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  • Where to find authentic handicraft items while travelling to Tamil Nadu

    Almost all tourists know that India is an ideal place when it comes to authentic handicraft products. Frankly speaking, the country is so rich that each and every single state in the country has plenty to offer. If you are travelling in South India you will be surprised how many handicrafts you can find just in the state of Tamil Nadu. It is famous for various marvellous arts: genuine silk and cotton fabrics, awesome jewellery, metal and stone statues, and Palmyra fibres.

    World-famous Kanjeevaram silk sarees

    Tamil Nadu can definitely boast of exquisite silk and traditional sarees made of it in the region called Kanjeevaram or Kancheepuram. At the moment more than 5000 families are involved in saree production in this place only. There are approximately 75 yarn and dyeing workshops in Kanjeevaram only! Pure mulberry silk is used to create these sarees with wide bright and contrast borders. If you want to buy a genuine Kanjeevaram garment, you should remember that the main feature of these sarees is that the border and the main body of the saree created separately. After that, they get gently but tightly interlocked together. One can buy this garment directly from the outlets in Kanjeevaram itself and in various shops of Chennai.

    Palmyra fibre products

    These authentic and eco-friendly handicrafts can be found in Tamil Nadu. Palmyra tree is an official symbol of the state. It is widely used in the life of common people but also there are plenty of authentic handicrafts created from its leaves and fibre. Brooms, brushes, baskets, pen stand, gift boxes, mats, wall hangings, and even pencils cases of different styles and colours are easily available in the state almost everywhere. The traditional and unique art of palm leaf basketry exists today, thanks to the rural craft culture of Tamil Nadu.


    Kumbakonam metal statues and ware

    The place called Kumbakonam is famous for its brass and bronze statues of different deities. Made in a traditional way, these authentic handicrafts of high quality and elaborate designs are really worth buying. Gods, goddesses, bells, glasses, dishes, and home decorations can be bought in not only in Kumbakonam but almost everywhere in Tamil Nadu.


    You can also buy handicraft items online from Poompuhar, The Tamilnadu Handicrafts Development Corporation, which has its Emporia in almost all district towns of Tamilnadu including others cities across the country like Bangalore, New Delhi and Calcutta.

  • Popular places in India to experience the perfect blend of authentic art and famous regional cuisine

    When it comes to travelling one wants to get the best from his tour, especially to such incredible country like India. Tourists are eager to experience both local cuisines and get authentic handicrafts. Of course, certain Indian states are really famous for their food and art. You can start your gastronomic adventure in Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Kashmir, Gujarat, West Bengal or Himachal Pradesh.

    Colourful Rajasthan

    This state is really famous for its unique authentic handicraft. If you find yourself in the capital of Rajasthan Jaipur, you will definitely explore local souvenir shops which have a lot to offer: handmade jewellery, carpets, paintings, quilts, pottery, textiles, and even wooden furniture. The first thing that visitor notice about local art is its bright colours! Of course, it is worth trying local cuisine. Foodies will be happy to try various curries and sweet, and certainly, vegetable dishes like extremely popular GovindGatte (a gravy with dumplings), and healthy Khichdi (a type of lentil and rice soup). As for non-vegetarian dishes, one can discover mouth-watering hot and spicy Laal Maas and Mohan Maas.

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    Gujarat: a western jewel of the country

    One more fascinating state to visit is Gujarat located in the Western part of the country. Local food is vegetarian, and seafood isn't prepared, despite the state having access to the sea. Almost everywhere a tourist can try various curries (potato, bitter and bottle gourd, black-eyed peas, beans, and ladyfinger). It is definitely worth trying different types of homemade bread (PuranPoli, thepla, and famous puri) prepared with various combinations of spices, pulses, and flour. Apart from local cuisine, it is really interesting to discover regional handicrafts: world-famous Patola sarees, embroideries, unusual wall hangings, needlework, pottery, handmade jewellery, wooden products, pillow and cushion covers, and exquisite patchwork with tiny mirrors.

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    Himachal Pradesh: unique authentic crafts

    Visitors like Himachal Pradesh for its awesome nature, unusual cuisine and authentic crafts. They include rugs, carpets, shawls, wood carvings, paintings, metal and stonework, lamps, and jewellery. Being a vegetarian state, local cuisine is ready to offer you delicious Madra (chickpeas with veggies), famous tudkiyabhath (a rice dish), and exotic they (spicy lotus stems). In this state, tourist can try various dishes from traditional Tibetan cuisine too.

  • Amazing and easy DIY wall painting ideas

    Looking for some simple and awesome DIY ideas to decorate your plain walls? There are a lot of interesting and creative ways to do that even on an extremely tight budget!

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    1. A piece of fabric in the frame

    If you are lucky to have several old empty frames, you can use them in your astounding DIY project immediately! Take a frame, put some interesting fabric sample inside, and it is ready! Instead of fabric, you can use wallpapers with different prints.

    1. A colorful honeycomb

    This type of an art object may be applied to the whole wall of any size. The best to make it look awesome in to combine the neighboring shades leaving few ones just blank.

    1. Glow in the dark paint

    If there is any possibility for you to make such a paint available that glows in the darkness, then a lot of experimentation will be needed. With such tool, starry night with a moon won’t be a problem anymore! This type of a paint is easily available in local shops and online stores.

    1. Paper butterflies and other creatures

    A lot of creative people prefer working with paper as it is extremely versatile and eco-friendly material. For this incredible cheap project, you should cut a number of butterflies from colorful paper and attach them to the wall directly with glue or to a special frame with a attached canvas. This DIY idea doesn’t require any painting skills but at the same time, there is no limit to creativity and colors.

    1. Stylish polka dots

    Classy polka dots don't only look awesome on your T-shirts or dresses, but also on the walls of your bedroom. They can be just painted with the help of a ready-made pattern or one can directly attach special sticky adhesive circles imitating various textures. If you use paint for this project, make sure that the circles look neat and really round.

    1. Amazing graffiti

    Graffiti once appeared in the streets of big cities and for a long time, people didn't accept it as an art. Fortunately, now graffiti can be on the walls of your living room or a loft. And of course, it will look fantastic! This DIY idea looks quite affordable, but it may require experience, patience and certain skills.

  • How to use inherited art and furniture to decorate your home in a modern way

    It is not that easy to make the best from inherited art and furniture, especially when you have an emotional connection with such art objects. Unfortunately, some people just decide to get rid of such items by donating or selling them out. It is certain that others definitely struggle to incorporate them into a modern design of a flat or a house. Of course, there are few good ways to make your home look modern even using such precious pieces of art and furniture. Expensive antiques pieces made of silver, brass, walnut, bronze, maple, and marble are really worth including into your house.

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    Modern vintage 

    This term appeared only few years ago and has already become quite popular everywhere in the world. In fact, it means mixing old with modern. Sometimes unexpectedly good trendy combinations may come up with a little bit of mixing experimentation. Who knows, maybe your grandfather's antique clock will be in the limelight in your modern sitting room?

    Change the color and material

    It may really happen that a faded color is the thing which doesn't let you include a vintage object into your room. Actually, it is the easiest way to make old furniture look modern. Try to choose carefully a new trendy color. One more way is to change the main material of a treasured sofa or an armchair. However, you can have it done from a professional workshop. Don’t be scared to pick bright stylish shades, floral and striped patterns, and unusual brand-new fabrics to make it look and feel cozy.

     The right balance

    Already existing objects in the room should be in proper balance with inherited art and furniture. A single antique mirror or cupboard will look gorgeous when it is surrounded by contemporary furniture. It is advisable to keep only one vintage piece in each room decorating it with bright clothes, plants or even flowers.

    If you are a lucky one who inherited treasured old ceramics, silver plates, paintings, mirrors or clocks, don’t get discouraged. Do your best mixing vintage objects with contemporary ones and exploring new color and textile combinations.

  • Mamallapuram Joins the League of Craft Cities of the World

    The rock-cut city of Mamallapuram has recently added another feather to its hat. Three years after being crowned the 'World Stone Carving City' by UNESCO’s World Crafts Council, the city has finally earned a plaque for the same. On 8th March, 2018 which was observed as Artisan’s Day in the state, the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu Mr E Palaniswami formally announced the installation of the plaque inscribed with 'World Stone Carving City’.

    With this move, Mamallapuram has become one of the 19 craft cities across the world and joined Jaipur to occupy this prestigious place. Mamallapuram is an open handicraft museum, owing to the rich collection of rock cut figures, temples and especially monoliths that dot the city. With this new recognition, the artisans of Mamallapuram would be recognised on the international platform on par with other similar cities, and hopefully, benefit from this exposure.

    Image Credit - TimesofIndia Image Credit - TimesofIndia

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