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  • Brass Lotus Lamp

    Lighting of lamps is very auspicious and doing so every day helps to brighten up and prosper an individual’s life. There are various kinds of lamps made of wide range of metals, mud, clay, etc. Brass lamps are very popular all over the country. And what more with the festive season approaching brass  lotus lamps is the best to light up the house.

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    Brass is a good metal that can be made into beautiful louts lamps. It is a metal known to mankind thousands of years ago. This metal has high strength, corrosion resistance, and formability and can be designed and developed into various kinds of beautiful art-wares having aesthetic sense.

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    Poompuhar the handicraft shop is popular for its beautiful brass products. The Brass lotus lamps here will look very magnificent when lit during the festive seasons . The brass lotus double and Brass Lotus patti Stand can be used for pooja ceremony. These beautifully lotus designed lamps and patti stand are designed to add grace to your pooja articles. You can buy them online too.

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