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  • The best of Rajputana architecture

    Among all of the serene forms of architecture, there is something completely enticing about Rajput architecture. It is seemingly an existence that cannot be defined within the pages of paper or through the mere indulgence of words at all. The best of all Rajput architecture speak of ethnic designs and an intricate detailing which makes it exquisite.

    There is quite an array of architectural wonders in India, but the Rajput architecture certainly stands above all of the others. It is perhaps the vibrant use of portraits, marvellous interiors and the detailing of intricacy that makes them stand on the zenith of glory.

    Top 4 Rajput architectures you cannot afford to miss

    Among all of the architectures resembling the royalty of the Rajput, there are quite a few of them that certainly confer an edge to the design and eternal bliss.

    • Hawa Mahal: This form of Rajput architecture is a fine display of geometric art forms that represents a pattern of intricate detailing. The Hawa Mahal was initially designed the house in the riyal women of the family, which renders it with a purpose as to why the designs had been carefully crafted.
      The vibrant use of various shades of red certainly helps to uplift the craze for red that the Rajput had with their designs. On top of that the designs have been rendered with a lot of sophistications which render it with a professional and elegant touch.
    Image credit - wikimedia Image credit - wikimedia
    • The Amber Palace: The Amber Palace in Jaipur Rajasthan is perhaps one of the finest displays of intricate and ethnic art work. The beautiful carpeted designs and the manifestations of eccentric geometric patterns across the entire structure confer it with a luxurious feel.
      Surrounded by garden and the bliss of terrain, this magnificent piece of architecture is certainly one that soothes the eyes of any person. The contrast of gold with an elaborate radiance of colours makes it the best of all.
    Image credit - wikimedia Image credit - wikimedia
    • City Palace: The City Palace in Jaipur is another exquisite example of intricate detailing and fine art work. The City palace in Jaipur has a completely royal touch to it with the presence of a lawn and a refinement of architecture.
      The interior decoration of the palace is simply mesmerising owing to the fact that the City Palace makes an authentic use of blue shades and golden shades to highlight the sophisticated and fine artwork. The elaborate designs are certainly the visual treat appreciated by all.
    Image Credit - wikimedia Image Credit - wikimedia
    • Jaigarh Fort: This is a massive fort that outlooks the city of Jaigarh from the cliff top. The fort in itself is massive and has all of the flavours related to Rajput architecture associated with it. It is certainly a remnant of the fine taste in royalty and the special urge for epic proportions. The high rise walls large ceiling confers a majestic and elaborate aura to the entire structure.

    One of the most common things associated with each of these architectural wonders tends to be their epic proportion. Royalty was considered big and it is indeed reflective from their art form.

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