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Kondapalli Bommalu

Kondapalli Bommalu, the toys of Kondapalli Handicrafts are made in Kondapalli, AP, and India. This art is a more than 400 year old tradition. They have their own niche of handicrafts that are known globally. We are in a world where artistic values are less seen and hence are losing their charms. The daily life, the animal figures, and relation to the mythology make this art prominent, especially in the festivals like Dusshera, Deepawali and Navratri. They display the history of rich Indian culture along with the artistic creativity.  The toys are completely hand woven and there is no touch of machinery in it that makes it more special. This art really deserves appreciation.

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The figures are for various lines like a carpenter, a farmer, a woman, a cow, wild animals like elephants and also the figures of our deities like Ganesha, Shiva. The artists use special wood to make these sculptures look adorably beautiful and mesmerizing. The wood, Tella Poniki is easy to be carved and then dried for a span of a couple of weeks so that the weight of the figure stays light and there is no more moisture in it. Then they do finishing, coating and painting the figure with beautiful vibrant colors. They do it with so much finesse that it looks irresistible and depicting true Indian culture.

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The rough edges of the toy is ridden off by applying makku which is a mixture of ground powder of tamarind seeds and sawdust boiled in water to form a paste. The toys, in 16th century while Harappan civilization in power and the toys were made of clays and stones.

The beautiful artistic creatures look cute when they find a place in your house. You can keep them in your showcase, on your table as a show piece or on the sides of your bed. They embellish the house and make it look more traditional as well as stylish. One should surely buy some of the Kondapalli Bommalu toys for their house or for gifting purpose to add décor to the place. One can also buy the sculptures of Gods and Goddesses and keep them in their temple of the house. In short, they deserve to be a part of your house as they reflect cultures and traditions of India. No matter we have entered the modern culture, one should still not forget the roots and to keep that attachment alive, the toys serve the purpose. The finesse in them cannot be depicted in just words.

After all, art speaks out a lot in itself. Though a figure that has a complete family in it has nothing to do with the culture, but it makes us remind that art is still alive at its best. The serenity of art should always be respected and cannot be under estimated. Buy the Poompuhar Kondapalli Bommalu and let art talk to you. Keep them in your exhibitions, parties, shops and melas to make them look more elegant and traditional.

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