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    Sandalwood is known to mankind for more than 4000 years. In India, sandalwood has its significance due to its religious association with Hinduism and Buddhism.

    Sandalwood is derived from Sandal tree, which is mainly found in the states of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala in India. They are also found in the islands of Indonesia, Australia, Sri Lanka etc.

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    The sandalwood tree is considered as auspicious. The paste of sandalwood is used in rituals and ceremonies by Hindus, Jainese, Buddhists, Zoroastrians and even Muslims. Apart from its use in religious or ritual ceremonies, it is used extensively for various other purposes.

    Sandalwood is an aromatic wood, which can retain its fragrance for decades. It is expensive in comparison to other woods, yet it is in great demand for numerous purposes such as for its smell of sandal in incense sticks, for making furniture, carvings and devotional articles such as Buddhist prayer beads, sacred idols etc. It is also used in making medicines.Sandalwood with its unique and distinctive sweet woody smell and medicinal properties is also used in cosmetic industry. Jewellery items are also made out of it.Some of the various sandalwood products available are sandalwood seals, wooden pens, sandalwood bracelet and other religious jewelry, jewel boxes, sandalwood necklace and numerous amazing gifts and decorative items etc. Different sizes of carved elephants made out of sandalwood are also available. The skilled artisans make all the items with great care and the carvings depict the minutest details making it all the more attractive and appealing. There are some other uses of sandalwood as well, with its oil being used in microscopy and medicines.

    One of the reasons why it has been replaced by rosewood nowadays is its high price.Due to its high cost it is now not used in the construction of buildings. It has its maximum use in the perfume industry. The oil extracted from the sandal tree is used to make variety of perfumes all over the world. The subtle smell of sandal is liked by almost everyone and thus its perfumes are in great demand.

    From its use and importance in religious purposes, to its extensive use in avariety of products, sandalwood has been able to maintain its demand by its innovativeuse in various products.

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