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  • An enchanting world: The crafts of India

    A nation with a rich history and a proud heritage, India is immensely popular for its crafts that are as diverse as the country itself. From historical ages to the trendy times of today, Indian crafts never fail to charm the world with their beauty and wonder. Rural communities of India still hold the cultural tradition of crafts guarded with sincerity.

    Indian Handicrafts Image Credit - Wikipedia

    The history of the Indian crafts industry goes back to about 5000 years from now. The Indus valley civilization is abundant with numerous examples of crafts of ancient times. It is a prestigious fact that India possesses a rich craft tradition characterized by high degree of technical excellence in the fields of weaving, jewelry, pottery and sculpture.

    All the states of India have their own identity in the world of crafts, each of which is unique and exclusive in its own right. Rajasthan, a state of north India with a royal heritage is home to a set of crafts like painting, puppetry, fabric coloration etc. These crafts were practiced and persevered through centuries by the royal Rajput families. Though puppetry has given way to modern entertainment like TV and movies, other crafts of Rajasthan like tie-dyeing is perceived as the roots of international fashion aesthetics. Even now, the interiors of Rajasthani homes are painted with floral motifs and the passion for decorative patterns run all over the state, which is easily the iconic identity of the nation’s crafts industry.

    The state of Gujrat is famous for its textile production methods which includes weaving, dyeing and printing. Bandhani is a unique Gujarati craft, wherein which the fabric is tied at some parts before dyeing resulting in interesting patterns on the cloth.

    Assam is renowned worldwide for its production of silk fabrics. The women of Assam are entrusted with the responsibility of creating silk fabrics. In Gandhi’s words, Assam women are born weavers they are capable of weaving even fairy tales out of their looms!

    Like north India, the southern states of India also present an interesting array of crafts. Karnataka is a state, which has international repute for its wood and stone works. The forests of this region supply wood, mostly rose wood to the wood workers of the state. And carving divine statues for temples is the major source of income for the people of Karnataka.

    Though the tides of time have turned dramatically in recent years, Indian crafts still present an adorable charisma to the international audience. Fashion and styles keep changing from time to time, but the value and the magic of Indian crafts still rule hearts.

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