statues. So the making of statues dates back to centuries ago when it was done only to depict art.

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    The stone idols look beautiful and they make you feel like the God is really standing in front of you, talking to you. They make your temple lively and you buy stone idols for many purposes like Navratri, Diwali pujan and many more. When we go to any temple and we see the sculptures made of stone, you cannot question the fact that they are just stones. This is actually god’s way of presenting himself on Earth. The sculpture has power and we worship them. Therefore, in India, we have a great history about the stone idols and everyone keeps such idols at home, no matter you worship Lord Krishna, Rama or Shiva.

    People worship Gods through prayers, chants, songs and rituals and they think that it is heard by the God in the form they worship. These stone sculptures have their own worth and they are:

    Iconic Representation

    People believe that God is in front of them in those Stone idols and it is their way of believing it. It may or may not be true but personal satisfaction is a must, and hence they like it that way.

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    Symbol of Peace

    They believe that keeping stone idols at their house will get the house the peace it wants and the people of the family will always be in prosperity.

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    Therefore, keeping the stone idols is a must have at your house. It brings you peace and prosperity. Also, they look beautiful and they depict the mythological history of India. They depict that India had a rich culture that always respected women. The art that is involved in making these stone idols is also commendable. These artists are a boon to the country that makes sculptures looking like real beings.

    These stone idols were even created centuries ago and it is just the tradition which is being followed. The artists also used clay to make the idols but the largest number of idols that are sold in the market is made of stones. They glorify your house and make the house look beautiful and traditional. Buy the stone idols from Poompuhar and enjoy the peace and let no one come between the way of you and your deity. Get lost in the world of worship and take a step towards wisdom. Poompuhar stone idols are one of the best kind and the artists who make these idols are also fabulous. They use their art to depict Gods and Goddesses in stone sculptures.

  • Beautiful Thanjavur Paintings

    The history of the Thanjavur paintings was first inaugurated in Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu. The Beautiful paintings have a Classical South Indian style that has spread across Tamil Nadu and is known all around the globe. The paintings depict rich heritage, culture and art of the state and comprises mainly of Hindu Gods and Goddesses. Tamil Nadu is known for the rich history in art and culture and so are these paintings. The traditional artists were so good at their work that they have made the culture, an art. They used natural colors like mineral dyes that made it more artistic. The paintings are often made on wood and the canvas made of cloth. Apart from that, they are also made on walls, glass, paper, mica, wooden panel and many more.

    Thanjavur Painting

    These paintings have vibrant distinct colors that make them look divine and beautiful. You can rather see many styles in the paintings like Deccan, Vijayanagar and even European. They talk about saints, stories, cultures, deities and many more and hence they are interactive. You feel connected to these painting because of the story they depict and the culture and true essence of History and art is also depicted.

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    They are used in the houses, offices, exhibitions and museums to display the divinity and elegance of art. Sometimes, the paintings also have three dimensional effects. They come in various sizes, may it be to cover an entire wall, or just a small miniature of painting. However, the antiqueness and the picturesque of these paintings are fund nowhere else and the traditional methods of the paintings are really the most influential and classic ones. They are often embellished with the small stones or simple drawings that add to their beauty and make them look more attractive.

    Thanjavur Painting Jula Radhakrishna

    Art speaks more than the spoken words and depicts what words cannot. Framing the best words may not be possible, but art is the best language in itself and Poompuhar Thanjavur paintings have their own uniqueness and words that brings history and culture back to life.

    Thanjavur Painting Aalilai Krishna

    Buy these Poompuhar Thanjuvar paintings for your houses, guest rooms, drawing rooms, offices and exhibitions to restore art and make your place look more decorative and elegant. After all, culture and traditions are not to be forgotten. Rather they bring peace and positivity in the environment. The culture we had, the lord we worship, the dynasties, the miniatures, all are available to add décor to the place.

    Make your place look more artistic and antique with these beautiful paintings and enjoy the true essence of divinity and vibrant colors. They are the best things to purchase for all the art lovers. These paintings have become the souvenirs for festivity in South India. These spectacular paintings are an inspiration that draws back from 1600 AD from Vijayanagar dynasty. They are not just appreciated by Indians, but have also found a place abroad in the galleries and museums. They are also adorned by the pieces of glasses and stones that again make them look irresistible.

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