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  • Training in Paper Mache Dolls Empower Women in Srirangam

    Empowering a woman is the best way to take not just her family but the entire nation forward. Empowered women create a ripple effect to transform the lives of people around them. Working on this axiom, the Tamil Nadu Handicrafts Development Corporation (Poompuhar) organized a six month training programme for making paper Mache Dolls to 50 women in Srirangam.


    This training will encourage the fifty women to create a self-help group to eke a livelihood, (something that they have already done under the name of Thaayar SHG). The trainees were taught the art of making Papier Mache dolls so that they can create dolls of various Gods and Goddesses and famous personalities. These dolls have a good market in Srirangam as it is a pilgrimage centre.

    Trainees were provided with an infrastructure kit that contained moulding component, wheel, brushes, axe and knife and a stipend of Rs. 3,000 along with the certificate by T.P. Poonachi, Minister for Khadi and Village Industries at the valediction function of the training programme.

    These trained women will be able to produce not just dolls but also various other Papier Mache products for other markets too. It will immensely help in improving the economic condition of these women in the Srirangam region. These Papier Mache dolls are also available at the many Poompuhar outlets throughout the country.

  • New Training Initiative - Papier Mache & Nathaswara Seevali

    As per the announcement of the Hon’ble Minister of Rural Industries & Labour in the Legislative Assembly, we have implemented a 6-month Training Scheme in Papier mache doll making for 50 women at Srirangam and Nathaswara Seevali making training for 10 trainees. In this connection a function was organized in Trichy on 20th November, 2015 in which the following dignitaries participated along with FM, AM (F) & AM (DC), Head Office:-

    Hon’ble Minister for Khadi
    Hon’ble Government Whip
    Mayor of Trichy Corporation
    Local MLA’S
    District Collector, Trichy

    The following trainees were selected by the Chief Trainer for first, second and third prize, Prize for regular attendance:

    S.Jayasree - First Prize

    N. Renganayaki - Second Prize

    P.Vasu Devi - Third Prize

    Vedha - For Regular Attendance

    They were given brass lamps worth Rs. 2000/-, Rs. 1500/- and Rs. 1000/- respectively.






  • Shop Poompuhar now on Android and iOS devices

    We are mobile ready now! Check out our mobile shopping app for Android and iOS users. Download for a quick and easy shopping experience.

    For Android, click here http://bit.ly/Poompuhar-Android

    For iOS, click here http://bit.ly/Poompuhar-iOS


  • Poompuhar is conducting a 3 month training programme on ‪‎Seevali‬ Making (a musical instrument)

    Poompuhar is conducting a 3 month training programme on Seevali Making (a musical instrument) since 18.03.2015 with financial assistance to the tune of Rs. 3.5 Lakh from the Government of Tamil Nadu under the Part-II Scheme for the year 2014-15. A group of 10 trainees was selected by a Committee from Poompuhar Corporate Office, and was trained by Th.T.J.Subramaniam, D.Music. This programme will go on until 17.06.2015.


  • Taking Poompuhar to new heights

    Smt. Chitra Arumugam IAS, Secretary to Government - Handloom, Textiles & Handicraft Department, Govt. of Odisha called on the CMD of Poompuhar on Monday 25-May-2015. Also present were Smt. Gayatri Patnaik, Managing Director, Utkalika - Odisha State Co-op. Handicrafts‬ Corporation Ltd, Bhubaneswar. Together they discussed the prospects of marketing handicraft products in the current era and the upliftment/welfare of artisans. They also discussed various strategies to jointly approach potential market segments.

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  • Poompuhar ties up with Indiamart.com

    Our visionis to maximize the visibility of Indian handicrafts. Since we are an organization which deals with popular Indian handicrafts, we have taken another initiative and tied up with IndiaMART.com for buyers to get to know about us.IndiaMART.com is a space for connecting companies and buyers. IndiaMART.com now has about 1.5 million suppliers. Not only is it a platform for sellers to display themselves, it is also a place where buyers can get complete details of the products they want to shop.


    2014 has been a great year for us. We have undertaken many initiatives. With the launch of our website,customers can now buy products using credit/debit cards and net banking options. Then there was a signing of MOU with India post for timely delivery of goods and an MOU with GRT group of hotels was done so that tourists from different parts of the world could visit our showrooms. Read further to see the other initiatives by us-http://tnpoompuhar.org/blog/7-new-initiatives-by-poompuhar/. Wenow hope our tie up with IndiaMART.com will be an everlasting and fruitful one.

  • Social Indicators of Indian Handicraft Industry

    Do you know the most beautiful handicrafts are from India and do you know Indian handicrafts have great demand in the world? So, who makes these handicrafts? These handicrafts are made by artisans from rural India who make them in great style and originality. Besides the fact that Indian handicrafts are contributing to the country’s growth, there is also one area of growth that is benefitting India at a deeper level. The development of Indian handicrafts helps companies achieve their goals and profits but at the same time follow a model where the artisans who make these products are also satisfied.This is because of the following reasons;

    Social Indicators of Indian Handicraft IndustrySource of income- Since handicrafts are doing so well in the market, it is in turn working in favour of the artisans of rural India too. In fact, the most popular handicraft industries include artisans in reasonable profits and since the artisans get a consistent income, they continue their association with them.

    More employment opportunities- Since the handicraft industry is a large scale industry in India, there is no dearth of opportunities for the artisans. Products made from stone, wood, clay, brass, different types of paintings and bronze are made, and the resulting business gives many opportunities to rural India.

    Focus on women- More women are getting employed with this model of making handicrafts. Women are usually good in handmade businesses and this industry too works well for them. More and more women are coming forward to work with handicraft companies.

    Skill development- Companies invest a lot of time in training and imparting skills to the artisans. The people who acquire the skill can also teach this to other members of their family and the spreading of knowledge will again work in favour of the handicraft industry.

    Better lifestyle and standard of living for rural Indians- Because the artisans are employed in big companies, they end up signing contracts and don’t quit because they like their association with big companies. Because of this, their standard of living and overall health also continues to improve.

    Indian culture gets huge publicity- Indian products are exported to UK, USA, Germany, France and many other countries. While products are bought or exported, they get massive publicity. When people buy handicrafts, they come to know about the richness of Indian culture.

    The Indian handicraft industry is a 100 million dollar industry. We can only expect more growth from this sector both financially and socially. With around 19 lakh job opportunities, this is a huge and diversified market with an annual growth of 15%. If we constantly witness financial growth, then social growth is automatically taken care of. Now, we live in an age of internet and social media, where we can send or receive information very fast. There will only be more and more growth for the handicraft sector which will make artisans have a sense of purpose as they will have people to invest in them and they will have a constant source of income will which increase their positivity towards their contribution to the handicraft sector.

  • 7 New Initiatives By Poompuhar

    With the launch of our e-Commerce portal www.poompuhar.org by the Hon’ble Minister for Rural Industries & Labour Welfare on 16.12.2014 at the GRT Convention Center, T.Nagar, Chennai, we are proud to announce several more of our initiatives to cater to a larger audience in a more efficient and effective manner:

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    1. An enhanced e-Commerce portal www.poompuhar.org, wherein users can register, view and purchase our products online using credit card/ debit card/ net banking, and give us a quick feedback on the online experience as well as the logistics and products.

    2. A hybrid app to make it easy for users of smart phones and tablets to purchase products (iOS, Android and the like)

    The link for installation of App in Android devices;


    The link for installation of App in iOS devices;


    The links will be available in the respective stores shortly.

    3. Signing of an MOU with the GRT group of Hotels in order to ensure that foreign and domestic tourists visit our showrooms. The same method will be followed with other Star Hotels.

    4. Signing of an MOU with India Post to ensure smooth and speedy logistics.

    5. Refurbishment of our marketing vehicle and flagging off the same.

    6. Distribution of iPads to our 14 showroom managers to maximize the use of technology in marketing and sales on the floor.

    7. Barcoding of all our products to facilitate better inventory management.

    All these initiatives are bound to achieve our objective of reaching out to our customers nationally and internationally and thereby increase our customer base, thus improving the status of artisans and giving them and their work global recognition.

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