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  • Why Poompuhar is an ideal place when it comes to buying antiques?

    Tamil Nadu Poompuhar is a part of the Tamil Nadu Handicrafts Development Corporation Ltd and it aims to uplift and showcase the talents of Indian craftsmen.

    What do Poompuhar offer?

    Their collections include a lot of designs and statues made from a variety of materials like Bronze, Brass, Copper, White Metal, Black Metal, Wood Carvings, Stone Carvings, Cloth, Leather, Jute and Clay.

    Shop for this Oxidised Natarajar - Click Here

    They also offer paintings, Icons, Kondapalli toys, Meenakari, Kalamkari Purse, Garlands, Thanjavur Art Plate as well.

    Shop For This Thanjavur Art Plates - Click Here

    But apart from commonly known materials they also have products using coconut shells, papier mache, oxidized metal and more.

    How can you get these?

    You have to sign up to their website and from then on you will be able to view and choose your choice of gifts from our various products in stock.

    After selecting any product you will simply have to fill in the personal details and make the necessary payments for shipment to be made at your desired location.

    Why should you choose this site?

    • Great selection: They offer curated and hard-to-find products made from the finest materials by the local craftsmen. From this great range, you can search through till you find what you need as they offer something for every preference.
    • Price: The price range from the INR 120 to the highest in lakhs for the life size sculptures and you can choose the one which you think fits best in your budget.
    • More options: As stated above, they offer a wide range of materials to choose from. You can simply click on the type of product and in just a moment you will have a good many options to choose from.
    • Newsletter: You can sign up for their newsletter to keep yourself notified on new arrivals.
    • Easy payment procedure: There are three simple steps for procuring the item you want- Select, Pay and Ship. There is no hassle or hidden taxes. As an added benefit you can pay from the acceptable currencies listed and not just with Indian currency.
    • Search bar: Not only will you get pictures and descriptions, complete with the price tag of new arrivals once you log in to your account but also there will be the option of searching on your own for items that you specifically want. This can be done through the Search Bar positioned at the top of the website.
    • Privacy: All your private information will be kept safe and secure due to the technology used in our website.
    • Questions: Poompuhar believes in customer service and to make the process easier for you, by offering an Inquiry section. Here you will be able to ask any question regarding the product and other issues like shipment and payment. There is also a Feedback section where they would like to hear your reviews as well as complaints so that they can grow better.

    While many websites just talk of delivering quality, Poompuhar actually does so through the materials in their stock. Their aim is not just to promote the Indian art but also to provide customer satisfaction.

  • 10 must have beautiful items from Poompuhar collection to welcome New Year

    It is almost New Year!! As we step into 2018 with all the experiences from 2017, we are bound to feel happy and nostalgic at the same time. It is time to celebrate the new beginnings while saying farewell to a great year. If you are someone who likes to express yourself with gifts or souvenir, then you can browse through the vast handicraft collection on Poompuhar website. There is something for every occasion with a promise of quality on each product. Indian handicrafts have always been mesmerising so why not start a new year with a great gift for you and your family or friends. Here is a glimpse of a few popular and new handicraft items available at Poompuhar –

    Krishna Leela Green Stone

    Shop for this Krishna Leela Green Stone - Click Here Shop for this Krishna Leela Green Stone - Click Here

    This delicatestatue is made of green stone andexhibits an enthusiastic display of excellentartistry. It has ornamental carvings to enhance its fine work.  The statue is four inces and suitable as a gift.

    Granite Stone Elephant

    Shop for this Granite Stone Elephant - Click Here Shop for this Granite Stone Elephant - Click Here

    This granite stone made elephant statue is available in different variants in terms of weight and height. The statue is of a walking elephant and can be used for decorating purposes.

    Thanjavur Painting RadhaKrishnar

    Thanjavur Painting Jula Radhakrishna Shop for this Thanjavur Painting Radha Krishnar - Click Here

    This Thanjavur painting of RadhaKrishnar is suitable for worship home as well as for decorative purposes. The God is portrayed as sitting and offering blessing. The painting dimensions are 142*110*8 and it weighs almost 70000Kg.

    Sandal Wood Arch Ganesh

    Shop for this Sandal Wood Arch Ganesh - Click Here Shop for this Sandal Wood Arch Ganesh - Click Here

    This is a rare and beautiful sandalwood figurewill fill your home with never-ending aromaof sandal wood. It is a graceful idol of Lord Ganesh and will add serenity to your home.

    This original work made of superior sandalwood is a gem that can be appreciated for a very long time. Its dimensions are 9*6*2 and it weighs approximately 300 Kg.

    Ashtrotra Deepam

    Shop for this Ashtrotra Deepam - Click Here Shop for this Ashtrotra Deepam - Click Here

    Lighting an Ashtrotra Deepam on New Year eve will help you attract positivity and happiness in future. This Lamp is elevated from the base and has four branches which are tailored with five small hanging spouted thagali. The top of the lamp has a statue of Goddess Laxmi,sitting on a Lotus. The lamp is made of 60% copper and 40% zinc and weighs around 13 kg.

    Thanjavur Art Plate Ashtalakshmi

    Shop for this Thanjavur Art Plate Ashtalakshmi - Click Here Shop for this Thanjavur Art Plate Ashtalakshmi - Click Here

    Poompuhar is offering this beautifully crafted Tanjore Art Plate to the art-lovers which is accessible in numerousschemes and patterns. This plate is an example of latest fashion trends and is meticulously designed by famous artisans. The material used in making this products are of high quality and modern techniques have been used to give the fine details. This art plate represents the Astalakshmi concept i.e. it denotes eight forms of Goddess Lakshmi. This plate is ideal for pooja and ornamental purpose or as gift items.

    IllamThorumValluvar - ThiruvallurSripam 3D Printed

    Shop for this Thiruvallur Sripam 3D Printed - Click Here Shop for this Thiruvallur Sripam 3D Printed - Click Here

    Thiruvalluvar, also known as Valluvar, is a renowned Tamil poet and philosopher. This statue is to honor his teachings. His contribution to Tamil literature is called Thirukkural which is about ethics.  It represents one of his saying - “Do not lose hope follow the Thirukural and blessed life.”

    Maha Meru Stone

    Shop for this MAHA MERU STONE - Click Here Shop for this MAHA MERU STONE - Click Here

    Maha Meru or Sumeru is a sacred mountain which isrespected indifferent cultures in India like Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism. The highest point or the last bud on this six foot pyatthat signifies Mount Meru

    Wall Hanging Lamp Shade

    Shop for this Wall Hanging Lamp Shade - Click Here Shop for this Wall Hanging Lamp Shade - Click Here

    This 200Kg leather lamp shade is perfect for decorative use as well as gift. It has fine details and is of high qyality.

    Balaji with Lakshmi Thanjavur Painting


    This Thanjavur painting showcases a sketch of Lord Balajion a dark-background with His divine companion Goddess Mahalakshmi. It has cheerfulwork of gold foil and kundan stones.

    I have already decided what to add to my art collection, have you? Have a great year ahead!!

    Happy New Year…

  • Dussehra-Celebrating Good over Evil

    Festivals and celebrations form the mainstay of Indian society since the beginning of civilization. Indian festivals are considered as symbol of love, peace, brotherhood and unity throughout the world. Dussehra or Vijay Dashami is one such festival which beholds a lot of traditional and cultural significance. It basically symbolizes victory of good over evil.

    After nine days of celebrating Navratri, the 10th or the final day is celebrated in each and every corner of nation with full joy and spirit and is called as Vijay Dashami or Dussehra. It is believed that it is this day when Goddess Durga killed the demon Mahishasur and thus saved the world. It is celebrated in various parts of India with different historical beliefs conveying the same message of peace and harmony.In West Bengal, it is known as Bijoya where people exchange goodwill with each other. In  north India, Lord Rama is believed to have killed the demon king Ravana in Lanka by cutting off his ten heads, it is therefore celebrated as Dussehra here (dasa means ten and hara means to kill).In Maharashtra, Dussehra is celebrated very joyfully by collecting and offering the leaves of the Shami tree to elders to seek their blessings. In Gujarat, Dussehra is celebrated very enthusiastically and joyfully.People organize a special dance known as Garba where they dance on different devotional and regional folk songs. Devotees observe fast for those pious nine days of Navaratri and eat one time food during night after giving prayers to Goddess Durga.

    In south Indian states, there is a tradition of paying respects to one's Guru on Dussehra. InKerala it is known as “Vidyarambham”;vidyameans knowledge and arambham means startorbeginning. People here worship Goddess Saraswati in Dussehra. The festival is considered very auspicious and is believed to bring in prosperity and happiness. People visit temples and initiate all the new and good things in their life during this festival.

    Dussehra is a time to celebrate success, victory,triumph and good over evil.Let’s celebrate this holy festivalbynotjust associating oneself with fasting, being vegetarian,temple offerings etcbutwith full positivity and spirituality this year.All the days ofthis great festival hold a deep meaning and help in imbibing all the good qualities like charity,compassion,humility while letting go hatred,anger, ego and jealousy.

    Poompuhar offers a variety of products this Dussehra to help you remain spiritually aware and religiously more connected. Bring in home some beautiful pure brass and copper Pooja accessories this Dussehra and decorate yourhome and Pooja mandapam with these wonderful products:

    Ganesh Panel

    This 12x11x2 inch beautiful copper Ganesha Panel represents the Lord Ganesha seated amidst tastefully constructed arch. Hang it on your wall, keep in pooja room or gift it to your loved one this festive season.

    Shop for this Ganesh Panel - Click Here Shop for this Ganesh Panel - Click Here

    Ashatalakshmi Deepam

    The simple yet elegant lamp depicting the Deity Ashatalakshmi (8 forms of Deity Lakshmi) is shown seated at the center with one spout. It is considered to bring in peace and harmony to your home during Navaratri.

    Shop for this Astalakshmi Deepam - Click Here Shop for this Astalakshmi Deepam - Click Here

    Lakshmi Villaku

    Bring in home this Dussehra the auspicious brass Lamp presenting an ornamental stem at its base with 5 beautiful spouts and an Annam at the top.

    Shop for this Lakshmi Villaku - Click Here Shop for this Lakshmi Villaku - Click Here

    Ashta Lakshmi Chembu

    Copper is known for its Ayurvedic and medicinal properties since ancient time. It is also used for making many household items because of its antimicrobial action and amazing healing power. This 4x4" copper AshatalakshmiChembu is used to store offerings like milk, payasam, panagametc during pooja rituals and in festive season.

    Shop for this Ashta Lakshmi chembu - Click Here Shop for this Ashta Lakshmi chembu - Click Here

    Wall Hanging Leaf Ganesh

    The astonishing leaf shaped Lord Ganesha is a blend of ethnicity and neo modern creativity. Since Lord Ganesha is considered as a symbol of good luck, success and prosperity, go for this exquisite leaf shaped wall hanging this Dussehra.

    Shop For this Wall Hanging Leaf Ganesh - Click Here Shop For this Wall Hanging Leaf Ganesh - Click Here

    Happy Dussehra!

  • Best Corporate Gifting ideas from Poompuhar

    Gifting is necessary to establish a good relationship in business and for company’s success also. So it’s crucial to carefully select the gifting item to be given in corporate companies. Corporate companies these days are opting for handicrafts to gift their clients, employees etc. Handicrafts or handmade items are in demand today because of their unique appearance, attractiveness, perfect artisanship and durability. Corporate gifts mean a lot for the company owners and their business as it reflect their brand name. A handicraft is the perfect product as it speaks about creativity and elegance. Log on to our website and find an array of such elegant corporate gifting ideas for your company:

    Brass Nataraj Polish

    Known as Nataraja, Lord Shiva is featured in the cosmic dancing pose in this product. His four arms can be seen delicately poised and body finely balanced. The upper right hand is shown carrying a drum while the upper left hand has shown bearing a tongue of flame symbolizing the destruction of evil and ignorance. Perfect to gift employees, business partner and clients. Click on the link below to explore this brass handicraft.

    Brass Nataraja Antique finish Shop for this Brass Nataraj Polish - Click Here

    Parrot Branch Lamp

    One beautiful yet very elegant lamp featuring 4 flats branches fixed with a parrot which is holding hanging lamp in its beak. A thagali with 3 spouts is presented on the top and a parrot is shown seated on top of it. The total numbers of parrots are 22 and spouts are 108. The price is worth its quality and can be used for gifting in business and in corporate companies.

    Shop for this Parrot Branch Lamp Click Here Shop for this Parrot Branch Lamp Click Here

    5x6x2 Inch White Metal Elephant

    White metal handicrafts have their own attraction and charm. This unique white metal elephant represents Indian tradition and culture. This piece will fit nicely into shelves of the living room or showcase and is reasonably priced.

    Shop for this White Metal Elephant - Click Here Shop for this White Metal Elephant - Click Here

    Lakshmi with Prabai Polish

    Lakshmi is the deity of fortune, happiness and wealth in Hindu religion. Made up of zinc, copper, gold, lead and tin, the gracious bronze piece is perfect corporate gifting idea, in order to bring good luck and wealth to the company and for all associated business partners.

    Shop for this Lakshmi with Prabai Polish - Click Here Shop for this Lakshmi with Prabai Polish - Click Here
  • 4 things at Poompuhar that will bring back your childhood memories

    Amid the hustle bustle of the city life, that one moment which reminds us of our childhood is enough to bring back memories and throw us into a nostalgia. The modern city is so fast faced that things come and go, we have become machines working tirelessly and trying to be absorbed into what is happening around us. Would it not be wonderful if someone comes to you and reminds you of the days you left behind?

    Let Poompuhar take you down the memory lane.

    NavgrahamDeepam: Be it school assemblies or an evening prayer ceremony at home. The navgrahamdeepam was the centerpiece of it all. The lamp having a broad stem with base and a deep thagali on the sides with a wick could be seen at every house, every school and any other place we can imagine. Check out the NavgrahamDeepams available on Poompuhar.org

    Shop for this Navagraha Depam -Click Here Shop for this Navagraha Depam -Click Here

    Antique Finish Brass Plates: This round plate wall hanging with peacock enamel design could be seen in every home. Infact a distinct shelve was given in the living room of houses to showcase these antique plates made of brass. Did your home have one? Check out these beautiful antique finish brass plates for decorating your wall on Poompuhar.org

    Shop For this Hanging Plate With Painted Antique Finish - Click Here Shop For this Hanging Plate With Painted Antique Finish - Click Here

    Chopu Set or the Kitchen Sets: Girls hold your heartbeats and brace yourself to be reminded of your ultimate birthday present ask. The chopu set or the model kitchen set was a firm favourite of girls back in the days. Every girl had at least one set or multiple sets of these kitchen items made of wood. While today the wooden chopu set has been replaced by the swanky Barbie dolls and Barbie mansions, but this thing still has its old world glory. We have chopu sets in multiple sizes at poompuhar.org

    Shop for this Chopu Set - Click Here Shop for this Chopu Set - Click Here

    Toy Trains: Boys, it is your turn to be mesmerized now. Remember how you craved for the ultimate wooden toy train or truck? You could spend hours and hours playing with these toys and never let go of them. The ultimate fanboy item is available on poompuhar.org . Check them out!

    Shop for this Toys Train - Click Here Shop for this Toys Train - Click Here

    There are plenty of other items that would bring your childhood memories gushing back. Have a look at all of them here : http://tnpoompuhar.org

  • Five popular Brass products from Poompuhar

    Since ancient civilization till today people have been using handcrafted products for decorating their homes. The art of Indian handicraft is continuously spreading around the world because of its quality and uniqueness. The specialty of Indian handicrafts is that they are solely hand engraved, hand carved, hand painted and hand molded by skilled people working for years to create a masterpiece. Hand crafted products are life long, rich, robust and unique in itself as compared with machine made products, that are totally different in quality and feel. Every craft item reflects a story and history of its culture. The art of metalworking is as old as Indus Valley civilization, when iron was not discovered and copper and its alloys were used for making objects of daily use. Brass statues, carvings, and castings come from furnace of Pembarti, a small village in Andhra Pradesh where such marvelous products are made by beating and casting brass. At Poompuhar you will find various beautiful brass items that can also be spotted at airports, international museums, hotels and corporate offices. Let’s know a few of such amazing brass art forms:

    Balaji Deepam

    The brass lamp signifies truth and glory. Balaji is believed to have appeared to save the mankind from the troubles and trials of Kali Yuga (the age of demons). The lamp shows Lord Balaji standing at the centre with prabai, the Arch. The lamp has a normal base and thagali with only 1 spout making it useful for prayer and decoration purpose.

    Shop for this Balaji Deepam - Click Here Shop for this Balaji Deepam - Click Here

    Brass Nataraj Antique Finish

    Nataraja is one of the finest illustrations of Hindu art and a popular symbol of Indian culture. The dynamic art piece shows Lord Shiva holding a musical instrument in left hand and snake wrapped around his right hand. Surrounded by a ring of flames Lord Shiva is seen lifting up his left leg and balancing the other over a demon. The brass item signifies triumph and is ideal for gifting and decoration purpose.

    Nataraja polish Shop for this Nataraja - Click Here

    Brass Peacock Bead Stone Polish

    Apart from being the national bird, peacock is also a symbol for hope and peace. The characteristic feature of this brass item, is the high held proud head and compact tail of the peacock. The fine embellishment with red, green and blue stones over it gives it a royal look.

    Shop for this Brass Peacock Beed Stone - Click Here Shop for this Brass Peacock Beed Stone - Click Here

    Color Bowl Antique Finish

    The circular bowl with cut work on its edges can be ideal for decoration and gifting purpose. Brass is casted and colored with vibrant colors creating diamond and heart shaped motifs. The designing of the bowl is very fine and heart touching.

    Shop for this Colour Bowl - Colour Bowl Shop for this Colour Bowl - Colour Bowl

    Parrot hanging Lamp

    The wonderful brass lamp features a lovely parrot holding a thagali through 5 interlinked circular spouts from its beak. The price of the lamp is worth the art behind it.

    parrot-hanging-lamp-buy-online Shop for this Parrot hanging Lamp - Click Here
  • Cow and Calf: An Auspicious Idol

    The cow is a sacred symbol in Hinduism as it is worshipped all over the country. They are considered as manifestations of Mother Kamadhenu. Kamadhenu refers to the cow of plenty or the one who fulfils all desires. She is also known as the mother of all cows.

    Shop for This Cow and Calf Idol - Click Here Shop for This Cow and Calf Idol - Click Here

    The cow has been worshipped since ancient times of Lord Krishna as he was reared and looked after by a herdsman’s family. It is believed that Krishna created a cow called Surabhi and a calf called Manoratha from the left side of his body as he and his consort Radha thirsted for milk.  It is also mentioned that the Kamdhenu cow emerged from an ocean of milk and has her abode in Heaven. The cow is considered the most splendid embodiments of divinity. She is even considered a goddess in Hindu Mythology.

    Idols of mother cow (kamadhenu) with its calf are believed to be very auspicious as they symbolize prosperity and good wealth. She is also a symbol of Vatsalyam or motherly love for her child. Thus, it is very good to keep this idol at home. Many people worship this idol on Diwali or Bali Pratipada day.

    A wide range of cow and calf idols are available at the Poompuhar showroom as well as on our online shopping portal. These beautiful figurines in Brass, White metal, and wood represent serenity and altruism.


    Peacock - the national bird of our country is our pride. The sight of this beautiful feathered bird gives immense pleasure to almost everyone, and sparks the excitement to see it dance.

    People who are fond of decorating their houses often like to have portraits or models of peacock to decorate their houses. At Poompuhar, under The Tamil Nadu Handicraft Development, one can choose from quite a few handcrafted decorative itemsin various peacock designs. There are even some sculptures of peacock hand crafted by the expert artists.

    Some of the available eyes catching decorative pieces of art with peacock theme are:-

    A51x2 inches Subramanian Stone which is an astonishing statue of Subramaniyaaccompanied by a peacock and a spear - his distinctive trademarks. This magnificent piece of art has been priced at Rs. 2,72,000.

    Shop For Subramanian Stone - Click Here Shop For Subramanian Stone - Click Here

    Thanjavur Art Plates, which are 10x10x1and 12x12x1 inches in dimensions. These beautifully designed Thanjavur Art Plates are available in various sizes and patterns. Though available in myriad other designs, two models of these plates have especially been designed with the peacock theme on them. They have been priced at Rs 1,640 and Rs 2,270 respectively.These have been created using high quality raw materials and make use of modern techniques in their creation.

    Shop For This Thanjavur Art Plates - Click Here Shop For This Thanjavur Art Plates - Click Here


    Shop For This Thanjavur Art Plates - Click Here Shop For This Thanjavur Art Plates - Click Here

    Another Thanjavur Painting Key Holder Peacock of 7x7x1 dimensions is a glass painting of a beautifulpeacock, priced at Rs 1,240. Besides adorning the wall, it also serves the purpose of hanging keys.

    Shop For This Thanjavur Painting Key Holder Peacock -Click Here Shop For This Thanjavur Painting Key Holder Peacock -Click Here

    An attractive Handcrafted Silk Wall Hanging which is 19x11x1 inch in dimensions is available with a pair of peacocks sitting beautifully on a branch. This not only exhibits the hand woven textiles, but also showcases ethnic designs for its admirers. This work of art can be purchased for Rs 1,950.

    Shop For This Silk Wall Hanging - Click Here Shop For This Silk Wall Hanging - Click Here

    A 8x7x1 inch Rose Wood Panel Peacock at a modest price of Rs 960,makes a wonderful decorative item depicting a pair of peacocks standing gracefully facing each other in a serene background.

    Shop For This Rose Wood Panel Peacock - Click Here Shop For This Rose Wood Panel Peacock - Click Here

    Another masterpiece by the skilled artisans of Poompuharis a 7x5x2 inch Wood Peacock Stone Work which has a brown polished wooded frame with beautiful peacock inlayed stone workconsisting of semi-precious stones and pearls.It can be bought for Rs 2000.

    Shop For This Wood Peacock Stone Work - Click Here Shop For This Wood Peacock Stone Work - Click Here

    A Meenakari Key Stand Peacock; 4x5x2 inch in size, is available for Rs 170. It has a beautiful peacock in the centre and hooks for hanging keys made with Meenakari in the shape of Swastika.

    Shop For This Meenakari Key Stand Peacock - Click Here Shop For This Meenakari Key Stand Peacock - Click Here

    A Meenakari Key Stand with Double Peacock of the dimensions 6x6x1 inch is available at an attractive price of Rs 200. It has been made out of superior quality raw material using latest technology in the designing process.

    Shop For This Meenakari Key Stand with Double Peacock - Click Here Shop For This Meenakari Key Stand with Double Peacock - Click Here

    These exquisite works of art besides attracting the attention of the art lovers can also serve as wonderful gift items.

  • Ganesh Chathurthi

    Ganesh Chathurthi, also known as Vinayaka Chathurthi is the celebration of Lord Ganesha’s Birthday. The Hindu God Ganesh with the Elephant head is a popular God among the Hindus. He is also known as the God of knowledge, wisdom, prosperity, and good fortune.His birthday falls during the Hindu Month of Bhadra (August-September). This ten day long festival is celebrated with fervour all over the country but more so in the western part of the country, especially Maharashtra.

    The History

    It is believed that Lord Ganesh, son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, was born on the fourth day (chaturthi) of the bright fortnight of the Hindu lunar month of Magh. Thus, the festival dedicated to the worship of Lord Ganesha on this chaturthi day is named as Ganesh Chaturthi.

    Parvati, in the absence of Lord Shiva, used her sandalwood paste to create Ganesha and put him to guard while she had gone for bathing. While she was gone, Lord Shiva got into a fight with Ganesha as he did not allow Shivato enter, as per his mother’s orders. Enraged, Lord Shiva cut off Ganesha’s head. When Parvati saw this sight, she took the form of Goddess Kali and threatened to destroy the world.

    Shiva right away sent out his ganas (attendants) to get him the head of the first living creature they could find. Well, the first living creature happened to be an elephant. As instructed, theganaschopped the elephant’shead and brought it back to Shiva. Shiva placed it on Ganesh’s body, and brought him back to life.All the Lords blessed Ganesha and the day is celebrated as his birthday. Ganesh Chathurathi owes its origin to the Maratha Reign, where Chatrapati Shivaji started the festival.

    The Festival

    Ganesh Chaturthi is a time of immense excitement. People bring home idols of Lord Ganesh and worship it in a special way. The worship cum celebration is done for a day and a half, 3 days, 5 days, 7 days, or 11 days according to the family tradition. It is believed that the Lord brings in good fortune and prosperity with him. On the last day, the idol is taken out in a lively, colourful procession and immersed in the sea. This symbolizes seeing -off the Lord in his journey towards his abode in Mount Kailasas hetakes away with him the all the troubles of man.People of all community celebrate Ganesh Chathurthi Festival.

    Shop For This Granite Stone Ganesh - Click Here Shop For This Granite Stone Ganesh - Click Here
    Shop For This Ganesh With Antique Finish - Click Here Shop For This Ganesh With Antique Finish - Click Here

    However, today large public pandals (temperoryshrines) are created and large clay idols are installed and worshipped for ten days. Various poojas are performed among the chanting of Vedas. Various kinds of sweets especially Lord Ganesh’s favourite Modaks are offered to him and the devotees. During the ten-day festival, such venues also serve as camps for charity tothe poor.Medical camps, blood banks, dramatic performances etc. can be seen all over the celebrations.

    Shop For This Kandistri Ganapathy Antique Finish - Click Here Shop For This Kandistri Ganapathy Antique Finish - Click Here

    Poompuhar offers a wide range of idols and artefacts of Lord Ganesh. Here you will find Ganesh Idols in brass, wood, stone, antique finish and a variety of materials. The favourite deity of millions in various poses will not fail to enthral you.

  • Old is Gold – Antique Home Decor Products

    Old is gold, they say. And so it is. Traditional jewelry handed down from generation to generation, vintage style chandeliers, coins from a historical era – these are priceless possessions, and one has to have an eye for craftsmanship to truly appreciate the worth of such antiquities.

    A good interior home design must be able to amalgamate an eclectic mix of modern and tradition to stand out. Just going on a spree of modern, fancy decor items makes a house look more like a shop where products have been stocked up together. Instead, decor items must be able to complement each other; the house or space must have an identity of its own.

    Poompuhar has a variety of antique products that can balance the overall look between traditional and modern in your home.

    Brass Geethaupadasam Antique Finish

    Shop for this Geethaupadasamin antique click here

    The artist’s love for the religious epic Mahabharatha is clearly visible in the detailed work in this brass Geethaupadasamin antique finish. This gold plated chariot shows Lord Krishna preaching Arjuna, the Pandava warrior at the war field of Mahabharata.

    Radhakrishnar Antique Finish

    Shop for this Radha-Krishna click here

    This idol of Radha-Krishna functions both – for pooja as well as decoration purposes. The divine couple is seen lost in the music of each other’s love. Exquisite attention to detailing in the peacock feather on Krishna’s head, his flute, Radha’s jewelry and both their dresses makes it a must-have product for handicraft lovers.


    Shop for this brass vase click here

    The addition of fresh flowers adds fragrance and a positive liveliness to any room. This brass vase has been oxidized for a long-lasting finish. Perfect for a bed side table so that you and your loved ones wake up to fresh flowers.

    Balaji Antique Finish

    Shop for this gold plating Balaji  click here

    The gold plating on this idol of brass will remind you of the grand Balaji temple in Tirumala, Andhra Pradesh. Balaji is one of the incarnations of Lord Vishnu in position adorned with Sanku& Chakra as his attributes.


    Shop for this Lord Ganesha click here

    This Ganesh idol is made of brass in antique finish. Lord Ganesha is the first son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. He is also known as Vinayaga, Ganapati and Vigneswara. In this idol, the elephant headed deity is seen holding ‘paasam’ (the noose) and ‘mazhu’ (the axe) in his hands along with his broken tusk in writing pose.


    Shop for this Tandava Antique click here

    A rare idol of Lord Shiva performing  the divine dance called ‘Tandava’ which signifies the continuous cycle of creation, preservation and dissolution.

    boga sakthi

    Shop for this Sakthi Antique click here

    Parvathi, the consort of Shiva is the Hindu goddess of love, fertility and devotion. Seek her blessings by establishing this idol in antique finish in your temple space.

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