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  • Famous Indian painters who got international credit

    India is a land of arts. This is the country that has given birth to fantastic artists for years, generation after generation. Many claim that all those things were past and historic. However, in present day also, there are different artists in India, who have established themselves in the International world of art. Here are the top five such Indian artists:

    M F Hussain

    Image Credit - commons.wikimedia.org Image Credit - commons.wikimedia.org

    He is a famous painter in India, also known as ‘Indian Picasso’. He is the most celebrated and internationally renowned artists of all times. Renowned in India, this artist gave birth to lots of the exclusive art, some of which has got recognition in the international platform too. his paintings are mostly narrative, with diverse themes. 

    SH Raza

    Image Credit - hindustantimes.com Image Credit - hindustantimes.com

    Renowned old painter of India, S Raza has made a record to earn 16 crore for a single painting. Some of the top paintingsof his are in the form of Saurastra and La Terre. Most of his paintings were on lightening Indian philosophy in the abstract form in oil or acrylic. His talent was not confined to the country alone. Soon it spread to a broader horizon, making him an internationally famous painter.

    F N Souza

    Image Credit - commons.wikimedia.org Image Credit - commons.wikimedia.org

    The famous painter is recognized by the world for his extraordinary pieces of work. Nearly 400 paintings by him were sold in the world market, among which the famous Birth image is the brightest star. It was sold at 11 crores in International market. The painter created a different generation among all the painters, with his live works. The great painter died in the year of 2002.

    Tyeb Mehta

    Image Credit - commons.wikimedia.org Image Credit - commons.wikimedia.org

    A Padma Bhushan recipient,Tyeb Mehta hailed from the Bombay Progressive Artists' Group, which included F.N. Souza, S.H. Raza and M.F. Husain. Like them, he also embraced the modern and brusque style of painting. Some of the top works of him includethe Diagonal Series and triptych Celebration. The latter one earned him 14 crore INR.

    Ganesh Pyne

    He is another artist of International fame. His works like Assassin or Before the Chariots are some of the landmark creations from this artist. Most of his works were based on the light and darkness of life, created keeping the riot phase in mind.

    VS Gaitonde

    Gaitonde is a renowned painter of India, famous in all parts of the world. Each of his work shows the control he has on his paint brush. He was an epitome of the meditative Zen quality and this is reflected in his paintings as well.In fact, some artists regard him to be the best in the modern context of art and painting in modern India.


    An academic library, nesting about 20,000 books, set up at the second floor of a residential home at Perungudi in Chennai for the benefit of ‘serious and committed’ research scholars and other students is the talk of the town!

    Img Credit - The Hindu Img Credit - The Hindu

    Most retired people secure their future with the money they get from provident funds and other retirement benefits. But for some people, the story is different and more selfless. Dr. V. Arasu, the former head of the Tamil Department of University of Madras, who, because of paucity of time and money could not realize his dream of setting up a library before has used his savings to do what the have always wanted to do.

    Dr. Arasu has always had great passion for books. He has been collecting books since 1970, when he was a college student. In spite of facing difficulties in keeping them safely in his rented houses, he has been doing so. Upon retirement, instead of using his benefits for securing his future like most people do, he spent Rs. 15 lakh for establishing the academic library at his home.

    This library has almost 15000 books in Tamil and approximately 5000 books in English. Most of them are based on the Tamil literature and culture. His collection of books also includes all the dictionaries published in Tamil, literary magazines which generate new trends in the Tamil literature, mementos on the Tamil scholars such as R. P. Sethu Pillai, U. V. Swaminatha Iyer etc. and also books on Eelam literature.

    The students are not only welcome to study from the wonderful collection, they are also welcome to stay in the separate room created by him in the library. Not only this, they can even have food prepared at Dr. Arasu’s home.

     All these facilities are provided by him to the students so that they are able to study in a congenial atmosphere. Heads bow in respect for such selfless personalities, who instead of caring for their own comforts, work for the better education of the children and therefore for the upliftment of the country at large!

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