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Independence Day

  • Best Independence Day Gifts – by Poompuhar

    15th August – The day when India broke its chain of colonization and became the ruler of her own destiny. It is a day to celebrate the glories of our country, to celebrate its rich heritage and to bask in the glory of free pride. With Independence Day around the corner, Poompuhar brings to all proud fellow citizens authentic native products that are ideal to be presented as gift items.

    Independence day gift ideas india Independence day gifts for Celebration
    • White Wood Ashoka Pillar With National Flag: What better way to celebrate India’s independence than to gift your loved ones items that are inspired from the national symbols of the country. One of the most ideal Independence Day gifts, Poompuhar brings to you the Ashokan pillar made of the finest white wood. The handmade wooden Ashoka pillar is carved out in a single piece of top quality white wood. The pillar is crowned with the ever vigilant four lions and also comes along with the National Flag. Priced at Rs.640 and with dimensions of 5x7x2,this is a gift worth having.
    • Papier Mache Mahatma Gandhi: The icon of nationalism, independence and non-violence – Gandhiji. Standing 20x7x6 inches tall, the Father of the Nation has been represented in the finest quality of papier mache.Available at Rs.1,050, this item is a perfect gift to foreigners wishing to take back a precious souvenir from India, which their friends/relatives back home would able to relate too!
    • Black Metal Soldier: A tribute to the innumerable soldiers that fought with velour and galore for the cause of their motherland. Poompuhar presents richly crafted 30x10 inches tall black metal soldier. A statuette that is ideal to be gifted on the occasion of India’s 70th Independence Day. At a price of 1,710 this is all for grabs.
    • Bronze A/F Sitting Women: A perfect decorative item, this bronze statue of a sitting women is ideal to decorate that side table or even your large office desk. The antique finish adds the beauty of ‘time’ to it making it even more desirable. With dimension of 8x7 inches and priced at Rs 19,890 this is definitely a must have.
    • Wooden Horse: The horse depicts pride, vigor and agility. This wooden piece of marvel perfectly fits your showcase at home, or your table at office. This brilliant little masterpiece makes an excellent gift item for the upcoming Independence Day and also helps improve the livelihood of our skilled yet poor artisans. Standing at 9x7x2 inches tall and at Rs 1,040 only.

    These are one of our top rated products that are available at our website (www.tnpoompuhar.org). You can access several finest native products of India in our website at reasonable prices and timely delivery.

  • Special Independence Day Handicrafts from Poompuhar

    It is that time of the year when we come together irrespective of caste, creed, gender, region or religion, to celebrate being an Indian. Yes, Independence Day is here and we will be completing the 68th year since India became a free democratic nation. Indian skies will be dotted with pretty little kites in the tricolors of saffron, white and green and there will be happiness and celebration everywhere. To be part of the fervor, our artisans have meticulously crafted special handicraft items depicting the nationality and freedom struggle of our country.

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    What better way to show your love for the country than by having our very national Emblem and pillar at home? The Ashoka Pillar has four lions joined back to back, symbolizing equal importance of power, courage, pride, and confidence.

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    Peacock is our national bird as it is indigenous to our continent and represents the unity of vibrant colors. This wooden wall hanging has been created to symbolize the very ‘unity in diversity’ that the national bird stands for.

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    It would be incomplete to talk about Independence Day without commemorating the struggle for freedom. Our brave soldiers and freedom fighters laid down their lives so that we could live in a free India. This black metal statue of a soldier will stand as a reminder of their gift to us. Let us take a moment to salute them.

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    When great stories are told, often the silent struggles get lost within the pages of history. Perhaps that must have been the case of the womenfolk, who may not always have fought shoulder to shoulder with men, but were certainly as much a part of the freedom struggle as them. This statue, specially crafted for Independence Day, is a reminder and acknowledgment of the countless mothers, wives, daughters and sisters who became the pillar of strength for the men of their household.

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    What distinguishes us Indians from many nations of the world is our rich culture – we are a land prolific with history, art, music, dance and what not. The Veena is a representative of our richness and originality. It is an instrument which originated in our great country and is used extensively in classical Carnatic and Hindustani music. Show off your pride of being an heir of the Indian culture with this miniature Veena. A must buy for lovers of music.

    Poompuhar wishes you a very Happy Independence Day!

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