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  • Explore The Best Of The Rest Products At Never Before Prices

    From the bronze figurines of the Chola dynasty to the rock carving sculptures of the Pallavas, the South Indian art and craft has its distinct aura since centuries. Indian lifestyle, religious outlook, emotions and cultural expression are vividly reflected through the paintings, statuettes, wall hangings and other home décor items available at Poompuhar. From stone to metal, clay to textile –all the products come at affordable cost and are rich in Indianness.

    Bronze Figurines

    With the sublime stillness, the Bronze figurines from Chola era are the epitome of the omnipotent energy. The miniature replicas of the sculptures from tenth to twelfth century bear no signature and come with three variants. There are both glossy polished statues as well as the antique polished ones which bear the vintage touch.

    Ganesha, Meenachi, Lakshmi and Buddha statues are avilabale in various sizes and postures along with the cow and horse figurines. The price starts from INR 2545 for a 3 x 2 inch size and the maximum size is ten feet.

    Oxidized Natraja

    From ages, Indian dance forms have taken inspiration from the cosmic dance of Shiva, also called Natraja. Indian art has a distinct place for lord Shiva and in order to invoke that reverence, Poompuhar has brought the colossal black colored Natraja in two size variants -8 x 10 x 3 inch and 5 x 4 x 3 inch. The price starts from an affordable cost of INR 840.

    Shop for this Oxidised Natarajar - Click Here

    Stone Carving

    From the supple and sensuous female figurine to the vigorous and virility of the male figures, the magnificent rock-cut sculptures were the cultural identity of the Pallava era. These sculptures depict every human emotion, be it joy, coyness, aggression, tenderness and even authority. You will find the virtuous Perumal sculpture carved from granite, the Soapstoneand Redstone Ganesha, the meditating Buddha and so on. The sizes vary from fifteen feet to three inch and various others in between. Prices start from INR 120 for 3 x 2 x 2 inch lingam made of soft stone.

    Shop for this Soft Stone Lingam - Click Here

    Brass Lamps

    As an indispensable part of daily worship ritual, the Brass Lamps are the most popular items created by the private craftsmen. From Agal to Villaku, deepam to hanging lamps –there are various sizes available. The price starts from INR 200 for the Agal.

    brass-ashta-lakshmi-vilakku-buy-online Brass Ashtalakshmi Vilakku Buy Online


    From flower vase to tray, lamps to wooden hangings, bowls to wooden dolls and of course the sandal wood carving, the intricacy is reflected from every item. Buddha, Krishna, Lakshmi, Balaji, Ganesha and various other decorative are hand-cut and carved. The price for a small sandalwood keychain is INR 250 while a 48 x 15 inch Gopuram cost INR 7425.

    Paintings and Textiles

    The ornate gold work of the Thanjavur paintings to the rich patterned glass painting and Batik, the vegetable painted Kondapalli toys to stunning Meenakari stools, Poompuhar has something for everyone. The miniature oil paintings, handcrafted textile bags, purses and wall hangings are also notable for their traditional essence.

    Deriving its name from the historic coastal hamlet of Puhar, Poompuhar’s vast range of products is manufactured in its 6 production units and bear the traditional aestheticism of Indian culture. Get your choice of products at an affordable cost and give your home a new look.

  • Chikankari - The Art behind the Traditional Lucknowi Embroidery

    Lucknow is renowned for its traditional Chikankari embroidery. The craft of Chikan work, which literally means embroidery, is a traditional style of embroidery from Lucknow. The technique of creating Chikan art is called Chikankari and has been used for over 300 years.

    Chikan embroidery Image credit - wikimedia

    Modern embroidery lacks the simplicity and the precision of the handwork invested on the garment making it subtle. The essence of the garment is a simple design.

    The Embroidery Process

    The Lucknow chikankari technique is broken down into stages. The process of chikankari includes the following steps:

    • Design and Engraving
    • Wooden Block printing
    • Embroidery
    • Washing and finishing

    Design and Engraving

    First, the design is determined and engraved on a wooden block by the embroiderer. The wooden block stamps are used to print the design on the cloth.

    Wooden Block printing

    The wooden blocks are then dipped in Safeda and Neel dyes. The wooden blocks are then used to print the design on the cloth. The cloth is then cut to take the form that the garment is intended. There are different blocks: for butis, floral patterns, and borders. Once the fabric or cloth is printed it is now ready for the embroidery work.


    Then the embroidery process begins. The fabric or cloth is placed in a small frame and the embroiderer begins to trace the printed ink patterns. This is done using needle and thread. Different types of stitches can be made on one piece of fabric. This depends on the type and size motifs. The popular stitches include hemstitch, backstitch, and chain stitch.

    Washing and finishing

    Washing is the last stage of the chikankari process. The fabric is first checked for consistency. It is then soaked in water. It is then washed to remove the block printed ink color. To obtain stiffness the garment is starched and ironed. The garment is now ready for commercial sales.

    The stitches are done to perfection and the quality and gracefulness are very difficult to find anywhere else. The precision and effortlessness of each and every stitch cannot be replicate even by a machine. This is why garments made using the chikankari technique, are famous worldwide.

  • Poompuhar enters its 44th year since Inception

    Poompuhar has entered its 44th year since inception under the leadership Dr Santosh Babu IAS, a man whose firm belief in the marriage of technology and tradition has taken the organization to new heights. To mark the occasion, Dr Santosh Babu has envisioned a target of Rs 45 crore - a step ahead of the Rs 30.87 crore it netted in 2013-14.


    Poompuhar began as a traditional brick and mortar shop that sold handcrafted products such as idols, wall hangings, Thanjavur paintings, pots, lamps, etc produced by Indian artisans through its retail stores and exhibitions conducted in various parts of the country. However, this changed in the last few years when it launched its online shopping portal in addition to the conventional mediums of selling, which gave consumers the comfort of shopping authentic Indian handicrafts from their homes. Naturally, the portal received a good response as people got to know about it through the organisation’s social media pages. Products were also made available through popular e-commerce websites such as Snapdeal, Flipkart, Shopclues, Crafts villa and India Mart. A couple of years ago, the company installed a 3D printing facility for miniature idols to bring in new design ideas and provide better access to its artisans.

    Shop for this Thiruvallur Sripam 3D Printed - Click Here Shop for this Thiruvallur Sripam 3D Printed - Click Here

    The CMD of Poompuhar, Dr Santosh Babu is a firm believer in the power of technology and the importance of good governance, which was evident when in January this year, Poompuhar was felicitated with National e-Governance Silver Award for the year 2016-17 for the way it transformed the department using Information Technology.

  • Sandalwood

    Sandalwood is basically a class of wood which is indigenous to South India. It is characteristically defined by its woody and sweet smell, and has been used by the Pharma industry and other religious and spiritual institutions for various ceremonious purposes throughout history. Natural growth of sandalwood trees can mainly be found in the states of Karnataka , Andhra Pradesh , Kerala etc. with Mysore in Karnataka having one of the largest plant in the world for procuring oil and other byproducts of sandalwood.

    Shop for this Sandal Wood Pen - Click Here Shop for this Sandal Wood Pen - Click Here

    Even though sandalwood plantation and sale of its byproducts had earlier been banned to individuals, in the early 2000s with the new policy changes, sandalwood plantation and cultivation was legalized with the exception to the rule being that the produce could be sold solely to the Government.

    Shop for this Sandal Wood Elephant Log - Click Here Shop for this Sandal Wood Elephant Log - Click Here

    In fairly popular mythology, the king of the realm of Suparaka was saved because of the healing qualities of sandalwood. Now we understand the mistrust in mythological facts, but it has been scientifically evaluated and various healing qualities of sandalwood have been uncovered. While we’re not saying that it is a miracle product, but let us assure you that there are many health benefits of the essential oil and byproducts of sandalwood.

    The essential oil produced by sandalwood is composed of 2 molecules known as the alpha and beta santalol. These are the molecules responsible for producing the strong fragrance which has been associated with sandalwood. Alpha santalol helps improve mental clarity , and is thus one of the main components used during meditation , prayer and other spiritual rituals.

    Shop for this Sandal Wood Hanuman - Click here Shop for this Sandal Wood Hanuman - Click here

    With it being one of the main components of so many therapeutic procedures , we can help you be certain that sandalwood, when massaged on the body or just simply smelled, creates a feeling of relaxation and mental peace. Lavender also has similar qualities. However, unlike lavender , sandalwood does not come with the drowsiness involved.

    Sandalwood over the years has been used as a natural aphrodisiac which helps to improve the libido of men. India is the land which gave the world the Kamasutra and needless to say, sandalwood has played a part in the libido of our ancestors.

    Sandalwood is also known for its anti-viral properties and is known to prevent replication of various common viruses , an example being the herpes simplex. It is also used as an anti-inflammatory agent for skin irritation caused by superficial wounds, pimples, boils and warts etc.

    Whether you are in pursuit of mental peace , relaxation , health benefits or just decorative items made from sandalwood, head on over to tnpoompuhar.org and see what all we have available.

  • 10 Must-Have’s From Poompuhar under Rs.2000

    Before the dawn of the Industrial Revolution when machines were a rare thing to find, products were made by humans. Each product was similar yet different, imperfect at times, but made with hard work and patience. While mass produced products brought respite in filling the colossal demand gap and manufacturing identical items for the equal satisfaction of each customer, there is something that they haven’t been able to do and never will:the skill, care, love and touch of a human being.

    Go shopping for Indian ethnic wear, and you’ll find machine produced saris and lehengas much easier on the pocket than their ‘all-handwork’ counterparts. And why shouldn’t they be so? The intricacy and finesse woven into the fabric by an artisan, thread by thread, deserves far more appreciation (and remuneration) than a machine which has been ‘taught’ to thoughtlessly embroider cloth after cloth.

    At Poompuhar, we celebrate handicrafts, for we believe in the good old ways of the past – of women spinning yarns and potters sculpting beautiful objects out of clay as the earthen oven crackles with fire. We believe that it is these seemingly unimportant things are what keep us rooted to our rich traditions and cultural diversity.

    When you buy a Poompuhar product, you in fact help an artisan who does not have the market tactics to showcase his/her products inside a swanky store under a branded label.

    So here we have compiled a list of 10 products for quiet retail escapade, for indulging without feeling too guilty about it. Absolute must-haves to fit your budget:

    1. Be it clothes, car or home décor, black never loses its charm. This oxidized black idol of goddess Saraswati forms a quaint silhouette against any light background. Usher in the blessings of the Goddess of Knowledge in style. http://tnpoompuhar.org/tamil-nadu/oxidised/6x3x2-inch-oxidised-saraswati.html

    oxidized black idol of goddess Saraswati

    2. Can a night lamp get more adorable than this? Look closely and you will find that the middle body of this happy giraffe is made of coconut shell! http://tnpoompuhar.org/tamil-nadu/coconut-shell/13x7x2-inch-coconut-shell-giraffe-night-lamp.html

    Coconut Shell giraffee night lamp

    3. This painting with its waterfall, greenery and herd of elephants, reminds us of the iconic Jungle Book scene with Mowgli. Your kids are going to love it as much as you. http://tnpoompuhar.org/tamil-nadu/painting/18x14x1-inch-painting-elephant-at-the-jungle.html

    Elephant Painting at the Jungle

    4. This unusually striking sandalwood idol of Hanuman serves the dual purpose of pooja or decoration, and exudes the warm and earthy fragrance of sandalwood. http://tnpoompuhar.org/tamil-nadu/sandal-wood/5x3x2-inch-sandal-wood-sitting-hanuman.html

    Sandal Wood Sitting Hanuman

    5. Sport formal wear in style with this tastefully handcrafted tie in the classic blue and beige colour. A variety of other tie options available but this is our personal favourite as it complements almost any shirt. http://tnpoompuhar.org/tamil-nadu/handcrafted-textiles/16x3x1-inch-handcrafted-textiles-tie-blue-with-dots.html

    Handcrafted Textiles Tie - Blue With Dots

    6. Our festivities begin with lighting lamps to seek the positive energy, and this brass lamp makes it more beautiful. The cone shaped base and five spouts, a ‘kalasham’ and coconut on the top make the lamp glow with a divine splendour! http://tnpoompuhar.org/tamil-nadu/brass-lamp/lamps/table-prabai-lamp.html

    Table Prabai Lamp buy online

    7. Jazz up those kitty parties or elevate your tea experience to an all new high with this quirky wooden coaster set. The dusky, braided patterned coasters come with their own little stand that complements your wooden furniture like a match made in heaven! http://tnpoompuhar.org/tamil-nadu/wood/coaster-set/coaster-set.html

    Coaster Set buy Online

    8. An ornate ‘manai’ or stool with colourful Meenakari work is the stuff fit for kings. The round peacock pattern in the centre is enclosed with concentric square patterns in red, green and gold. http://tnpoompuhar.org/tamil-nadu/meenakari/12x12x7-inch-meenakari-pillayar-manai.html

    Meenakari Pillayar Manai buy online

    9. Ornate mirrors are in vogue! This Thanjavur painting doubles up as a mirror and immediately peps up an empty wall with something that’s decorative yet useful. The circumference of the mirror is embellished with red Kundan stones, and the Thanjavur painting is available in different designs. http://tnpoompuhar.org/tamil-nadu/thanjavur-painting/9x5x1-inch-thanjavur-painting-mirror.html

    Thanjavur Painting Mirror buy online

    10. This European style vase is a feast for eyes! The intricacy of the design with two boys clutching the long vase like a trophy is further enhanced by the use of black metal, which by the way never loses its shine. http://tnpoompuhar.org/tamil-nadu/black-metal/flower-vase/15x10-inch-flower-vase-double-boys.html

    Flower Vase double Boys buy online

    At Poompuhar, we have an extensive variety of such unique products in the finest quality, handcrafted by our talented Indian artisans. Happy shopping!

  • Festival of Lamps in Coimbatore

    “Festival of Lamps” exhibition inaugurated by Chennai Corporation Commissioner Dr. Vijaya Karthikeyan IAS, at Poompuhar Sales Showroom in Coimbatore


  • Vandalur Sales Outlet – The Opening

    Creativity gets a new address! Proud to announce the opening of our new sales outlet in Vandalur zoo. The opening ceremony was held in the esteemed presence of IFS K.S.S.V.P. Reddy, the Director of Vandalur zoo on 21 Jan, 2015.

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