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  • Akshardham- The eighth wonder of the world

    Akshardham is a unique cultural complex that celebrates the past, addresses the present, and blesses the future. Built on the banks on river Yamuna in the capital of India, Delhi, Akshardham is an abode of God which symbolizes glorious Indian culture and upholds the universal value of humanity. Designed in according to vastu and pancharatra shastra, is an architectural marvel of this century. Akshardham is constructed using thousands of rajasthani pink sandstones and Italian carrara marble that have been placed together with outstanding skill and incredible accuracy. It does not make any use of cement, iron or steel.

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    Akshardham is a seat of art, culture and finesse. A 100 acre spiritual cultural complex that can stir the soul from within with its breathtaking sight, sound and silence. It is artistically mesmeric, scientifically stunning and an eternal place conveying timeless spiritual messages. It combines traditional stone art reflecting great Indian culture, ancient values and civilization. The entire complex was completed in just five years with the hard work of over 11,000 workers dedicating 300 million man hours. The auspicious monument has various entry gates with 869 beautiful peacocks to welcome the visitors. It is a matchless example of laborer’s love and therefore also considered as eighth wonder of the world.

    The main attraction of the Swaminarayan Akshardham complex is the outstanding Akshardham Mandir which is 141 foot (43 m) high, spans 316-foot (96 m) wide and extends 356-foot (109 m) long. Made up of paanch dhaatu or five metals, the temple consist of 234 ornately carved pillars, nine domes, thousands of  idols of sadhus, devotees, acharyas and 9 huge floors of sculpted flora and fauna. Akshardham is an amazing revival of stone art and sculpture and depicts authentic Indian historical carving. The temple features 11 foot high intricately carved centrally placed Golden idol of Lord Swaminarayana (its founder) along with his successor’s ands many more inspirational architectural masterpieces. It contains 148 life sized elephants placed upon Gajendra pith featuring intense craftsmanship, graceful beauty and timeless wisdom. It also houses idols of Lord Sita and Ram, Radha Krishna, Shiv Parvati, and Lakshmi Narayan. Upon Gajendra pith lies the huge glorious mandovan, a 600 foot long, delicately carved wall of over 200 stone murtis honoring the great deities, rishis, acharyas and philosophers of Indian culture including 48 different forms of Lord Ganesha. A unique 2 story parikrama envelops the monument like a garland of red stones. It has the world’s largest step well with 2870 steps consisting of four corners with five separate spiritual gates to welcome the Gods of earth, fire, water, air and space.

    The major attraction of the magnificent monument is a 40 minute water show that takes away the breath and reunites your soul to God. The captivating light and sound show reveals India’s ancient secret and concept of life and death. It display the cycles of life through creation, sustenance and destruction through a wonderful 3D diorama which make use of state of the art robotics, fiber optics, light and sound effects, dialogues, dance and classical music. Popularly known as sahaj anand ,the spectacular multimedia show transforms the step well into the courtyards of heaven and fills the atmosphere with emotion and energy. It is a unique and educational evening program that leaves you spellbound through brilliant light and sound work.

    Akshardham also features Sanskruti Vihar, a thrilling 15 minute boat ride that makes you travel through 10,000 years of glorious India. It takes place over the peaceful narayan sarovar (name of the lake) that surrounds the complex and carries holy water of 151 sacred Indian rivers and lakes. The boat ride displays the Indian Vedic era using life size figures and robots and shows the contribution of popular scholars and scientists to various fields of science, astronomy, art, literature, yoga and mathematics.

    The garden and lawns of Akshardham comprises over 9000 different shrubs and trees and are considered as a centre of environmental preservation. A lotus shaped garden called as yogi hradya kamal reflects good thought and conveys the message of peace and unity. To promote Indian art, culture and values, Swaminarayana Akshardham temple also houses a grand educational and research center. Many people visit to seek inspiration from this temple daily. They also meditate and experience the silence and spirituality prevailing inside the wonderful complex.

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