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  • Why Poompuhar is an ideal place when it comes to buying antiques?

    Tamil Nadu Poompuhar is a part of the Tamil Nadu Handicrafts Development Corporation Ltd and it aims to uplift and showcase the talents of Indian craftsmen.

    What do Poompuhar offer?

    Their collections include a lot of designs and statues made from a variety of materials like Bronze, Brass, Copper, White Metal, Black Metal, Wood Carvings, Stone Carvings, Cloth, Leather, Jute and Clay.

    Shop for this Oxidised Natarajar - Click Here

    They also offer paintings, Icons, Kondapalli toys, Meenakari, Kalamkari Purse, Garlands, Thanjavur Art Plate as well.

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    But apart from commonly known materials they also have products using coconut shells, papier mache, oxidized metal and more.

    How can you get these?

    You have to sign up to their website and from then on you will be able to view and choose your choice of gifts from our various products in stock.

    After selecting any product you will simply have to fill in the personal details and make the necessary payments for shipment to be made at your desired location.

    Why should you choose this site?

    • Great selection: They offer curated and hard-to-find products made from the finest materials by the local craftsmen. From this great range, you can search through till you find what you need as they offer something for every preference.
    • Price: The price range from the INR 120 to the highest in lakhs for the life size sculptures and you can choose the one which you think fits best in your budget.
    • More options: As stated above, they offer a wide range of materials to choose from. You can simply click on the type of product and in just a moment you will have a good many options to choose from.
    • Newsletter: You can sign up for their newsletter to keep yourself notified on new arrivals.
    • Easy payment procedure: There are three simple steps for procuring the item you want- Select, Pay and Ship. There is no hassle or hidden taxes. As an added benefit you can pay from the acceptable currencies listed and not just with Indian currency.
    • Search bar: Not only will you get pictures and descriptions, complete with the price tag of new arrivals once you log in to your account but also there will be the option of searching on your own for items that you specifically want. This can be done through the Search Bar positioned at the top of the website.
    • Privacy: All your private information will be kept safe and secure due to the technology used in our website.
    • Questions: Poompuhar believes in customer service and to make the process easier for you, by offering an Inquiry section. Here you will be able to ask any question regarding the product and other issues like shipment and payment. There is also a Feedback section where they would like to hear your reviews as well as complaints so that they can grow better.

    While many websites just talk of delivering quality, Poompuhar actually does so through the materials in their stock. Their aim is not just to promote the Indian art but also to provide customer satisfaction.

  • Buy traditional gifts for your loved ones only at Poompuhar

    Festive season or rather any occasion demands that gifts be distributed to our loved ones. But there are times when traditional gifts are what suit the occasion and also the preference of the person. For this and more, Poompuhar offers curate and specially selected traditional designs.

    What gifts are there?

    There are long lists of products which range from statues to toys and so on:

    • Statues of gods like Krishna, Saraswati, Parvati, Shivalingam and more are available crafted in brass, oxidized or made from a variety of materials.
    oxidized black idol of goddess Saraswati Shop For This Oxidised Saraswati - Click Here
    • For toys they have traditional Kondapalli toys as well as Narkuravas and their distinct offering is the Poompuhar stationeries.
    Shop For This Kondapalli Toys - Click Here
    • They offer Jute files made up of red, blue or specially designed green colours which will be cheap but are fully handcrafted.
    • There are Taj Mahals, Chariots, Bullock Carts, Rani Palki, Kerala Boat, Tanjor Temple, Perusal Temple and more miniature Pithwork items.
    • Poompuhar also has granite, red and soft stone elephant carvings, Round Candle Elephant Stand, Nandi, Shivalingam and more.
    • Handcrafted textiles handbag, mini handbags, ties etc in various colors are also stocked here.
    • They have copper plates, glass, kalash, tumblers and other utensils.
    • Wood carved wall hangings of Flower Pots, Ganesh, Peacocks, Saraswati, Lakshmi, Lakshman are available.

    What materials are used for making these?

    Poompuhar has a wide variety and range of materials in their stocks. This includes Copper, Brass, Bronze, Handcrafted Textiles, Jute, Clay, Black Metal, White Metal, Wood, Stone, Clay, Pith and more.

    Apart from this they also stock up in some not-so-known materials like Kalamkari, Thanjavur Art, Meenakari, Papier Mache, Coconut Shells and more.

    Coconut Shell giraffee night lamp Shop For This Coconut Shell Deer Night Lamp - Click Here

    How can you get these?

    You will have to sign up to their official website and create an account or you can also visit any of their branches set up all over India. You will be able to browse through their website, select products and collect them in your virtual shopping bag.

    How to pay?

    Once you have selected the products you want, you will be displayed the total amount. Then you can pay online through your debit or credit cards. They also don't restrict payments to just Indian Currency. You will be able to pay through the currency of your wish (if it is listed with Poompuhar). After the payment, the product will be delivered to your chosen address.

    Traditional arts and crafts are getting depleted with the current world system. But Poompuhar aims to preserve and showcase its specialty to the world. They select only the best, which accurately represents Indian Craft as well as shows the dedication and skills of the workers. So if you want to buy traditional crafts, this is the best site to search for.

  • Five popular Brass products from Poompuhar

    Since ancient civilization till today people have been using handcrafted products for decorating their homes. The art of Indian handicraft is continuously spreading around the world because of its quality and uniqueness. The specialty of Indian handicrafts is that they are solely hand engraved, hand carved, hand painted and hand molded by skilled people working for years to create a masterpiece. Hand crafted products are life long, rich, robust and unique in itself as compared with machine made products, that are totally different in quality and feel. Every craft item reflects a story and history of its culture. The art of metalworking is as old as Indus Valley civilization, when iron was not discovered and copper and its alloys were used for making objects of daily use. Brass statues, carvings, and castings come from furnace of Pembarti, a small village in Andhra Pradesh where such marvelous products are made by beating and casting brass. At Poompuhar you will find various beautiful brass items that can also be spotted at airports, international museums, hotels and corporate offices. Let’s know a few of such amazing brass art forms:

    Balaji Deepam

    The brass lamp signifies truth and glory. Balaji is believed to have appeared to save the mankind from the troubles and trials of Kali Yuga (the age of demons). The lamp shows Lord Balaji standing at the centre with prabai, the Arch. The lamp has a normal base and thagali with only 1 spout making it useful for prayer and decoration purpose.

    Shop for this Balaji Deepam - Click Here Shop for this Balaji Deepam - Click Here

    Brass Nataraj Antique Finish

    Nataraja is one of the finest illustrations of Hindu art and a popular symbol of Indian culture. The dynamic art piece shows Lord Shiva holding a musical instrument in left hand and snake wrapped around his right hand. Surrounded by a ring of flames Lord Shiva is seen lifting up his left leg and balancing the other over a demon. The brass item signifies triumph and is ideal for gifting and decoration purpose.

    Nataraja polish Shop for this Nataraja - Click Here

    Brass Peacock Bead Stone Polish

    Apart from being the national bird, peacock is also a symbol for hope and peace. The characteristic feature of this brass item, is the high held proud head and compact tail of the peacock. The fine embellishment with red, green and blue stones over it gives it a royal look.

    Shop for this Brass Peacock Beed Stone - Click Here Shop for this Brass Peacock Beed Stone - Click Here

    Color Bowl Antique Finish

    The circular bowl with cut work on its edges can be ideal for decoration and gifting purpose. Brass is casted and colored with vibrant colors creating diamond and heart shaped motifs. The designing of the bowl is very fine and heart touching.

    Shop for this Colour Bowl - Colour Bowl Shop for this Colour Bowl - Colour Bowl

    Parrot hanging Lamp

    The wonderful brass lamp features a lovely parrot holding a thagali through 5 interlinked circular spouts from its beak. The price of the lamp is worth the art behind it.

    parrot-hanging-lamp-buy-online Shop for this Parrot hanging Lamp - Click Here

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