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  • Mamallapuram Joins the League of Craft Cities of the World

    The rock-cut city of Mamallapuram has recently added another feather to its hat. Three years after being crowned the 'World Stone Carving City' by UNESCO’s World Crafts Council, the city has finally earned a plaque for the same. On 8th March, 2018 which was observed as Artisan’s Day in the state, the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu Mr E Palaniswami formally announced the installation of the plaque inscribed with 'World Stone Carving City’.

    With this move, Mamallapuram has become one of the 19 craft cities across the world and joined Jaipur to occupy this prestigious place. Mamallapuram is an open handicraft museum, owing to the rich collection of rock cut figures, temples and especially monoliths that dot the city. With this new recognition, the artisans of Mamallapuram would be recognised on the international platform on par with other similar cities, and hopefully, benefit from this exposure.

    Image Credit - TimesofIndia Image Credit - TimesofIndia

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