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  • Wearing the Canvas-Rogan Art

    Self adornment, decoration and innovation have been an integral part of humanity since the beginning of civilization. Kutch district of Gujarat has always been known for its distinctive use of threads, beads, colors and variety of printing styles to adorn fabrics and ornaments, but a very unique art of decorating wearable fabrics like painted canvases has never gained popularity. This inarguable and poignant art form is known as Rogan art. Rogan is a 300 year’s old printing art, prevalent in Nirona village of Kutch. The rare and ancient Rogan art has come from Iran. In Persia “Rogan” means “oil based”. It is now practiced by only two families in Nirona who have persevered for centuries to keep Rogan art alive.

    Image Credit - wikimedia Image Credit - wikimedia

    Rogan is an intricate art of painting on the fabric or a canvas. It is a time consuming procedure where the castor oil is first boiled for over three days. It is then left for cooling, after which vibrant colors like red, green, yellow, orange, black and white are mixed to the castor oil in appropriate amount. These pastes are kept in water to prevent drying. Craftsmen then place a small amount of this paint paste onto their palm which is then carefully twisted and painted into beautiful motifs using a metal rod. A very unique feature of this art is that the metal rod used for painting never comes in contact with the fabric. The artisan then folds this design into a blank fabric to print a mirror image of the pattern. It is a very basic form of printing where geometric flowers and peacock are used as designs. Other designs that are common are tree of life and Moghul paisley. Rogan art is used to decorate cushion covers, bedsheets, kurtas, curtains, table cloths, wall hangings, purses, dress material and saris. Rogan art has recently been into news, when Prime Minister Narendra Modi gifted this timeless piece of art to former US President Barack Obama on his visit to India.

     If you are planning a trip to Gujarat, make sure to visit Nirona which is hardly 35 kilometers from Bhuj. The family sustaining this art form has also received many national awards and international acclaim. If you look closely over the intricacy of Rogan art, it will leave you speechless. The exquisite patterns of Rogan art reflect passion, determination and hard work of the artisan.

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