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Home Decor Craft Ideas by Poompuhar

Looking for the perfect décor craft to make sure that your wall or the corner next to your sofa feels beautified? The items that are kept in a house make it a home. The difference between a house and a home is not only of spellings, in fact the difference is much larger. A home is your nest, a gather of every particle, big or small that has been carefully and intentionally included to make it a much loved abode. Poompuhar takes great pride in providing a large number of options that are ideal for home décor.

: Thanjavur painting is a classical South Indian painting style, which was inaugurated from the town of Thanjavur (anglicized as Tanjore) and spread across the adjoining and geographically contiguous Tamil country. They are ideal to be used for wall decoration or even a trendy gift item. From paintings that capture the local citizens to paintings that glorifies deities. Available exclusively on our website, with prices ranging from Rs. 2,200 to Rs. 12,000.

Thanjavur Painting

Brass Hanging Lamps: With 5 beautiful varieties of hanging lamps, made with the best in class quality of brass, these options are a must have. Ideal for decorating your wall, which often is a victim of simplicity and plainness, these hanging walls are set to revive the look of your rooms. Your lamp lit room is bound to create a calming effect on everyone around. Ranging from a plain hanging lamp costing Rs 300 to a beautifully and detailed crafting of the Goddess Gajalakshmi at Rs 12,500.

Annam Hanging Lamp

Wooden Flower Vase: A well carved, wooden flower vase available at Poompuhar’s website is one home décor item that is a must-have! Flowers add beauty, color and fragrance to your abode and the wooden flower vase is its best companion. Available at Rs 800, this is all for grabs!

Wooden Flower vase

Coconut Shell:At Poompuhar we believe in using native, organic and natural elements to come up with the best examples of home décor craft products. Keeping this in mind we have used the humble coconut shell as our very adorable decorative item. Standing at 13x7x2 inches tall Coconut Shell Deer Night Lamp and Coconut Shell Giraffe Night Lamp are a must have to lighten up your evenings. Available at Rs. 1,440 each, exclusively available on our website.

Coconut Shell

For more native products that are ideal to decorate your homes, please visit our website http://tnpoompuhar.org/

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