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  • Making of Stone Idols

    Stone idols are the statues that are made to depict God. The three dimensional statue is created by artisans and is given the shape and structure of our deities and hence are called Stone Idols. The stone sculptures are more effective than metal ones and are widely accepted all over India. We Indians worship God in many ways. Some keep the pictures, while others keep statues. So the making of statues dates back to centuries ago when it was done only to depict art.

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    The stone idols look beautiful and they make you feel like the God is really standing in front of you, talking to you. They make your temple lively and you buy stone idols for many purposes like Navratri, Diwali pujan and many more. When we go to any temple and we see the sculptures made of stone, you cannot question the fact that they are just stones. This is actually god’s way of presenting himself on Earth. The sculpture has power and we worship them. Therefore, in India, we have a great history about the stone idols and everyone keeps such idols at home, no matter you worship Lord Krishna, Rama or Shiva.

    People worship Gods through prayers, chants, songs and rituals and they think that it is heard by the God in the form they worship. These stone sculptures have their own worth and they are:

    Iconic Representation

    People believe that God is in front of them in those Stone idols and it is their way of believing it. It may or may not be true but personal satisfaction is a must, and hence they like it that way.

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    Symbol of Peace

    They believe that keeping stone idols at their house will get the house the peace it wants and the people of the family will always be in prosperity.

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    Therefore, keeping the stone idols is a must have at your house. It brings you peace and prosperity. Also, they look beautiful and they depict the mythological history of India. They depict that India had a rich culture that always respected women. The art that is involved in making these stone idols is also commendable. These artists are a boon to the country that makes sculptures looking like real beings.

    These stone idols were even created centuries ago and it is just the tradition which is being followed. The artists also used clay to make the idols but the largest number of idols that are sold in the market is made of stones. They glorify your house and make the house look beautiful and traditional. Buy the stone idols from Poompuhar and enjoy the peace and let no one come between the way of you and your deity. Get lost in the world of worship and take a step towards wisdom. Poompuhar stone idols are one of the best kind and the artists who make these idols are also fabulous. They use their art to depict Gods and Goddesses in stone sculptures.

  • How Idols Can Bring You Good Luck and Positive Energy

    Idols or statues are such visible objects that symbolize the invisible energy and such elements that directly influence the spirituality and positivity in our lives. These statues are not just beautifully crafted pieces of decoration but they are also a kind guiding power that leads a person towards knowledge of their internal selves. Presence Idols representing various Gods affects the aura of your home positively and if they are placed in the right space the whole effect multiplies. Keeping idols of following Gods and Goddesses add auspiciousness to the home.

    Kuber- He is known to be the Lord of wealth and principally rules the north direction. He is also called ‘Dhanpati’ and protects all four directions, principally the north direction. So the placement of God Kuber’s idol in the north will open your doors to wealth and income generating opportunities.

    Goddess Annapurna- She is the Goddess of nutrition and food. She is known to carry food and grains in her hands. Placing a small idol representing ‘Devi Annapurna’ in a jar filled with rice is known to usher in of worldly wealth and happiness to your home.

    Surya- ‘The Sun God’- Sunrays which are prime source of vitamin D are most importantly responsible for presence of life on earth. Sun is the universal source of energy and whatever form of energy is required for the development of human civilization is generated or converted directly or indirectly from solar energy. Sunrays during the time of sunrise are highly positive and they should reach your home and office every morning. In earlier times houses were so constructed that the buildings received direct morning sunrays. However due to congestion in cities, modern buildings may not always receive direct morning sunrays. This deficiency can be balanced by placing a statue or any other symbol of Sun God on the Eastern wall of your home.

    Meditating Buddha- Meditating Buddha idols shows Buddha sitting on a lotus flower throne in a ‘Yog- Mudra’ called’ Vajrasna’. This was the posture taken by Buddha when he went into deep meditation and attained the supreme knowledge. The lotus flower symbolizes purity of heart and sacredness of the earth. Such an idol representing meditating Buddha exudes positive energy and meditating with this idol kept in front is known to give you a very healthy and positive energy.

    Shankha (Conch shell) - the Shankha is a sacred emblem of Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi is believed to reside inside it. Keeping a Shankha in your house is known to do away the negativity in your house and bring prosperity and good luck to you.

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