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  • Amazing and easy DIY wall painting ideas

    Looking for some simple and awesome DIY ideas to decorate your plain walls? There are a lot of interesting and creative ways to do that even on an extremely tight budget!

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    1. A piece of fabric in the frame

    If you are lucky to have several old empty frames, you can use them in your astounding DIY project immediately! Take a frame, put some interesting fabric sample inside, and it is ready! Instead of fabric, you can use wallpapers with different prints.

    1. A colorful honeycomb

    This type of an art object may be applied to the whole wall of any size. The best to make it look awesome in to combine the neighboring shades leaving few ones just blank.

    1. Glow in the dark paint

    If there is any possibility for you to make such a paint available that glows in the darkness, then a lot of experimentation will be needed. With such tool, starry night with a moon won’t be a problem anymore! This type of a paint is easily available in local shops and online stores.

    1. Paper butterflies and other creatures

    A lot of creative people prefer working with paper as it is extremely versatile and eco-friendly material. For this incredible cheap project, you should cut a number of butterflies from colorful paper and attach them to the wall directly with glue or to a special frame with a attached canvas. This DIY idea doesn’t require any painting skills but at the same time, there is no limit to creativity and colors.

    1. Stylish polka dots

    Classy polka dots don't only look awesome on your T-shirts or dresses, but also on the walls of your bedroom. They can be just painted with the help of a ready-made pattern or one can directly attach special sticky adhesive circles imitating various textures. If you use paint for this project, make sure that the circles look neat and really round.

    1. Amazing graffiti

    Graffiti once appeared in the streets of big cities and for a long time, people didn't accept it as an art. Fortunately, now graffiti can be on the walls of your living room or a loft. And of course, it will look fantastic! This DIY idea looks quite affordable, but it may require experience, patience and certain skills.

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