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  • Amazing Benefits of Exceptional Natural Fiber - Jute

    We all are well aware about the usage of jute bags and jute material these days. Some of you must be thinking that it is some trend of the time to use jute. Well, more than the trend, it’s the need of the hour: jute is an ideal material to replace plastic and curb pollution.

    What is Jute?

    Jute is known as a natural and strongest fiber of the world. It is mainly found and produced in Bengal area that includes the region of India and Bangladesh. The plant of jute grows fully within 5-7 months. It is a flowering plant which grows around 1-4 meters in length. Jute is mainly used to produce ropes, bags, clothes, paintings, file covers, carpets, and accessories like hair clips, hair bands, bracelets, and many more.

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    Let’s discuss the usage and benefits of jute material:

    • It is a natural plant fiber which can be developed and reaped again and again with next to no water required. In this time of water preservation, this is an excellent material for our planet.
    • Jute can be grown with next to no need of synthetic help with the type of compost, herbicide or pesticide, which implies less synthetic substances are discharged into the soil.
    • Jute growing season is around 100 days, providing a good turnover and a steady supply of more fiber.
    • A study reveals that one hectare of jute plants can ingest up to 15 tons of carbon dioxide, an ozone-depleting substance, and discharge as much as 11 tons of oxygen amid the developing season.
    • Jute also helps in renewing the soil supplements and lessens the danger of vermin and sickness, so when crops are turned after jute has been gathered, future plants will be in a healthier environment.
    • There is next to no cost with regards to developing jute since the plant does not require much in the method for manures, pesticides and such, and a little region can turn out a considerable measure of harvest, so jute is ordinarily a production yield and can be extremely cost effective too.
    • As described that jute is a natural fiber which makes it a biodegradable element too, so once it has filled its need it can be treated with soil, or if it winds up in a landfill, it will generally break down with no side effects on the environment.
    • Jute is the fiber which is very comfortable to use like cotton substance. Hence it can also be used for clothing as the material is reusable and provides comfort too.

    Keeping these benefits in mind, Poompuhar offers a variety of jute products to help the environment. Poompuhar is one of the leading manufacturers of jute products in India – a brand which is established under the Tamil Nadu government and is known to promote the quality handicraft work by artisans.

  • SixSpectacular Paintings from Poompuhar

    Poompuhar offers an extensive and colorful collection of exquisite traditional Indian paintings.The fine detailing and intricacy in each painting reflects a generous effort of the craftsmen in projecting India’s history and culture in its best form.

    Jute Painting

    The course texture and husky aroma of Jute is what makes this painting distinct among other handicrafts. Especially trained craftsmen employ the technique of hand painting on canvas made up of Jute fabric andJute Paints. With a nice quote written on,the beautiful item can be used as a magazine and key holder in your home and office. Very reasonably priced,it also showcases the artistic qualitiesand determination of the artisan.

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    Meenakari Painting

    The spiritual and multi colored key stand presenting exquisite Meenakari art with Om painted on is a must have for your home. It is designed using white, light blue, dark blue, transparent green and red color and can be used for bringing positive energy in your house. Offered at a very reasonable price, don’t think twice for this eternal and unique piece of art from Poompuhar.

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    ThanjavurMirror Painting

    The captivating handmade circular mirror with intricate Thanjavur painting done around will surely decorate the empty wall of your room. The mirrors and red green stonework at the circumference make this painting look more appealing and worth buying. Do purchase if you have a taste of ancient Indian handmade stuff.

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    Thanjavur Lord Krishna Painting

    Characterised by glittering gold borders and vibrant colors, this portrait is breathtakingly brilliant. The traditional Thanjavur taste of art can be seen where Lord Krishna is portrayed floating over a peepal leaf on water after the destruction of the world. The fine use of gesso work and embellishment with semi-precious metal makes this painting look more charming and can be hung on your home wall for peace and tranquility.

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    Village ladies Painting

    Simple and elegant, this splendid painting displays many traditions of an Indian village where the ladies are highlighted against a dark hue. Decorate your drawing room or gift it to your loved ones, the distinguishing art piece is worth its price.

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    TajMahal Painting

    This is an ultimate painting featuring the iconic TajMahal. Outlined with a golden frame followed by a generous blue border and a shining moon star on top, the mesmerizing painting will definitely steal the heart of art lovers. The finesse and detailing done by our artisans at Poompuhar is deeply reflected. Buy this for your home decoration, the skill employed here will never let you regret its price.

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    Jute is an evergreen product that never loses its good old rustic charm. Jute bags, baskets, vases, decorative and utility products are trending in urban homes which prefer to have a classic twist to contemporary décor. What makes them even more popular is their affordable prices and durability.

    At Poompuhar, we have a variety of handicraft items which redefine creativity using jute as the basic material.One of our bestselling products - our jute paintings are created by Indian artisans in different designs, keeping in mind a variety of tastes. Some of the jute painted wall hangings available at Poompuhar are:-

    A stylishly sketched peacock painted beautifully with vivid colors.

    Jute Painting Pen Stand PeacockA wall hanging with a traditionally painted elephant.

    Yet another magnificent work of artis an oval jute painting in which the design is sketched on an oval piece of jute fabric. The ingenious sketch of a man, woman and a dog painted in black colour gives a shadowed effect. A pattern of yellow and purple coloursenhances the beauty of the creative work.

    For those who love Bohemian and tribal sketches, a jute wall hanging with Tribal Art sketch is just the thing.The creativity of the artist is worth appreciation, as the painting, though done on jute, gives the impression as if it were done on a palm tree. All these wall hangings are available at attractive prices, all under Rs 300!

    Jute paintings have their own appeal and aura and inspite of it being a low priced craft item, they very well adorn the walls. Hang them on an empty wall or in a pair beside a wooden panel, and enjoy compliments about your good aesthetic taste!

  • A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

    Painting is an expression of emotions. One paints his/her feelings, moods as well as sentiments. Painting is application of paints that depicts one’s inner self.  Painting has many forms and modes. Drawing, gestures, compositions, narrations are various modes of paintings. Painting involves different surfaces like walls, paper, canvas, wood and glass. Further, it is of different types viz; oil painting, pastel, acrylic, watercolor, hot wax or encaustic, fresco, gouache, enamel, spray mint, tempera and digital painting…the list is endless.The world has witnessed some really great painters like Leonardo da Vinci who was a renaissance painter, Vincent Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso of Spain, Paul Cezanne of France and many more of such great talent. India also has a large number of great painters, acclaimed all over the world for their talent. Some of them are M.F. Husain, Raja Ravi Verma, Rabindranath Tagore and ManjitBawa.

    A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

    Painting can be pursued as a pastime or a hobby. Painting is like a stress-buster, it helps people release themselves of their stress. Adopting painting as a hobby is a great idea to express your thoughts.It enables a painter to bring forth his/her ideas, dreams and thoughts. This is well exemplified by Leonardo da Vinci’s paintings, which played a significant role during the period of Renaissance in Europe. That’s why children are encouraged to paint and draw from a very young age.

    While many people love to paint on their own, others like to collect paintings. Art lovers visit art galleries and art exhibitions. People with good taste inart admire good paintings and very easily decipher what exactly the painter is trying to express in his painting. Moreover, a given painting could be interpreted in many ways by different people. People collect wall paintings to decorate their houses asthey make homes look lovely and lively.

    For art lovers, Poompuhar offers fabulous works of art. The collection of paintings, which are available both online and in-store include Tanjore glass painting, silk paintings, pencil drawings, glass paintings, gemstone paintings, velvet paintings, canvas, kalamkari, batic, deco and marble paintings. Our exhibitions are also conducted regularly in different cities where these paintings are displayed and even put on sale. Poompuhar also provides training to around hundred women in picture painting, so as to make them independent, self-reliable and empowered.


    India is a diverse country with  numerous cultures and styles. One can find remarkable differences in the life styles, eating habits, language and other features of the people of different regions. Even when it comes to art and culture, the styles vary e.g. Mughal style, Gujarati style, Kashmiri style etc. Similarly, the classical South Indian Style of Painting is a special one; known as ‘Thanjavur Painting’.

    At Poompuhar, in Tamil Nadu, one can find amazing works of Thanjavur Paintings, which can be bought at affordable prices. Some of these wonderful works of art are:-

    Thanjavur Painting Perumal – which is a portrait of Lord Vishnu made on gold foil paper. He has four hands, a conch shell (sanku) and the chakra. As his companion, he has Sridevi and Bhudevi and his vehicle isThe Garuda. This lovely decorative painting has the starting price of Rs 2,200.

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    Thanjavur Painting Krishna – The eye catching painting of Lord Krishna; who is another incarnation of lord Vishnu, has been made on the gold foil paper. The clarity, color combination and beauty of the painting is amazing. Its price starts from Rs 2,200.

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    Thanjavur Painting Ranganathar – has the starting price of Rs 4,800. In this painting Lord Mahavishnu can be seen in a reclining posture on the coiled body of a five headed serpent. It is on the prehistoric waters known as Ranganathar.

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    Poompuhar being the fertile ground for beautiful handicrafts made out of various raw materials has much to offer the customer who has an eye for something different from the usually mass-produced products that most modern day stores are filled with. Each Poompuhar product has a story to tell – of the encounters, challenges and pleasuresthat the artisan experienced while crafting it. Among the myriad raw materials that our artisans love to work with, jute is one. Apart from being eco-friendly, jute has a rustic appeal to it which never goes out of fashion.

    Our jute paintings range comprises of productswherein jute has been used as the base to make various things such as wall hangings, pen stands, key stands and decorative frames.Special jute paints have beenused for embellishing them with beautiful designs. The various items available for sale include:

    7 x 7 x 1 inch size Jute Painting Table Stop Ganesh and Jute Painting Table Stop Lakshmi, priced at Rs 170 each.

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    A 12 x 13 x 1 inch Jute Painting of Palm Art at a price of Rs 270. This hand painting on the jute fabric is a tribal art with a traditional sketch on it.

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    Jute Painting Key Stand priced at Rs 270 with the dimensions 6x4x1 inches is available in two designs. This handcrafted magazine holder with a sweet quotation has three hooks to hold keys.

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    Jute Painting Pen Stands of the dimensions 4x4x3 in three different designs, priced at Rs 280 each. They can be used in houses, offices as pen stands and also as decoration pieces and gift items.

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    A 9x9x1 inch Jute Painting Wall Hanging Elephant is also available forRs 280.

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    Besides being utility items, these quirkilyhand painted designs onjute fabric make for excellent decoration pieces. Ideal for gifting to someone or to yourself!

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