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Must-visit Places in Poompuhar, Tamil Nadu

Every part of India has something unique to offer to its visitors, and the plush beauty of South India in no exception. If you are planning a trip to Tami Nadu, then the city of Poompuhar is where you desire for nature as well as history will be satiated. The place is quite famous because of its rich culture and traditions still being preserved by the natives.

Following are the places that any visitor to Poompuhar cannot afford to miss:

  • Silappathikara Art Gallery: The art gallery is well renowned owing to the awe-inspiring structures that add to its grandeur. At the entrance of the building stands “Magara Thoranavayi” which is 22.5 ft in height. Sculptors from Mamallapuram Art College have carved most of the structures here. The gallery comprises seven stores with the first storeseing 12ft in height while the rest of the stories are 5ft each. It has Kalasams of 8ft which takes the overall height of the gallery to 50ft.
  • Danish Fort:

The fort was erected in 1620 AD in the Danish architectural style. The walls of the fort bear beautiful carvings and decorations.  A Museum has also been added to the fort by Tamil Nadu Archaeological Dept. which takes care of this structure. Entry to the fort is free of cost.

Image Credit - wikimedia
  •  Zion Church:

Among the most popular pilgrimage places in Poompuhar, Zion Church is the one visited by the people of almost every religion. It was built in the year 1701 by the Danish community. It has also received care from the British Government for its renovation from 1782 to 1784. Just like the Danish Fort, Zion Church also has architecture and carvings in the Danish style.

  • Town Gateway

This historic structure was constructed in 1792 and its construction is quite similar to the gateways that existed in Europe during the era of renaissance. Though the gateway was built by British Government, it bears the Danish style of architecture because Danish architects were hired to design it. No entry fee is charged form the visitors.

Image Credit - wikipedia
  • Masilamani Nathar Koil

Masilamani Nathar Koil is an ancient temple in Poompuhar. Maravarma Kulasekara Pandiyan ordered the construction of the temple in 1305. The beauty and grandeur of this temple lies in its ancient architectural style. Natural calamities have somewhat damaged the façade of the temple due to which religious activities are no longer practiced here.

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