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  • How Poompuhar is bringing life in traditional Indian Art?

    'Indian Art' is a term which encompasses various mediums and styles perfected over centuries by artisans and handicraft workers. Yet this ancient art form is somehow losing its prominence in society. Tamil Nadu Poompuhar aims to showcase those talents which have been unappreciated for long.

    The catrgories have been mapped out keeping in mind the varied artforms which have existed:

    What are our Metal offerings?

    Difficult to carve and yet a beauty to behold, the array of metal designs have been constructed and polished by superior craftsmen.

    The designs are available with antique polish and you can select from the collection like Reshabadevar Set, Boga Shakti, Arthanari, Shivalingam, Arthanarieshwar sets and much more.

    Arthanarieshwar Polish Shop For This Arthanarieshwar - Click Here

    Poompuhar offers Brass items as well, like Brass bowls, Brass Peacock Bead Stones, Brass Nataraj statues, Brass Uruli Weight, Brass Uruli Light Weight, Brass Coloured Weights and a lot more which you can browse through as well as choose from the official website.

    Wood: The most intricate style

    Wood carvings are richly detailed constructions and the products of Poompuhar are made with selected Rosewood, Sandalwood and more.

    They offer various wooden figures like that of the Buddha, Radha-Krishna, Ashoka Pillar and more. But apart from mythological and historical designs they also offer everyday handcrafted wooden products like clocks, pens etc.

    Shop For this White Wood Ashoka Pillar - Click Here

    What are our designs based on Stone?

    The most significant artwork of South India is undoubtedly that of the stone sculptures.  Thanks to the craftsmen of the Pallava Empire who had intricately crafted these stones to create some masterpieces which still enchant tourists from all over the world. The Indian culture and emotion is reflected in various Indian religious monuments dating back to time immemorial.

    To celebrate this achievement and promote its growth among the masses, they offer statues made out of granite, red stone, soap stone along with clay and much more. The life-size figurines and fountain sculptures speak a thousand words about the Indianness.

    Earthware -fragile and precious

    The most widely available type of crafts is the earthenware products like bowls, statues and more. The workers make various masterpieces out of clay and ceramic like that of Nataraj, Lakshmi, Parvati, Saraswati, Kalinga Krishna and more. These statues are available in oxidized variants as well.

    The designs available on Clothing and Leather

    Cloth and Leather Prints have been in use long and are still quite popular in traditional fashion. Keeping with the tradition Poompuhar offers handcrafted textiles like Kalamkari purse, lamp shades and lots more which can be browsed in our website.

    Paintings: What do we offer?

    Indian paintings speak of style and technique in a nuanced and yet simultaneously bold manner. The collection has paintings of the gods Krishna, Lakshmi, Ganesh along with others like Perumal and Ramar as well.

    If budget is not an issue for you, then check out the Thanjavur Paintings which are one of their Big Ticket items.

    Shop For Thanjavur Painting Perumal - Click Here

    Poomphar aims to reinstate traditional Indian art to the position of prestige it once enjoyed by showing its vitality to others. Appreciating and supporting these creations as well as their creators who are on the verge of losing their skills is the goal.

  • Special Independence Day Handicrafts from Poompuhar

    It is that time of the year when we come together irrespective of caste, creed, gender, region or religion, to celebrate being an Indian. Yes, Independence Day is here and we will be completing the 68th year since India became a free democratic nation. Indian skies will be dotted with pretty little kites in the tricolors of saffron, white and green and there will be happiness and celebration everywhere. To be part of the fervor, our artisans have meticulously crafted special handicraft items depicting the nationality and freedom struggle of our country.

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    What better way to show your love for the country than by having our very national Emblem and pillar at home? The Ashoka Pillar has four lions joined back to back, symbolizing equal importance of power, courage, pride, and confidence.

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    Peacock is our national bird as it is indigenous to our continent and represents the unity of vibrant colors. This wooden wall hanging has been created to symbolize the very ‘unity in diversity’ that the national bird stands for.

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    It would be incomplete to talk about Independence Day without commemorating the struggle for freedom. Our brave soldiers and freedom fighters laid down their lives so that we could live in a free India. This black metal statue of a soldier will stand as a reminder of their gift to us. Let us take a moment to salute them.

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    When great stories are told, often the silent struggles get lost within the pages of history. Perhaps that must have been the case of the womenfolk, who may not always have fought shoulder to shoulder with men, but were certainly as much a part of the freedom struggle as them. This statue, specially crafted for Independence Day, is a reminder and acknowledgment of the countless mothers, wives, daughters and sisters who became the pillar of strength for the men of their household.

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    What distinguishes us Indians from many nations of the world is our rich culture – we are a land prolific with history, art, music, dance and what not. The Veena is a representative of our richness and originality. It is an instrument which originated in our great country and is used extensively in classical Carnatic and Hindustani music. Show off your pride of being an heir of the Indian culture with this miniature Veena. A must buy for lovers of music.

    Poompuhar wishes you a very Happy Independence Day!

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