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  • Craft Bazaar in Vadodara – 5th to 14th March 2015

    PSSR, New Delhi Conducting "Craft Bazaar" from 5-14th March 2015 with financial assistance of Development Commissioner (Handicrafts). Inauguration by: Shri.R.Dhanrajan, Assistant Director (Handicrafts),Ahmedabad on 5th March at 5.00 p.m. Venue: Parasi Agiyari ground, Opp. Surya Hotel palace,Vadodara. Visit to shop for select merchandise or logon to http://tnpoompuhar.org/shopping to shop online!

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  • Gandhi Shilip Bazaar at Coimbatore – 7 to 16th March

    Poompuhar Sales showroom, Coimbatore conducting "Gandhi Shilip Bazaar" at Meenakshi Hall, Peelamedu, Avanasi Road, from 7-16th March 2015 with financial assistance of Development Commissioner (Handicrafts), New Delhi. The event was inaugurated by Mrs. Archana Patnaik IAS, District Collector, Coimbatore on the evening of 7th March. You can also shop online at poompuhar.org









  • Key Facts About Indian Handicrafts

    India is very famous for its handicrafts. It’s an important industry in the country and the government takes various measures to protect the industry and the artisans involved in it as India is one of the major suppliers of handicrafts to the world. Indian handicrafts are recognized worldwide and have great historical, cultural and religious significance.5

    Thanks to the government’s measures to protect and promote the handicraft industry, it has been showing a continuous growth of 20% growth every year. Recently even the private sector has shown interest in protecting and promoting it. This will only promote this growth further. India’s contribution to the world economy through this industry is 1.2%.

    Indian handicraft industry is a $100 billion industry worldwide. This is mainly due to the uniqueness of each product and how well it reflects the history, culture, heritage and religion of our country. This helps people who live abroad set their identity within their home or in their workplace by placing such handicraft products.

    While there is great demand and promotion for Indian handicrafts in the international market, the promotion of this industry in the national market is very low. Local people still prefer machine produced items as they are cheap which tends to affect the livelihoods of the artisans. It’s our duty to promote the Indian handicraft industry to prevent this art and talent from dying out.

    Handicrafts are comparatively more expensive than mass machine produced products as all handicraft items, similar as they might seem, are unique in their own way. This makes each product, small or big, very special as someone has sat with it and put their heart and soul into it.

    Handicrafts industry comprises a diversified product portfolio and there is large variety available in market including Metal ware, Wood ware, Hand printed textiles, Embroidered and crocheted goods, Shawls, Carpets, Bamboo products, Zari goods, Imitation jewellery, Paintings, Earthenware, Jute products, Marble Sculpture, Bronze Sculpture, Leather Products etc.

    Poompuhar Lamps

    The Indian handicrafts industry is highly labor intensive, cottage based and decentralized. The industry is spread all over the country mainly in rural and urban areas. Most of the manufacturing units are located in rural and small towns, and there is huge market potential in all Indian cities and abroad. Handicraft industry is a major source of income for rural communities employing over six million artisans including a large number of women and people belonging to the weaker sections of the society.

    Low capital investment, cheap and skilled labor, diversified product portfolio, flexible production are few important features of Indian Handicraft Industry. However, lack of infrastructure & technological support, lack of awareness of international and new trends and poor promotional campaigns are a few obstructions in the path of its full-fledged development. The Indian Handicraft Industry enjoys a unique place among all other industries because it represents the rich culture, tradition and heritage of India. India’s rich cultural diversity and heritage provides a unique and huge resource for developing craft products. It is one of the most important segments of decentralized sector in India. Now it is in our hands to pick handicrafts over machine produced products to help our artisans and the handicraft industry grow and prosper.

  • Craft Mela in Pune from 3rd- 15th March 2015

    Craft‬ Mela‬ in Pune from 3rd- 15th March 2015! The exhibition is sponsored by Development Commissioner (Handicrafts), New Delhi. Inaugurated on 3rd March at Tilaksmark Mandir, Pune by S.Chockalingam, IAS, Divisional Commissioner, Pune Division. You can shop online at poompuhar.org

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  • Dam Festival at Dakshin Chitra

    Poompuhar sponsored and exhibited at the Dam Festival at ‪‎Dakshin‬‪ ‎Chitra‬ on 1st March 2015. Our CMD Dr. Santhosh Babu graced the event as a guest and gave a speech motivating youngsters to buy handicraft‬ products. Shop online at poompuhar.org

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  • The Inauguration of Mega Craft Bazaar at Kalashetra ‎Thiruvanmiyur‬

    The inauguration of "Mega Craft Bazaar" by Thiru. Harmender Singh IAS, Principal Secretary to Government, HHTK, Secretariat in the Presence of Dr. Santhosh Babu IAS, CMD, Poompuhar, Tamil Nadu Handicrafts Development Corporation Ltd., Anna Salai, Chennai. Shop for exclusive handicrafts from the Mega Craft Bazaar at Kalashetra, Thiruvanmiyur from 27th Feb to 8th March 2015!

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  • Krishna-Radha: The embodiment of love

    The saga of Radha and her Krishna is on the mind of every Indian and every lover worldwide. Krishna, the avatar of Lord Vishnu, is the most celebrated and most talked among all the Hindu gods. He is an epitome of love and naughtiness.  Krishna is the small, chirpy, naughty kid who is said to hail from the town of Mathura. Gokul and Vrindavan are the places where he grew up, and are still considered to be pious in the Hindu Mythology. He was notorious forhis love for butter and gopis (milkmaids), but nothing can ever be compared with his love for his childhood friend Radha. A Hindu household is nearly incomplete without an idol of the two, where Krishna is generally shown playing the flute and Radha is seen mesmerised by the beautiful melody.


    Shop For This Woodcarving Radhakrishna at http://tnpoompuhar.org/tamil-nadu/wood-carvings/woodcarving-radhakrishna/radhakrishna.html

    Making these idols requires a great deal of precision and hard work. Each one of them is unique in itself and requires perfect craftsmanship and perseverance. The wood carvings require the artisan to select a fine quality wood. This wood is approximately of the same width and length as the final product. What is astounding, is the fact that these idols range from being thumb sized to that of a storey or even more, but from each one of them emanates the Radha-Krishna love which delights their followers with their beauty of the intricacies that a fellow human being like them remembered while he carved them.


    Shop For This Wooden Radhakrishna at http://tnpoompuhar.org/tamil-nadu/wood/radhakrishna/wooden-radhakrishna.html

    TheRadha-Krishna idol from Poompuhar is the quintessential embodiment of love showing the divine couple standing beside each other in perfect harmony. Krishna’s signature peacock feather adorned on his head, his flute as well as Radha’s ornate jewelleryhighlights the remarkable detail in craftsmanship. This wooden work of art is a deviation from the usual coloured Radha Krishna idols and is a good way to add a classic touch to your home décor while upholding your religious devotion as well. Logon to shop online http://tnpoompuhar.org/tamil-nadu/wood-carvings/woodcarving-radhakrishna/radhakrishna.html

  • Tourist Attractions in and around Chennai

    Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu is one of the popular metros of India. It remains one of the most visited cities in India despite its hot climate. One can visit Chennai for its music, cuisine, and dance forms and to witness its unique culture completely. Tamil is the language spoken in Chennai and the people are a happy and unassuming lot.  Chennai ranked first in the country’s safest metros a few years back in a survey conducted by India Today, The city is most visited by people from the USA and UK. The city was formerly called ‘Madras’ and is 369 years old. What people love about the city is that it is both traditional and modern. Let’s look at the different places you just have to visit during your stay.

    Kapaleeshwar Kovil

    This is a Shiva temple located in Mylapore, Chennai. Mylapore is an area in the city which is known for its cultural brilliance.  It is also one of the best examples you can witness of Pallava architecture. There are about 6 poojas done on a daily basis for worshippers. The main highlight of the temple is the Gopuram which is 37 meters. You can also find inscriptions that date back to the 1250 AD.

    1 Image Credit - commons.wikimedia.org

    Dakshin Chitra

    It is a museum that has been built as an effort to reproduce the south Indian culture of India. It was open to the public from the year 1996. What makes this place interesting is that the owners have taken a lot of effort to showcase not only the cultures of south India but also the exact lifestyle lead by the different cultures in south India. They also have exhibitions, seminars and folk plays conducted on a regular basis to retain the Indian culture. This place was also established to bring southern Indian culture to the forefront and showcase the works of the artisans.

    Image Credit - commons.wikimedia.org Image Credit - commons.wikimedia.org

    Marina Beach

    Marina beach is one of the most visited beaches in Chennai. You find people from all walks of life in the beach. It is ideally suited for people who love walking. Since the beach is frequented by many people, it is surrounded by statues of historical importance to India. Some of the prominent statues include those of Barathidasan and Sivaji Ganesan.

    3 Image Credit - commons.wikimedia.org

    Santhome church

    It is one of the best Roman Catholic churches. Built in the sixteenth century in the Neo-Gothic style by the Portuguese, it remains as the most popular church in the city visited by localities and tourists. A walk through the church gives you a small understanding of how Portugal periods would have looked like. Santhome is the Tamil version of the name ‘St Thomas’ who was a representative of Jesus and the church was built to recall his good deeds. . You can also find a theatre there where the life of ‘St Thomas’ is depicted clearly.

    4 Image Credit - commons.wikimedia.org

    Guindy National Park

    Home to a large number of animals, the park is in a very accessible place in Chennai.  The government has taken many steps to preserve the flora and fauna of this place. The place is more suitable for children as visiting this place can be a way of introducing wildlife to them. Though it is one of the smallest national parks of India, you can go there to see the different animals there i.e. snakes, deers, mongoose, monkeys, grasshoppers, scorpions and many other animals.

    5 Credit Image - chennailocal.com

    Vandalur Zoo

    Located near Tambaram, this zoo is also popular in the city. Since it is a large zoo, you need to spend some time there to see all the animals. Established in 1985 and home to a large variety of flora and fauna, this is the favoured picnic spot for school children in the city.       

    Image Credit - en.wikipedia.org Image Credit - en.wikipedia.org

    Golden beach

    Golden beach  is just a short drive from Marina beach. The advantage of going to this place is that one can rest in the VGP resort which owns the beach. The VGP resort is an awesome resort filled with luxury to fulfill your holiday experience in Chennai.


    This holy city is 75 kms from Chennai. It is worth the drive as it has a large number of religious centers and is a place where you can get the best silk saris from country. People go there also to witness the temple festivals that happen regularly.

    7 Image Credit - commons.wikimedia.org

    ECR – East Coast Road

    There is a lot of exciting things to do on the East Coast of Chennai. The place is filled with fun places like amusement parks, malls, beaches, cafes and tourist spots. It is also ideal for people around the city to visit during their holidays with their families as it will be a break from  routine life.

    Kovalam Beach

    It is a beach located on the ECR (East Coast road).This is a classy place meant to be spent with your friends or family. People like this place for its soothing effect and is famous for fishing activities. You must have this in your travel agenda if you want a calm and pleasant experience, and don’t mind driving one hour from the city of Chennai.

    Image Credit - commons.wikimedia.org Image Credit - commons.wikimedia.org
  • 5 Monuments and temples with the best architecture in South India

    South India has some of the best monuments and temples that are architecturally brilliant. Some of these historical monuments and temples are visited both by national as well as international tourists. In South India, the temples that were constructed long back can even be classified as monuments because of their old world charm and their architectural profoundness. Let’s find out the best temples and monuments that you just need to visit when you have south India on your travel agenda.

    Mamallapuram Shore Temple, Chennai

    Located in the Kanchipuram district, it is about 60 kms from Chennai. Being one of the oldest temples of the country and a UNESCO World Heritage site, it is also a good example of structural temples made in stone. It was in fact the first building of its time that was made of granite stone rather than rocks. It was built in the 7thcentury; this temple is a group of three temples located overlooking the Bay of Bengal in Mamallapuram. The temple is literally located on the shore, and an early morning sunrise when the sun shines through the sea onto Shiva Linga in the main shrine is a sight to behold.

    1 Image Credit - commons.wikimedia.org

    Mysore Palace, Mysore

    This palace belongs to the royal family of Wodeyar Maharajas. The palace you now see was redesigned and remade by an English architect in 1912. This breathtaking beautiful building has beautiful interiors and you can see different artifacts and paintings inside. One day of the week, the palace is lit with around 10000 light bulbs that make its majestic charm visible.

    2 Image Credit - commons.wikimedia.org

    Meenakshi Temple, Madurai

    Meenakshi temple is the temple of Parvati who is the consort of Shiva. It is also one of the few popular temples celebrating a goddess. What makes the temple so epic is the fact that it has 33000 sculptures and is the largest temple complex in the state of Tamil Nadu. The other highlight of the temple is the 14 differently made Gopurams and the thousand pillar hall that has almost 1000 pillars arranged in a fashion that they appear to be in neat rows and columns, no matter which angle you look at them from.Gopurams are pyramid shaped towers that appear mostly in the entrance of temples. It is, in fact a prominent feature of Dravidian architecture.

    3 Image Credit - wikipedia.org

    Charminar, Hyderabad

    Charminar is a famous mosque in the heart of Hyderabad. This place is often recommended to be the top 10 places that need to be on your travel list in India. Built in 1591 by the fifth ruler of the Qualb Shahi dynasty, it is a tourist spot that represents Islamic architecture well. Though the reason why he built it is debated, this monument is famous because of its ornate and beautiful designs. It is during winter that most people visit the mosque.  It is a square structure with 20 meters each side and with four arches that face a direction that also opens into four streets. Though it is a piece of Islamic architecture, its architecture is also inspired by Hindu architecture. Many people say that the building does justice to the Hindu and Islamic cultures led by the society of Hyderabad.

    4 Image Credit - wikipedia.org

    Brihadeeshwarar temple, Thanjavur

    Built only out of granite, this temple is one of the greatest buildings of the Chola dynasty. Located in the city of Thanjavur, it is a temple dedicated to Lord Brihadeeshwara who was an avatar (form) of Lord Shiva. The most beautiful view is the one inside the temple of Lord Shiva which is one of the biggest idols of the deity. Many say it is one of the temples that showcase Dravidian architecture brilliantly. The temple is also famous for its sculptures of various gods like Dakshinamurthi, Ganesha, Vishnu as well as "Ashta-dikpaalakas" (deities who rule the specific directions of the space) – Indra, Agni, Yama, Nirrti, Varuna, Vayu, Kubera and Isana.

    5 Image Credit - wikipedia.org



    Shop For This  Thanjavur Temple at http://tnpoompuhar.org/tamil-nadu/pithwork/thanjavur-temple.html

  • Craft Bazaar exhibition at Samatheshwar Mahadev Mandhir Ground

    PSSR, #New #Delhi is conducting "Craft Bazaar" #exhibition at Samatheshwar Mahadev Mandhir Ground, #Ahmedabad from 19th February to 2nd March 2015 with financial assistance of Ms. Office of Development Commissioner Handicrafts. Some pictures from the exhibition. You can also #shop online at poompuhar.org

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