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Lord Vishnu

  • The Legend of Ranganatha-an Incarnation of Vishnu

    Hindu mythology and religion has many fascinating tales of Gods and their incarnations. Whenever this world is trapped with evil or negative forces, Lord Vishnu is believed to have taken avatars to protect and preserve the world. Lord Vishnu is the main deity in Hindu religion with many avatars and Sri Ranganatha is one amongst them.  There are many temples of Sri Ranganatha in South Indian states like Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka. Sri Ranganatha is the main deity of Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple in Srirangam in Tamil Nadu. Made from a combination of 2 words 'Rangam' and 'Nathan', the Tamil meaning of Ranganatha is leader of the place of assembly.

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    Also known as Aranganathar, Ranga and Thenarangathan, Sri Ranganatha is the main legend inside these south Indian temples. The deity of Sri Ranganatha can be seen placed resting artistically on a serpent as you enter the temple. The serpent God is known as Adiseha. The consorts of Sri Ranganatha are mainly Goddess Laksmi (or Ranganayaki Thayar), Bhudevi and Nila Devi. These deities are seen smiling and are positioned usually reclining. This particular posture is considered very auspicious as the Lord along with his consorts, is believed to be listening to the woes of devotees and blessing them. Although Sri Ranganatha is much famous amongst Hinduism, he is also very popular in Sri Vaishnava community. Due to the vast history associated with Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple, it is quite popular amongst the scholars and devotees too.

    Located on the banks of holy river Kaveri, Pancharanga Kshetrams are considered as the five most sacred Ranganatha temples in south India. The first temple from the upstream side of river Kaveri is Srirangapatna (Karnataka), also called the Adi Ranga. Next in sequence are Sarangapani at Kumbakonam, Tanjore, in Tamil Nadu, Appalarangam or Koviladi at Tiurppernagar in Tamil Nadu, Parimala Perumal located in Mayiladuthurai in Tamil Nadu and the last one is the Srirangam in Trichy (Tamil Nadu).

    There are many other Ranganatha temples that can be found in different towns and villages of South India. Since the temples are very pious and peaceful, hundreds of devotees and visitors pay honor to Sri Ranganatha and seek his blessings.

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