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  • Heritage-rich cities and towns

    TamilNadu has a rich heritage of majestic forts and intricately carved temples. Let us walk you through the origin of these heritage-rich cities and towns.


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  • Top 10 architectural marvels of India

    There is no wonder why foreigners visit to India increases every day! India well known for her cultural heritage and massive wonders. India is filled with splendid and mind blowing architectural marvels. There are no doubt these architectural engineering excellences and brilliance of our ancients will make you question our modern knowledge on architecture.

    The ages of these buildings dates back around 1000 years and more and still stands strong without failing to delight our eyes.

    Here we have listed top 10 exclusive architectural marvels of India which includes temples, fort, Palace. Let’s start our tour to most prestigious and outstanding marvels of India!

    Brihadeeswarar Temple, Tamil Nadu

    The Brihadeeswarar Temple, Shiva Temple, built during Chola Dynasty by the emperor Raja Raja Chola I.  It ispopularly known as “Thanjai periya kovil” which literally means “Big Temple of Thanjavur”, is one of the largest temples in India and known to be one of India’s most prized architectural sites to visit. This temple celebrates its 1015 birthday in 2015!This temple is the first building fully built by granite and finished within 5 years. This implies the architect engineers during Chola Dynasty were not only excelling in architect but also faster.


    Thirumalai Nayakkar Mahal, Madurai

    Thirumalai Nayakkar Palace, a national monument, was builtin 17th century 1636 AD during Madurai’s Nayaka dynasty by King Thirumalai Nayak. It is a classic combination of Dravidian and Islamic style of architecture. Thegrandest Palace of south is famous for its gigantic pillars whichHeight is 82 feet and width is 19 feet. Many parts of this palace got ruined and today we get to see entrance gate, The Main Hall, and the Dance hall. The original Palace complex was four times bigger than the present structure.

    Image Credit - wikimedia Image Credit - wikimedia

    Ruins of Hampi, Karnataka

    Ruins of Hampi, one of the UNESCO protected heritage site, was the former capital of famous Vijaynagar Empire and now a delightful tourists spot. Hampi includes various Hindu temples known Achyutaraya Temple, Badavi Linga, Chandramauleshwara Temple and Malyavanta Raghunathaswamy temple speaks ancient style of architecture. It is greatly advised not to wander around Hampi because you likely to be get lost in its mysteries!

    Image Credit - wikimedia Image Credit - wikimedia

    Konark Sun Temple, Odisha

    Sun temple built in the 13th century by King Narasimhadeva, it is known for its exquisite wall designs and its magnificent representation of Sun God.  It is one of famous temples of Orissa, a most stunning monument of religious architecture in world! The entire temple was designed in the shape of solar chariot with 12 pairs of exquisitely-ornamented wheels dragged by 7 rearing horses. Sun Temple exhibits more balanced architectural design.

    Image Credit - wikimedia Image Credit - wikimedia

    Nalanda University, Bihar

    Nalanda University is the second oldest University in India built in the 5th century by Gupta Rulers. Found by Buddhist monks around 2500 years ago. It was about 88 km away from Patna. The university covers 14 hectares, includes 10 temples. The architectural design and planning of this massive university is astonishing and stunning. It is an interesting historical fact that the great library of Nalanda University took 3 months to burn down.It attracted scholars from all over the world, even today tourists visits the ruins of this majestic site.

    Image Credit - wikimedia Image Credit - wikimedia

    Ajanta and Ellora Caves, Maharashtra

    Ajanta caves are a set of 30 rock-cut Buddhist cave monuments.  It dates back to 2nd century BCE is the finest surviving examples of Indian art, particularly painting per the Archaeological survey of India. The cave served as a place for living, education, and worship for many ancient Buddhist monks. It is one of the UNESCO protected world heritage sites.

    Image Credit - wikipedia Image Credit - wikipedia

    Buland Darwaza, Fatehpur Sikri

    Buland Darwaza, the world’s greatest gateway, literally means “Gate of Magnificence” was built in 1601 AD by the great Mughal Monarch Akbar in order to celebrate his victory over Gujarat. It is 40 meters in elevation and 35 meters in width. Red sandstone and white marble were used to build this gateway. The decorations and carvings on white marble is known for their calligraphy and echo religiously liberals thoughts of ‘Akbar the Great’

    Image Credit - wikimedia Image Credit - wikimedia

    Lake Palace, Udaipur

    Lake Palace built by Maharaja Jai Singh II in 1746. It got its name as it located right middle of Pichola Lake. It is considered to be one of the most romantic places in the world for its sight with amusing Aravalli Hills. Now it is called as Taj Lake Palace as it is took over by Taj Groups. It has 83 rooms featuring with white marble walls.

    Image Credit - wikimedia Image Credit - wikimedia

    Taj Mahal, Aagra

    There been lots of stories tied with existence of Taj Mahal, whatever the truth behind Taj Mahal we should admit that it must be honored and preserved for its famous architectural elegance and beauty. Taj Mahal, white marble mausoleum, built in 1653 Mughal emperor Shah Jahan. It is located on the southern bank of Yamuna River in the Indian city of Agra.


    Lotus Temple, New Delhi

    Lotus Temple since its inauguration to public has drawn 70 million visitors and become one of the most visited tourists site in the world. It is Bahai’s Temple constructed in the shape of lotus, a common religious symbol for Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, and Jainism. The purpose of this temple is to unite all the races and religions in one common faith.

    Image Credit - wikipedia Image Credit - wikipedia

  • Five must visit places for stone carvings in India

    India is famous for its rich stone carved temples and monuments. The country boasts a phenomenal number of ornately carved structures, most of which are world heritage sites. If you are the kind of a person who could get lost in the beauty of exquisite sculptures depicting not just the Gods but also those intricately carved architectural marvels frozen in time, then we have the right list of five must visit places in India. Go ahead and check them all off your list.

    Elephanta Caves, Gharapuri Island, Maharashtra

    Elephanta Island or Gharapuri is about 11 kms from the coast of Mumbai and you can take a ferry to reach the island from Apollo Bunder. There are about seven rock-cut caves in the island; five on the western mountains and two on the eastern side of which one is incomplete and the other houses a Stupa. The caves hold no inscriptions and so the attributions are unknown but the locals believe that these sculptures are not man-made. The cave has brilliant stone carvings of lord Shiva and other Hindu deities and some of the notable sculptures include the 20 ft. high Trimurthi sculpture, Ravana lifting Mount Kailash also called as the Ravanugraha, different forms of Lord Shiva including Nataraja- the cosmic dancer and Arthananishwara. A truly brilliant marvel, this place is one among the seven wonders of India.

    Elephanta Caves - Gharapuri Island - Maharashtra Image Credit - http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Elephanta_Caves_in_Elephanta_Island_in_Maharashtra.JPG

    Toranas, Sanchi, India

    This small village in the state of Madhya Pradesh holds the world famous “Great Stupa of Sanchi” commissioned by King Ashoka during the third century B.C. ‘Torana’ meaning ‘gateway’ reflects great beauty and detailing and represents some of the finest examples of Buddhist Architecture. These Thoranas are placed strategically around the SanchiStupa and are intricately carved leaving no space free. This places is a must visit for all those who would like to experience the exquisiteness of Buddhist architecture.

    Toranas Sanchi India Image Credit - http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:West_Torana,_Sanchi_03.jpg

    Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu, India

    Also known as Mamallapuram, this small coastal town in the district of Kancheepuram is a wonder by its own standards. The 96 ft. high and 43 ft. long monolithic marvel called as “Arjuna’s Penance” or “Descent of the Ganges” is enough to take your breath away. This excellent stone relic is also the largest preserved open-air relief in the World. Built by the Pallavas between the seventh and the ninth century A.D. this historic port town also contains brilliantly carved rathas, mandapas and an exquisite shore Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva.

    Arjuna Penance in Mahabalipuram

    Image Credit - http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Arjuns_Penance,_Relief_carvings_HDR_St_(2281607556).jpg

    Wall carvings at Sun Temple, Konark

    This 13th Century Sun temple is located at Konark in the state of Odisha built by king Narasimhadeva I of Eastern Ganga Dynasty. Listed one among the seven wonders of India, this architectural delight is in the form of a chariot with elaborately carved twelve pairs of wheels which as serve as sundials that can be used to calculate the time accurately and seven horses to pull the chariot. Built using the traditional style of KalingaArchicture, it is carefully oriented towards east so that the Sun’s first rays falls on the principal entrance.

    Wall Carvings of Konark Temple Image Credit - http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Wall_carvings_of_Konark_Temple.jpg

    Jami Masjid, Champaranand Adalaj Step-wel, Gujarat

    The construction of Jami Masjid dates back to the 16th Century and was done over a period of 125 years. It has a blend of both Muslim and Hindu Architecture and is a must visit for all those who love the exquisite beauty of intricately carved walls and domes. The Adalajstepwell is a Hindu 'water building' in the village of Adalaj, close to Ahmedabad. Built using Sholanki architectural style, one has to be there to experience the true marvel of the chiseled circular structure.

    Adalaj Step-wel in Gujarat Gandhinagar Image Credit - http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Adalaj_Step-well_in_Gandhinagar,_Ahmedabad.jpg

    India’s architectural marvels do not stop with these exquisite places. If your thirst for sculptural beauty is not quenched completely, you can also visit other wonders like Khajuraho temple, Ajanta and Ellora caves, Badami caves, Hoysaleswara Temple located atHalebid, Karnataka, Dilwara Temple at Mount Abu, Rajasthan and so on to list a few.

  • Tourist Attractions in and around Chennai

    Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu is one of the popular metros of India. It remains one of the most visited cities in India despite its hot climate. One can visit Chennai for its music, cuisine, and dance forms and to witness its unique culture completely. Tamil is the language spoken in Chennai and the people are a happy and unassuming lot.  Chennai ranked first in the country’s safest metros a few years back in a survey conducted by India Today, The city is most visited by people from the USA and UK. The city was formerly called ‘Madras’ and is 369 years old. What people love about the city is that it is both traditional and modern. Let’s look at the different places you just have to visit during your stay.

    Kapaleeshwar Kovil

    This is a Shiva temple located in Mylapore, Chennai. Mylapore is an area in the city which is known for its cultural brilliance.  It is also one of the best examples you can witness of Pallava architecture. There are about 6 poojas done on a daily basis for worshippers. The main highlight of the temple is the Gopuram which is 37 meters. You can also find inscriptions that date back to the 1250 AD.

    1 Image Credit - commons.wikimedia.org

    Dakshin Chitra

    It is a museum that has been built as an effort to reproduce the south Indian culture of India. It was open to the public from the year 1996. What makes this place interesting is that the owners have taken a lot of effort to showcase not only the cultures of south India but also the exact lifestyle lead by the different cultures in south India. They also have exhibitions, seminars and folk plays conducted on a regular basis to retain the Indian culture. This place was also established to bring southern Indian culture to the forefront and showcase the works of the artisans.

    Image Credit - commons.wikimedia.org Image Credit - commons.wikimedia.org

    Marina Beach

    Marina beach is one of the most visited beaches in Chennai. You find people from all walks of life in the beach. It is ideally suited for people who love walking. Since the beach is frequented by many people, it is surrounded by statues of historical importance to India. Some of the prominent statues include those of Barathidasan and Sivaji Ganesan.

    3 Image Credit - commons.wikimedia.org

    Santhome church

    It is one of the best Roman Catholic churches. Built in the sixteenth century in the Neo-Gothic style by the Portuguese, it remains as the most popular church in the city visited by localities and tourists. A walk through the church gives you a small understanding of how Portugal periods would have looked like. Santhome is the Tamil version of the name ‘St Thomas’ who was a representative of Jesus and the church was built to recall his good deeds. . You can also find a theatre there where the life of ‘St Thomas’ is depicted clearly.

    4 Image Credit - commons.wikimedia.org

    Guindy National Park

    Home to a large number of animals, the park is in a very accessible place in Chennai.  The government has taken many steps to preserve the flora and fauna of this place. The place is more suitable for children as visiting this place can be a way of introducing wildlife to them. Though it is one of the smallest national parks of India, you can go there to see the different animals there i.e. snakes, deers, mongoose, monkeys, grasshoppers, scorpions and many other animals.

    5 Credit Image - chennailocal.com

    Vandalur Zoo

    Located near Tambaram, this zoo is also popular in the city. Since it is a large zoo, you need to spend some time there to see all the animals. Established in 1985 and home to a large variety of flora and fauna, this is the favoured picnic spot for school children in the city.       

    Image Credit - en.wikipedia.org Image Credit - en.wikipedia.org

    Golden beach

    Golden beach  is just a short drive from Marina beach. The advantage of going to this place is that one can rest in the VGP resort which owns the beach. The VGP resort is an awesome resort filled with luxury to fulfill your holiday experience in Chennai.


    This holy city is 75 kms from Chennai. It is worth the drive as it has a large number of religious centers and is a place where you can get the best silk saris from country. People go there also to witness the temple festivals that happen regularly.

    7 Image Credit - commons.wikimedia.org

    ECR – East Coast Road

    There is a lot of exciting things to do on the East Coast of Chennai. The place is filled with fun places like amusement parks, malls, beaches, cafes and tourist spots. It is also ideal for people around the city to visit during their holidays with their families as it will be a break from  routine life.

    Kovalam Beach

    It is a beach located on the ECR (East Coast road).This is a classy place meant to be spent with your friends or family. People like this place for its soothing effect and is famous for fishing activities. You must have this in your travel agenda if you want a calm and pleasant experience, and don’t mind driving one hour from the city of Chennai.

    Image Credit - commons.wikimedia.org Image Credit - commons.wikimedia.org

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