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An insight into ancient India; the palaces of the Royals

The royal palaces of Jaipur and Rajasthan have been among the major attractions that can be seen as the best of Indian royalty. The palaces since the inception of time have been the major attractions of Jaipur. Such a fine architecture combined with the ambiance of luxury can be seen forth as the major reason as to why the people in here have been reluctant with their pride for “Rajputana”.

rajput_architecture_indiaInception of these palaces

Most of these palaces had been built during the period of Rajput Empire. The glorious history of the Rajput Empire speaks of valour and their amazing ability to overcome any challenge. The Rajput had been seen as the most valiant of all souls that roamed on the heart of India.

The elegance and the royalty of these palaces are evident since they have been based on the exquisite architecture of the “Rajput Gharana”. With a perfect blend of traditional and contemporary architecture, there is something illusive about these royal palaces. Be it their massive proportions or seemingly their majestic approach; any person is sure to be fantasized with such a monumental display of valour, class and royalty.

The Rajput Architecture

The Rajput architecture combines a number of elemental designs that stand on the plain of geometry and traditional advisory as well. In easier ways most of the designs are reflective of exquisite artwork which ranges from royal carvings of the famous kings and majestic rock carved figures.

Yet another aspect of these palaces has been the vibrant use of brick red colouring which marked an ecstasy of royalty to their traditions. The forts have been crafted over large areas of land and have the ambient company of an exquisite garden that renders an ethnic touch to the royalty. The massive interior halls and the exquisite lawns render a spacious and in intricate feeling to the entire palace. The rooms have been placed in higher numbers. It is evident that the entire royal family dwelt under one roof. The architectural designs and flavour of “Rajputana” suggests that this royal lineage had a certain appreciation for fine arts and music.

The royal essence

Above all of the royal palaces spread across the entire land of India, the Rajput architecture stands in a metropolis of its own. It is simply ethnic and transcendent to its richness. The fine architecture and the precision of art pieces suggest that perfection played a pivotal role in the foundation of such an architectural ecstasy.

The royalty in here seemingly has an orthodox yet new touch to it. There is a completely visible amazement to the monotonous display of such euphoric designs. The simplicity in itself has been the best of reasons as to why such architecture stands tall amidst the Indian soil. To the truest of words the Rajput architecture is a fine example of the taste that the royal families of the valiant had during those period of time. It is an iconic evidence of the rich history in art and music that made India such a discreet existence of culture.

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