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  • Poompuhar – Bringing Traditional Tamilian Handicrafts To Your Doorstep !

    Poompuhar – The Tamilnadu Handicrafts Development Corporation that helps in promoting and developing the rich handicraft treasure of Tamilnadu offers a platform that unites all craftsmen, artisans, sculptors and engravers. We not only preserve the ancient traditions of Tamilian art and craft but also ensures that the hard-working artisans and similar associates are able to earn a decent profit on their creations. With sales-showrooms and training centers across the nation, we quest to be truly an agent of change for doing business as well as a preserver of centuries old art and knowledge.

    Very recently, we were given the opportunity to showcase our artistry in the newly renovated Chennai International Airport. We were glad to be a contributing factor in highlighting the rich heritage of Tamilian handicraft in the fourth busiest airport of the nation. Impressed with our work, Ms. Abinaya Rangarajan‎ contacted us and enquired whether we would be interested in creating his pooja door! Catering to retail individual clients was something that we always wanted to do but somehow were not able to. And now we had this great opportunity of fulfilling the wishes of an admirer of Tamilian handicraft.

    Ms. Rangarajan wanted his door to reflect the traditions, religious characteristics and cultural flavours of Tamilnadu in accordance with his conservative family. We, wanted to design for him, a door that would give a preview, to anyone who would want to enter, or someone who would look at the door, of what to expect inside. Pooja ghars or prayer rooms are an important part in our culture. It is a sanctum which connects the mortal with the divine.

    Our well experienced senior manager Mr. K. Mathiyarasu got in touch with Ms. Rangarajan; a detailed discussion revealed several designs, possible materials that could be used and the time that would be needed to complete this pioneering project for Poompuhar.

    A combination of skilled artistry, proper time management and an appreciative customer resulted in a beautiful teak door decorated with metallic figures that are holy in Hindu mythology.

    Ms. Rangarajan was kind enough to share his experience and appreciation on Facebook along with the photograph of the door we designed.

    You too can know more about what we do by visiting our website :http://tnpoompuhar.org/

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