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Wood Carvings

Wood Carvings

  • Decorate Your Home This Festive Season with Thombai

    India is a land of festivities and whenever we talk about festivities the first thing that entraps our mind is enthusiasm, celebration mood and devotion. As our busy life makes us succumbed to our restricted shells so festival season brings us out of that shell.

    If anyone asks you about your favourite festival you might get confused as there are so many, especially in the months of October and November when the Indians begin their countdown of fun and enjoyment. Navaratri brings us close to Goddess Durga and fills our heart with devotion.

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    If you ask children about the meaning of festive season their smiling faces will give you a clear idea about the meaning that it holds to them. However a homemaker might frown a bit as season of festival brings forth the hassle of decorating homes. If you are confused regarding decorating your home for welcoming deities at your place then have a look at the decorative Thombai offered by Poompuhar.

    Decorate Your Home with the Thombai

    Now, what is this Thombai? Thombai is a decorative piece which is made of satin cloth. You can make use of Thombai in your temple or even use it as a part of your home decoration. It comes in different types of designs like flower, swans and elephants. Thombai can bring that traditional look to your home decor or your worship space. You can get abundance of options in Thombai and they are enlisted below.

    • Decorate your deity with Muthangi

    It is actually a well knit ornament that can be fixed on the deity’s cloths and you can make your deity the center of attraction. Poompuhar can give you a wide range of colour options when it comes to Thombai. Alongside colour options you can also order a Muthangi that is beautifully attached with pearl and precious stones. This is definitely going to add a new charm to the beauty of your deity.

    • Immerse yourself in devotion with Venchamaram

    Vencharam can be used for swaying in front of the god or goddesses. The beautifully crafted Vencahram of Poompuhar will at once impress you with its design. You can use it while performing a sacred chant or aarti before the divine power. Both you and your family are going to receive all the spiritual vibes by swaying it.

    • Welcome your guest with Kalamari Thombai

    Kalamari Thombai can be regarded as the most beautiful kind of Thombai that is offered by Poompuhar. You can select different colour combinations and sizes. It can be hanged at the entrance of your home. In fact this can also used for enhancing the beauty of your balcony or interiors.

    So, now you have got some ideas about adorning your home and your worship area with well crafted Thombai. In order to get the best options in Thombai you can visit the branches of Poompuhar or their online site which is pioneered at satisfying their customers with decorative Thombai. You can select Thombai as per the size and of your home interior and also based on your requirements.

  • The Timeless Art of Wood Carving in India

    Woodcarving has been one of the most universal handicraft techniques around the world. Be it intricate pulpits inside Gothic churches in Europe, delicately carved panels in Persia or massive columns from Japan depicting aquatic plants, wood carving is an eternal, timeless craft appreciated across the world.

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    India itself has a rich wood carving history and contributes prolifically to the array of carved handicrafts produced in wood. Being a climactically diverse nation, India is blessed with a variety of soft and hard woods — each being used to produce a different family of wooden crafts. Moreover, the cultural, lingual and religious diversity is reflected in the different handicrafts that emerge from different regions. In Assam, they are reflected in the unusually carved thrones in the shape of peacocks which are called ‘namghar’ or ‘kirtanghar' and the figures of the one-horned rhinoceros. In Uttar Pradesh, we see elegantly chiseled screens or ‘jaalis’ patterned with floral and vine-like details reminiscent of the Kashmiri origins of the craftsmen who first brought them here. Large, chests called ‘pataras’ carved out of rosewood, teak or sandalwood in Gujarat are part of wedding trousseau for brides to this day.

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    Although wood carvings in Tamil Nadu come in a variety of themes such as animals, mythological creatures and dance forms, one of the most prominent of these themes is the depiction of mythological scenes with gods and goddesses mounted on their chariots. From doors to wooden brackets and panels, one can find this theme running across different handicraft items produced in the state. Idols of Lord Shiva, Lord Ganesha, Dashavtara idols of Vishnu are some of the most highly demanded products in the region.

    When creating a wood carving idol, the artisan begins with a single large block of wood. Designs are first drawn on paper which is then imprinted upon the wooden block. Then, using a hammer and chisel, the artisan carves out the wood from the appropriate places in the design, layer by layer. Soon the idol begins to take shape. When the artisan is satisfied with the carving, he buffs the wood so that its natural shine appears. Then it is painted or polished suitably and is ready to go on the market. The whole process takes days and even months depending upon the complexity and size of the idol. Rosewood and sandalwood is most commonly used for creating wood articles produced in Tamil Nadu.

    Over 2 lakh artisans in Tamil Nadu work behind the scenes to uphold our cultural heritage through sheer hard work without proper recognition and appreciation. Poompuhar, in collaboration with the TN state government is proud to be observing March 5 as Artisan’s Day in order to bring these gems to the forefront in the handicraft making process. The video of artisan P Subrayan below is just a small initiative in that endeavour.

  • 10 Popular Indian Handicrafts That Make the Best Souvenirs

    India is a captivating confluence of geography, culture, and tradition that captures every tourist's imagination. But, as all tourists know, every journey comes to an end eventually. Here is a list of ten popular Indian handicrafts you could acquire as souvenirs from your visit to this unique and beautiful country –

    1) Polished Metal Mirror

    Hundreds of years ago, native craftsmen invented the polished metal mirror. Known locally as the tarantula candid, this ornament is made by the bronze-smiths of India and can be found easily in this region of the world.

    2) Coir ornaments

    Simple yet elegant, the well-knitted coir ornaments made in Kerala will add a touch of style and sophistication to any living room or office. The decorative pieces are crafted by the women of the coir village. Other products made from this material include hammocks, wall hangings and blinds.

    3) Puppets

    Puppetry is an Indian tradition that has been kept alive for countless generations. The art of puppetry in this country has been maintained in the Nat community of Rajasthan. Their unique puppets are made of softwood which is carved and decorated with fabrics made within the state.

    4) Woodcarvings

    These items are a little expensive buthave theincomparable quality of design and shapewhich is hard to find anywhere else. Sandalwood sculptures can be found in states such as Kerala, and usually, depict common figures from Hinduism such as the God and Goddess.

    5) Paintings

    The tradition of painting in India is rooted in ancient practices such as Kalamezhuthu and the murals and frescoes of colonial-era churches. Poompuhar store also displays various famous forms of painting such as Thanjavur Paintings, Jute Painting etc.


    6) Chanderi Saree

    The Chanderi saree is one of the best examples of handloom weaving in India. The lustre and transparency of the materials used to create this attire make it exceptionally better than other handmade fabrics in India.

    7) Ornamental Bangles

    These are rigid bracelets, made from gold, silver, glass or plastic. Bangles are of great significance for the married women in India as it is considered inappropriate for a married woman to be bare armed in public. They make great souvenirs as they are small, durable and affordable.

    8) Traditional Papier Mache

    The art of paper Mache is widely practised in India. The artisans of Kashmir are particularly known for the exceptional quality of the vases and models made using this method. Papier Mache pieces usually have bright coloured finishing and highly elaborate design.

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    9) Handmade fibre products

    Indian artisans are highly skilled craftsmen known for the quality and durability of their handmade fibre products. Artisans obtain fibre from locally available plant residues such as pineapple leaves and banana stems. It is then treated and used to create purses, laptop bags and wall hangings.

    10) Silver craft

    Silverware is a speciality of the artisans of Kachchh. They use light embossing enhanced by scrapping and etching to produce elegant functional pieces of art such as cigarette boxes and ittar-danis (perfume bottles).

    So next time, while travelling to India, do not forget to collect your souvenir to remember the trip!! Poompuhar also offers all valid documents to ensure that the overseas customers go through a hassle-free customs process at the airport.

  • Art of wood: Wood handicraft In India

    India is a land of great diversity and along with that it also presents plenty of opportunities to an enthusiast to soak in different forms of arts, culture, and tradition in every single part of its vast territory. One such opportunity lies in the form of wood arts. Wood carving has given rise to a unique style of arts which is unmatched when compared to the ones found anywhere else in the world. This one art form has been there since time immemorial and over hundreds of centuries have evolved to several different designing traits which can be easily observed and are spread across various parts of the country.

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    As it is known, civilization started sprawling in the Indian subcontinent first than in many other parts of the world.  Wood art also came into existence almost around that early dawn of civilization too and the pleasure of this art is found cherished since prehistoric times. The way Indian states vary in their culture, language, and behavior; similarly wood art seems to get hold of this variety and hence it exhibits a great range of variation in the design and style. According to each state's background and cultural taste, craftsmen developed their own unique style. The expertise and creativity of these exemplary craftsmen has allowed each state to have their very own distinct artistic identity which is hard to ignore in recent times.

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    To take a good look at the wood arts industry prevailing in India with respect to the different states, we must begin with the state of Tamil Nadu from where it is assumed to be originated in the form of beautifully decorated chariots with their figurines. Next is the state of Karnataka, which produced those trademark sandalwood artefacts in the form of elephants, tray, boxes, figurines, pens, key-holders and so many different things. Rajasthan is not only a rich tourist destination but is also famous for its woodworks indoors, panels, brackets, pillars etc. Not only that, it is most widely known for its puppets, animal figurines, and lovely jewellery boxes. The state of Orissa is famous for Lord Jagannatha and the idol of Lord Jagannatha itself was crafted out of wood, which definitely inspired the Oriya artisans to develop their unique style of wood arts that includes colourful wooden dolls, toys etc.

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    This travelogue of Indian wood arts will never be completed without a mention of the state of West Bengal where the expert craftsmen hail from such enriched cultural background that their style varies and distinctly identifiable even while moving from one region of the state to the other. Terracotta is the famous stone sculpture from this state, which has influenced the wood craftsmen to create their own variants which are more portable, less bulky and comes with a longer durability than then stone counterparts.

    Despite such rich legacy of wood artists in India, not everything is good. The government must come forward to train and make modern facilities available for the budding craftsmen so that they are assured of some basic earnings as well as recognition and honour for their hard work.

  • Art of Carving

    Sculpting is possibly one of the oldest techniques of creating artifacts. Throughout human history sculptures have been created using several methods; wood carving being the most prominent among them. Although the metal carving scores high on the scale for longevity but wood carving has been practiced since prehistoric times. Ancient civilizations of Egypt and Indus Valley made extensive use of wood carving. European settlements in the middle ages have produced scintillating pieces of art carved on wood. Advent of Christianity during early centuries of Common Era experienced a little growth but wood carving culture reached its pinnacle in 12th century AD. It flourished in the entire continental Europe and Eurasian lands defining the cultures of the regions.

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    Wood carving which had initially been a source of experiment was a well-developed art by the time Italian Renaissance started. The carved wood pieces by now had broken religious barriers and entered personal households as furniture, decorative items etc. Indian subcontinent and the corresponding culture have always valued wood carving. The presence of innumerable wood carved pieces in the temples and historic sites is the perfect proof that this part of the world has contributed equally to the evolution of wood carving. Another major factor which has influenced the emergence of wood carving is the geographical availability of appropriate wood to be carved.

    Let’s talk a bit about the types of wood which are widely used for carving. Wood used is primarily of two kinds; softwood and hardwood. Both the kinds have distinct properties which are advantageous and disadvantageous for carving. Varied kinds of flora across the planet have been the primary cause behind a wide variety of wood carved artifacts.


    • Cottonwood
    • Butternut
    • Basswood
    • Sycamore Maple
    • Plum


    • Mahogany
    • American Walnut
    • Rosewood
    • Teak
    • Pine

    The southern part of India is known for exquisite wood carving culture and the artisans here carve various religious and cultural figures on the wood. Rainforests in the region provide abundant supply of wood to be carved upon. Poompuhar an ancient port town is famous for its rich cultural heritage primarily surrounding wood carved sculptures. A spellbinding collection of such artifacts can be found on http://tnpoompuhar.org/tamil-nadu/wood-carvings.html.


    Peacock - the national bird of our country is our pride. The sight of this beautiful feathered bird gives immense pleasure to almost everyone, and sparks the excitement to see it dance.

    People who are fond of decorating their houses often like to have portraits or models of peacock to decorate their houses. At Poompuhar, under The Tamil Nadu Handicraft Development, one can choose from quite a few handcrafted decorative itemsin various peacock designs. There are even some sculptures of peacock hand crafted by the expert artists.

    Some of the available eyes catching decorative pieces of art with peacock theme are:-

    A51x2 inches Subramanian Stone which is an astonishing statue of Subramaniyaaccompanied by a peacock and a spear - his distinctive trademarks. This magnificent piece of art has been priced at Rs. 2,72,000.

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    Thanjavur Art Plates, which are 10x10x1and 12x12x1 inches in dimensions. These beautifully designed Thanjavur Art Plates are available in various sizes and patterns. Though available in myriad other designs, two models of these plates have especially been designed with the peacock theme on them. They have been priced at Rs 1,640 and Rs 2,270 respectively.These have been created using high quality raw materials and make use of modern techniques in their creation.

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    Another Thanjavur Painting Key Holder Peacock of 7x7x1 dimensions is a glass painting of a beautifulpeacock, priced at Rs 1,240. Besides adorning the wall, it also serves the purpose of hanging keys.

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    An attractive Handcrafted Silk Wall Hanging which is 19x11x1 inch in dimensions is available with a pair of peacocks sitting beautifully on a branch. This not only exhibits the hand woven textiles, but also showcases ethnic designs for its admirers. This work of art can be purchased for Rs 1,950.

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    A 8x7x1 inch Rose Wood Panel Peacock at a modest price of Rs 960,makes a wonderful decorative item depicting a pair of peacocks standing gracefully facing each other in a serene background.

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    Another masterpiece by the skilled artisans of Poompuharis a 7x5x2 inch Wood Peacock Stone Work which has a brown polished wooded frame with beautiful peacock inlayed stone workconsisting of semi-precious stones and pearls.It can be bought for Rs 2000.

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    A Meenakari Key Stand Peacock; 4x5x2 inch in size, is available for Rs 170. It has a beautiful peacock in the centre and hooks for hanging keys made with Meenakari in the shape of Swastika.

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    A Meenakari Key Stand with Double Peacock of the dimensions 6x6x1 inch is available at an attractive price of Rs 200. It has been made out of superior quality raw material using latest technology in the designing process.

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    These exquisite works of art besides attracting the attention of the art lovers can also serve as wonderful gift items.

  • The coconut shell craft

    The coconut tree is one of the most beneficial plants on earth. Every part has a use in this one multipurpose plant, even parts that most people would discard as waste like the coconut shells and fibre. All these parts can be developed to yield high economic value.

    The coconut shell has been used for ages as small bowls or spoons and other household articles   in many tropical village regions. The shell acts a s a protector of the main fruit and is quite hard with a thickness of 3-5 mm. These shells are imperishable and can be easily formed to make a wide range of articles. Today making arts and crafts with these coconut shells has taken the fancy of millions of people worldwide. It has grown into a major industry with various regions in the country producing a wide range of coconut shell products.

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    The coconut shell cover is smoothened, carved in different design, varnished, and then coloured. This process involves remarkable creativity. The artisans create a wide range of decorative and utility items, which are durable and utilitarian. This is an eco friendly craft as it uses non-exhaustible natural resources.

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    Products like decorative items, table clocks, flowerpots, tables lambs, idols etc are very popular coconut shell crafts available. Poompuhar has a wide collection of coconut shell craft products of which13x7x2  Inch Coconut Shell Deer Night Lamp and the13x7x2 Inch Coconut Shell Giraffe Night Lamp is a good buy for your home or as a gift. Pick up these cute pieces before they are sold out.

  • Rustic Decor Ideas for Your Home

    When it comes to home décor, beauty often lies in simple things; we are just too ignorant to see it. A framed piece of cloth meticulouslyembroideredby our mother, a candid photo of our siblings, a bouquet of fresh flowers – these are all simple, yet elegant ways to add charm and make your house a ‘home’.

    If you love designing your house, then you definitely know that malls and markets are flooded with fancy and stylish products in plastic, ceramic and glassware. While such products do look swanky, their shine is not always as everlasting as you wish it were. Moreover, the art of interior design requires that you mix different kinds of elements to give your home a splash of both tradition and trendiness.

    So, while your false ceilings and ambient lighting add glamour to your house, here are few wooden products that you can use to bring that old-world charm.

    Horse Bracket

    Shop For This Wooden Carving  click here

    This intricately carved wooden bracket from Poompuhar is just the right way to keep your walls uncluttered, yet your home look ornate. A piece that glorifies the rich history of our freedom struggle.

    Uruli Weight Polish

    Shop For This Uruli weight polish  click here


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    undercut frog

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    Shop For This Undercut Parrot click here

    Undercut tortois

    Shop For This Undercut Tortoise click here

    undercut fish

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    Undercut owl

    Shop For This Undercut Owl click here

    undercut duck

    Shop For This Undercut Duck click here

    Why not create a wooden mini jungle for your kids? Put some fresh floating petals or plants in an uruli bowl in the center and place the animals around them to create a jungle scene of animals near a pond!


    Shop For This Woodcarving click here

    This wood carving panel is a must buy if you love a little bit of rustic touch to your house. Hang it above your bed or in a pair in your dining room with lots of potted green plants to create a woody, earthy ambience. After all, brown and green never go wrong together.

    sleeping ganesh

    Shop For This Sleeping Ganesh click here

    Another wooden masterpiece by our talented artisans! Bring home this idol of Lord Ganesha in the sleeping position to seek blessings of the God who is known as the remover of obstacles.

    Wooden products are timeless – there’s no shine or polish that will wear away with time plus they require minimum maintenance (you just have to dust them once a week). But what truly sets wooden

    decor items apart is the countryside appeal they add to any living space so effortlessly while being eco-friendly too. So the next time the interior designer in you gets into action, let your house whisper some woody tales!

  • Krishna-Radha: The embodiment of love

    The saga of Radha and her Krishna is on the mind of every Indian and every lover worldwide. Krishna, the avatar of Lord Vishnu, is the most celebrated and most talked among all the Hindu gods. He is an epitome of love and naughtiness.  Krishna is the small, chirpy, naughty kid who is said to hail from the town of Mathura. Gokul and Vrindavan are the places where he grew up, and are still considered to be pious in the Hindu Mythology. He was notorious forhis love for butter and gopis (milkmaids), but nothing can ever be compared with his love for his childhood friend Radha. A Hindu household is nearly incomplete without an idol of the two, where Krishna is generally shown playing the flute and Radha is seen mesmerised by the beautiful melody.


    Shop For This Woodcarving Radhakrishna at http://tnpoompuhar.org/tamil-nadu/wood-carvings/woodcarving-radhakrishna/radhakrishna.html

    Making these idols requires a great deal of precision and hard work. Each one of them is unique in itself and requires perfect craftsmanship and perseverance. The wood carvings require the artisan to select a fine quality wood. This wood is approximately of the same width and length as the final product. What is astounding, is the fact that these idols range from being thumb sized to that of a storey or even more, but from each one of them emanates the Radha-Krishna love which delights their followers with their beauty of the intricacies that a fellow human being like them remembered while he carved them.


    Shop For This Wooden Radhakrishna at http://tnpoompuhar.org/tamil-nadu/wood/radhakrishna/wooden-radhakrishna.html

    TheRadha-Krishna idol from Poompuhar is the quintessential embodiment of love showing the divine couple standing beside each other in perfect harmony. Krishna’s signature peacock feather adorned on his head, his flute as well as Radha’s ornate jewelleryhighlights the remarkable detail in craftsmanship. This wooden work of art is a deviation from the usual coloured Radha Krishna idols and is a good way to add a classic touch to your home décor while upholding your religious devotion as well. Logon to shop online http://tnpoompuhar.org/tamil-nadu/wood-carvings/woodcarving-radhakrishna/radhakrishna.html

  • Laughing Buddha in Indian Handicrafts

    What is the Laughing Buddha?

    The laughing Buddha is called ‘Pu-tai’ in China and ‘Hotai’ in Japan and is a happy monk who brings prosperity to everyone. The laughing Buddha is usually found in offices, homes, hospitals and gardens as it is also a decorative item. It is even placed in temples at the entrance. People often mistake the laughing Buddha for Gautama Buddha .They are different personalities. The highlight of this monk is his tummy or belly that promises to bring fortune to people rubbing it.

    1 b

    Shop for this at http://tnpoompuhar.org/tamil-nadu/wood/buddha/laughing-buddha.html

    Who is the idol based on?

    The idol is actually based on a monk who lived in China many years ago who was always happy with life. He was known as the laughing Buddha because he was always laughing and his message was to spread laughter around him. People used to come to him with lots of questions but his continuous laughter made people slowly forget about their problems and they would instead start laughing. It is also known that the man was such a happy soul that he even laughed in his sleep. Though initially he was called by his original name, his laughter actually gave him a name called ‘laughing Buddha’.

    Where to place the laughing Buddha?

    The laughing Buddha is usually placed near the front door of the house. For people who need his positive energy, they certainly should avoid keeping it in the bathroom or bedroom. The best spot for the laughing Buddha is the living room. For students and professionals, they can keep it on their desk. Many people who have nice gardens in their house also place Buddha idols which are big in size. You can also place in other rooms in your house where you perform a lot of tasks.

    2 b

    Shop for this at http://tnpoompuhar.org/tamil-nadu/wood/buddha/laughing-buddha-574.html

    Laughing Buddha in handicrafts

    It is this laughing Buddha that is used in many handicraft designs. He is represented majorly in these designs because it is believed that the idol brings positive energy and good luck wherever it is kept. These idols are supposed to be placed in the living room or wherever people are present during the major part of the day. Unlike other idols, it is not worshipped in the prayer room. It is kept in the living room or on a dining table for the purpose of bringing fortune to people. Laughing Buddha idols are often available in wood, stone and other materials. At Poompuhar, we have two types of idols – you will either find him sitting or you will notice him with a hand over his head with a pot.

    Rub his belly and a good change might well be your way!

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