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  • Home Decor Craft Ideas by Poompuhar

    Looking for the perfect décor craft to make sure that your wall or the corner next to your sofa feels beautified? The items that are kept in a house make it a home. The difference between a house and a home is not only of spellings, in fact the difference is much larger. A home is your nest, a gather of every particle, big or small that has been carefully and intentionally included to make it a much loved abode. Poompuhar takes great pride in providing a large number of options that are ideal for home décor.

    : Thanjavur painting is a classical South Indian painting style, which was inaugurated from the town of Thanjavur (anglicized as Tanjore) and spread across the adjoining and geographically contiguous Tamil country. They are ideal to be used for wall decoration or even a trendy gift item. From paintings that capture the local citizens to paintings that glorifies deities. Available exclusively on our website, with prices ranging from Rs. 2,200 to Rs. 12,000.

    Thanjavur Painting

    Brass Hanging Lamps: With 5 beautiful varieties of hanging lamps, made with the best in class quality of brass, these options are a must have. Ideal for decorating your wall, which often is a victim of simplicity and plainness, these hanging walls are set to revive the look of your rooms. Your lamp lit room is bound to create a calming effect on everyone around. Ranging from a plain hanging lamp costing Rs 300 to a beautifully and detailed crafting of the Goddess Gajalakshmi at Rs 12,500.

    Annam Hanging Lamp

    Wooden Flower Vase: A well carved, wooden flower vase available at Poompuhar’s website is one home décor item that is a must-have! Flowers add beauty, color and fragrance to your abode and the wooden flower vase is its best companion. Available at Rs 800, this is all for grabs!

    Wooden Flower vase

    Coconut Shell:At Poompuhar we believe in using native, organic and natural elements to come up with the best examples of home décor craft products. Keeping this in mind we have used the humble coconut shell as our very adorable decorative item. Standing at 13x7x2 inches tall Coconut Shell Deer Night Lamp and Coconut Shell Giraffe Night Lamp are a must have to lighten up your evenings. Available at Rs. 1,440 each, exclusively available on our website.

    Coconut Shell

    For more native products that are ideal to decorate your homes, please visit our website http://tnpoompuhar.org/

  • The coconut shell craft

    The coconut tree is one of the most beneficial plants on earth. Every part has a use in this one multipurpose plant, even parts that most people would discard as waste like the coconut shells and fibre. All these parts can be developed to yield high economic value.

    The coconut shell has been used for ages as small bowls or spoons and other household articles   in many tropical village regions. The shell acts a s a protector of the main fruit and is quite hard with a thickness of 3-5 mm. These shells are imperishable and can be easily formed to make a wide range of articles. Today making arts and crafts with these coconut shells has taken the fancy of millions of people worldwide. It has grown into a major industry with various regions in the country producing a wide range of coconut shell products.

    Shop for this Coconut Shell Giraffe Night Lamp - Click Here Shop for this Coconut Shell Giraffe Night Lamp - Click Here

    The coconut shell cover is smoothened, carved in different design, varnished, and then coloured. This process involves remarkable creativity. The artisans create a wide range of decorative and utility items, which are durable and utilitarian. This is an eco friendly craft as it uses non-exhaustible natural resources.

    Shop for this Coconut Shell Deer Night Lamp - Click Here Shop for this Coconut Shell Deer Night Lamp - Click Here

    Products like decorative items, table clocks, flowerpots, tables lambs, idols etc are very popular coconut shell crafts available. Poompuhar has a wide collection of coconut shell craft products of which13x7x2  Inch Coconut Shell Deer Night Lamp and the13x7x2 Inch Coconut Shell Giraffe Night Lamp is a good buy for your home or as a gift. Pick up these cute pieces before they are sold out.

  • Say yes to Greenery

    It is a well-known fact that plants are very necessary for the sustenance of human life. Of lately, modernization seems to be a taking a toll on the very subsistence of life. There is mass cutting down of the very source of oxygen –plants, for building tall buildings. Plant based forests are being replaced by tall concrete jungles leaving the humans and animals gasping for breath.


    The disappearing forest covers are leading to many natural disasters all around. Men seem to forget that it is the plants, which, provide the much-needed purified oxygen we breathe in. The pollution from, vehicles, factories, and other sources are filling our lungs with harmful dust and chemicals that are causing various kind of health problems. Even the air inside the homes is no longer as pure as it used to be. Gases emitted by building materials, household articles, carpets, cleaning products etc. are having a  detrimental effect on the very air that we breathe every minute.

    The closer one is to nature, the better is the quality of life one lives. One is able to prevent a wide range of illnesses and diseases. An individual surrounded by greenery all around finds find it easy to live a life free of many maladies and illnesses.

    Looking at plants and greenery is pleasing to the eye and refreshing for the body and mind. The area is filled with peace and tranquillity. The serene environment helps to relax and calm the mind of the individual. Green plants emit positive energy all around.

    Everybody dreams of having a house with a garden. However, in this day and age affording this dream can be a little difficult. The constraint of space too has made it difficult for many to live this dream. A better option today is have beautiful potted plants at home. Today a wide range of planters are available that help to give the home a greener and nature friendly look. Beautiful brass and wooden planters add that elegant look to the potted plants


    Decorating these planters with rest of the furniture gives a stylish look to the decor. Brass planters come in various sizes and shapes that can be easily placed in any part of the house. One can easily create a garden in the balcony or terrace with the wide range of indoor plants that require little less sunlight than other plants. They need to be kept in sunlight for a few hours weekly. Some of these plants include peace lily, Ficus Alii, rubber plant, Boston fern, bamboo palm, areca palm. These plants help to purify the air around the house while also making it beautiful, greener and colourful.


    ‘Home sweet Home’, as is often referred, is the ultimate place where one can find peace, solace, happiness and satisfaction. In order to make our homes so, it is essential to keep in mind small details which can make it a heaven.

    how to bring positive energy into your homes

    In order to bring in positive energy, the foremost important thing which one should bear in mind is that it should be as comfortable as possible.

    The house we live in should have a spacious look. Even if it is small, one can give it a spacious look by keeping only the essential items and discarding the less used or useless ones.

    Lighting is another important aspect which needs to be considered. Darkness can give you a depressed feeling while good natural or artificial light instills not only brightness in ones room, but also in their moods. The rooms should be well lit by natural light in the day time and full spectrum bulbs or LED lights in the night.

    The rooms should be well ventilated ones. The indoor plants, besides adding beauty to the room, also act as natural air purifiers. By putting indoor plants one can bring about a serene look to the room. Cleaning and changing the filters of the air conditioners and heaters is also a must. By using mild aromatherapy, also, one can boost the energy levels.

    The choice of the color combination adds ambience to the room. It gives a soothing effect and attracts positive energy, if selected wisely. It can be balanced by the use of bright and vibrant colors. The seven colors of the rainbow have a varying effect on us. We need to know them in order to draw the best from them.

    The VIBGYOR effect on us is as follows:-

    Violet has a healing effect but it can also give a distressed feeling if overdone. . Indigo color instills intuition and perception, yet its excess may cause depression. Blue has a reassuring and serene effect but if used in excess, it, too, can attract depressive energy. Greens have a soothing effect, but its overdoing can make one feel lethargic and sluggish. Yellows make you delighted and motivated. But again, its excess can be harmful and can give a feeling of uncertainty. Orange suggests warmth, but it can cause restlessness if overdone. Red is generally considered to be for romance, but too much of it may instill anger also.

    While decorating the room, one must keep in mind these effects so as to create harmony among the colors by selecting them carefully and cautiously. Colors can be used in combination to get a balanced atmosphere.

    The accessories and the furniture in the house also have an influence on the energy levels. These should be arranged in such a manner that there is no overcrowding or chaos. Leaving enough moving space should be kept in mind. Mirrors add to the positive energies as their reflection makes the room look larger.

    Besides, there are some feng shui tips of providing positive vibes to the homes, which many people follow.

    Positive energy at home calls for wellness of its members along with their good health and vitality. Along with the above mentioned tips, a clean and well organized house keeps the energy levels charged and the moods remain elated. Thus, home should undoubtedly be a place where one feels refreshed and renewed and energized.

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