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  • Cane and Bamboo Craft

    Amongst various kinds of art, cane and bamboo craft is one of the most ancient forms of crafts in India. Innovative and beautiful items are crafted out of bamboo.Items made of bamboo and canes are light in weight and also lookvery elegant. The items can be beautifully designed and exquisitely styled. Moreover, these products are eco-friendly as well as require less maintenance.

    Cane and Bamboo Craft

    Various utility items are crafted out of bamboo strips like mats, lamp shades, different utility baskets, trays, handbags, knife handles, flower vases, bamboo curtains, walking sticks etc. Apart from these items, jewelry is also crafted from cane and bamboo. Bamboo crafted wall hangings are also one of the most populardecorative items. Cane furniture is also loved by many as it is light in weight and evergreen in its charm. It is often used as tea/ coffee table-chair in backyard gardens supplementing the main wooden furniture kept in drawing room. Flute, a musical instrument is also made out of bamboo.

    This particular form of craft is very simple and inexpensive. It does not require any specialized tools. It does not require huge investments. The raw materials required for making cane products are cane and bamboo,which are available abundantly. Hence, bamboo craft is widely pursued in India.

    With the objective of catering to the tastes of thediverse Indian population, Poompuhar offers a wide range of beautiful handcrafted cane artifacts apart from its other handcrafted products. The items range from cane trays to cane chairs. The other products include ‘moorhas’, candlestands, bamboo mugs, finely crafted room dividers and screens. These items are available at our stores and can be ordered at any time through Poompuhar’s official website. In addition to this, Poompuhar often organizes exhibitions for art lovers in different cities by offering avariety of decorative items including handcrafted cane and bamboo products at discounted prices.

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