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White Metal

  • White Metal Handicraft At It's Best

    India is a land rich of natural resources, where its metal and minerals alluvial earth has helped in the development of handicraft since the beginning of civilization. The point worthy of mentioning is that the Indian handicraft is the amalgamation of not just metals and creativity, but a unique blend of religion, history, tradition and culture. With the passage of time, artisans were able to create alloys that added new flavor and variety to the vast options of Indian handicraft.

    White-Metal-handicraftWhite metal alloy which includes antimony, tin, lead, cadmium, bismuth, and zinc and are mixed to achieve a desired goal or need. As an example, a base metal for jewelry needs to be castable, polishable, have good flow characteristics, have the ability to cast fine detail without an excessive amount of porosity and cast at between 230 °C and 300 °C (450 °F and 575 °F).

    White metal handicraft figures are not exactly “white” as the name suggests. It is a well-polished surface which seems to be inclined towards the “silvery metal” color. The white metal casted figure, which is well polished and has its unique shine is a treat to the eyes. It not only provides a variety in the pool of handicraft but is also high in demand specially that of the figures of Indian mythological gods. The image of Nataraja in all his glory casted in white metal is a sight to watch!

    In Poompuhar (www.tnpoompuhar.org) which seeks to connect together artisans and customers, special product categorization has been done for metal handicraft and white metal handicraft.The series of products available in white metal handicraft include white metal gift items ranging from a detailed carving of Lord Ganesha to naturally depicted white metal cow with her calf.

    A brief description of the products is as follows :

    1. White Metal Ganesh Face Wall Hanging: Lord Ganesha, the elephant god is the deity of fortune and wisdom. Being one of the most popular gods in India, his statues are sculpted in all forms and variations. A specimen of detailed sculpting, this wall hanging is worthy to be on your wall and is a fine example of white metal handicraft gift item.
    2. White Metal Camel: Poompuhar brings to you the ship of the desert in crafted in white metal. With availability in stock and prompt delivery, this white metal handicraft is a must have in your living room as a decorative item.
    3. White Metal Horse: One of man’s oldest allies, horses have carried warriors and traders, kings and gods across the continent since man learnt how to domesticate them. Bring home this beautifully sculpted white metal handicraft item.
    4. White Metal Nataraja: Lord Shiva in his dancing form is a sight to watch. Kudos to the artist who has so perfectly crafted the famous mudra in white metal along with the minutest of details which make this white metal crafted piece of handicraft a wonderful gift option or to seek inspiration from the dancing Shiva!
    5. White Metal Eagle: The eagle has been always a symbol of power, it was the imperial sign of the Holy Roman Empire and The Russian Royal insignia. In Hinduism it is the mount of Lord Vishnu in the form of Garuda. Visit the Poompuhar website to own this beautiful white metal crafted item.
    6. White Metal Cow with Calf: One of the most venerated animals in India, Poompuhar offers a white metal crafted cow with her calf. It not only is beautifully designed, but the detailed craftsmanship shown in creating this white metal handicraft makes it a must have!
    7. White Metal Ganesha: Catering to the popular demand of this popular deity, Poompuhar customers also have the option of purchasing a full fledgedGanesha statue crafted in shiny white metal. The item can be perfect to gift your near and dear ones or to be placed in your office or homes to make sure that there is no shortage of blessings!
    8. White Metal Elephant: The mighty elephant has been crafted and decorated beautifully in white metal which makes this item a leading white metal handicraft gift item.
    9. White Metal Trolley Bowl Set: Impress your guests by serving them in beautifully crafted, classy looking white metal trolley bowl set. This item is also a hot favorite white metal handicraft gift product which can be presented on the occasion of marriages, anniversaries etc.

    To have access to beautifully carved white metal artifacts please visit our website tnpoompuhar.org.

  • Trending in Home Decor: White Metal

    India is renowned far and wide for its handicrafts, especially its intricate work with metal. A country that is rich in natural resources is bound to have different types of metal in each region. Diverse culture and a variety of metals only ensure that crafting these metals is an art in itself. One such unique metal is White Metal.

    white-metal-trolley-bowl-set Shop for this white metal trolley bowl set - Click Here

    White metal is an alloy consisting of several metals such as tin, antimony, bismuth, lead and zinc. A mixture of these in different proportions results in a silver coloured alloy that may not be as precious as silver but shines as much, if not more. It is used by artisans in idols, household decor items and even jewellery.

    There are many reasons why artisans use the metal; it is easily mouldable into shapes and yet sturdy. Most importantly the end product looks as grand as would something in bronze or any other metal. Take this figurine of Kamadhenu, the mythological cow with calf, made from white metal. Its exquisite detailing grabs the eye and its sheen makes it stand out like no other. This exclusively crafted item from Poompuhar can grace a home for many generations to come, with its elegance and lustre intact.

    Craftsmen use white metal as the base, over which silver is plated. The metal blends well in this way to produce silver embossed artefacts. With its unquestionable beauty, white metal also lends itself well to jewellery like anklets and earrings.

    While artisans favour white metal for its pliability and durability, there is no doubt that artistic pieces made from this metal are becoming the next big trend in home decor. Poompuhar offers a range of products that are styled in white metal and can be part of your home. Not just idols, very elegant pieces that are contemporary too are made from white metal. Did you know that while white metal is durable; it is also non-toxic, making it useful in a wider range of crafts? That’s the reason this mini trolley bowl set can easily become the center of attention on your dining table or the ideal house-warming gift.

    White metal artefacts are every art lover’s dream; their beauty apart, another reason to favour them is that they are economical too! You don’t need to save up to buy that bronze Nataraja; this white metal figurine is equally beautiful, wallet friendly and yes, lightweight. Poompuhar gives you not one, but three reasons to adorn your homes with more of these white metal handicrafts.

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