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Lord Karthikeya

  • Lord Karthikeya

    One of the most worshipped and acclaimed deities of South India, is Lord Karthikeya.  Lord Karthikeya is also known as Murugan, Skanda, Kumaran and Subrmaniya. He is revered as the God of victory for his intelligence and bravery. He personifies a divine powerthat kills negativities in human beings as he was created to wipe out the demons. According to the Hindu mythology, he is believed to be the elder son of Lord Shiva and Parvati in South India, while the North Indians believe him to be younger than Lord Ganesha.

    Lord Karthikeya’s weapon is a Vel(spear), which represents power as his mother Parvati had vested all the powers in that spear. He is depicted to be mounted on a peacock with a snake clasped in its claws, which signifies destruction of evil and sins in human beings. As a God of war, he is thought to be one of the fiercest Gods among all Gods. He is believed to have killed many of the ferocious demons like Krauncha, Banasura, Pralamba and many more.

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    Lord Karthikeya is believed to have six heads. The six heads represent five senses and the mind.  The six headed God also teaches his followers to combat six most predominant evils within oneself; which are ego (mada), sex (kaama), anger (krodh), jealousy (matsarya), passion (moha) and greed (lobha). He is also worshipped as a God with immense intellect and great mental power.

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    Keeping in line with the great religious following of Lord Karthikeya in South India, Poompuhar offers various Lord Karthikeya idols. The traditional idol making is followed and bronze figurines are made. These idols are made with traditional idol making techniques inbrass, bronze,stone and wooden carvings. The idols made by artisans at Poompuhar are often given antique finish, so that antique lovers can add to their antique collection and display them in their drawing rooms or prayer area.Apart from the beautiful sculptures of Lord Karthikeya, paintings of him are also available.

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    All these products are available online as well as at our sales showroom in Chennai.

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