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  • Decorate Your Home This Festive Season with Thombai

    India is a land of festivities and whenever we talk about festivities the first thing that entraps our mind is enthusiasm, celebration mood and devotion. As our busy life makes us succumbed to our restricted shells so festival season brings us out of that shell.

    If anyone asks you about your favourite festival you might get confused as there are so many, especially in the months of October and November when the Indians begin their countdown of fun and enjoyment. Navaratri brings us close to Goddess Durga and fills our heart with devotion.

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    If you ask children about the meaning of festive season their smiling faces will give you a clear idea about the meaning that it holds to them. However a homemaker might frown a bit as season of festival brings forth the hassle of decorating homes. If you are confused regarding decorating your home for welcoming deities at your place then have a look at the decorative Thombai offered by Poompuhar.

    Decorate Your Home with the Thombai

    Now, what is this Thombai? Thombai is a decorative piece which is made of satin cloth. You can make use of Thombai in your temple or even use it as a part of your home decoration. It comes in different types of designs like flower, swans and elephants. Thombai can bring that traditional look to your home decor or your worship space. You can get abundance of options in Thombai and they are enlisted below.

    • Decorate your deity with Muthangi

    It is actually a well knit ornament that can be fixed on the deity’s cloths and you can make your deity the center of attraction. Poompuhar can give you a wide range of colour options when it comes to Thombai. Alongside colour options you can also order a Muthangi that is beautifully attached with pearl and precious stones. This is definitely going to add a new charm to the beauty of your deity.

    • Immerse yourself in devotion with Venchamaram

    Vencharam can be used for swaying in front of the god or goddesses. The beautifully crafted Vencahram of Poompuhar will at once impress you with its design. You can use it while performing a sacred chant or aarti before the divine power. Both you and your family are going to receive all the spiritual vibes by swaying it.

    • Welcome your guest with Kalamari Thombai

    Kalamari Thombai can be regarded as the most beautiful kind of Thombai that is offered by Poompuhar. You can select different colour combinations and sizes. It can be hanged at the entrance of your home. In fact this can also used for enhancing the beauty of your balcony or interiors.

    So, now you have got some ideas about adorning your home and your worship area with well crafted Thombai. In order to get the best options in Thombai you can visit the branches of Poompuhar or their online site which is pioneered at satisfying their customers with decorative Thombai. You can select Thombai as per the size and of your home interior and also based on your requirements.

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