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  • Buy traditional gifts for your loved ones only at Poompuhar

    Festive season or rather any occasion demands that gifts be distributed to our loved ones. But there are times when traditional gifts are what suit the occasion and also the preference of the person. For this and more, Poompuhar offers curate and specially selected traditional designs.

    What gifts are there?

    There are long lists of products which range from statues to toys and so on:

    • Statues of gods like Krishna, Saraswati, Parvati, Shivalingam and more are available crafted in brass, oxidized or made from a variety of materials.
    oxidized black idol of goddess Saraswati Shop For This Oxidised Saraswati - Click Here
    • For toys they have traditional Kondapalli toys as well as Narkuravas and their distinct offering is the Poompuhar stationeries.
    Shop For This Kondapalli Toys - Click Here
    • They offer Jute files made up of red, blue or specially designed green colours which will be cheap but are fully handcrafted.
    • There are Taj Mahals, Chariots, Bullock Carts, Rani Palki, Kerala Boat, Tanjor Temple, Perusal Temple and more miniature Pithwork items.
    • Poompuhar also has granite, red and soft stone elephant carvings, Round Candle Elephant Stand, Nandi, Shivalingam and more.
    • Handcrafted textiles handbag, mini handbags, ties etc in various colors are also stocked here.
    • They have copper plates, glass, kalash, tumblers and other utensils.
    • Wood carved wall hangings of Flower Pots, Ganesh, Peacocks, Saraswati, Lakshmi, Lakshman are available.

    What materials are used for making these?

    Poompuhar has a wide variety and range of materials in their stocks. This includes Copper, Brass, Bronze, Handcrafted Textiles, Jute, Clay, Black Metal, White Metal, Wood, Stone, Clay, Pith and more.

    Apart from this they also stock up in some not-so-known materials like Kalamkari, Thanjavur Art, Meenakari, Papier Mache, Coconut Shells and more.

    Coconut Shell giraffee night lamp Shop For This Coconut Shell Deer Night Lamp - Click Here

    How can you get these?

    You will have to sign up to their official website and create an account or you can also visit any of their branches set up all over India. You will be able to browse through their website, select products and collect them in your virtual shopping bag.

    How to pay?

    Once you have selected the products you want, you will be displayed the total amount. Then you can pay online through your debit or credit cards. They also don't restrict payments to just Indian Currency. You will be able to pay through the currency of your wish (if it is listed with Poompuhar). After the payment, the product will be delivered to your chosen address.

    Traditional arts and crafts are getting depleted with the current world system. But Poompuhar aims to preserve and showcase its specialty to the world. They select only the best, which accurately represents Indian Craft as well as shows the dedication and skills of the workers. So if you want to buy traditional crafts, this is the best site to search for.


    Handcrafted textiles speak of the tradition and heritage of India. Hand woven or handcrafted textiles may have become modern-day fashion, but it is an age old art. Men and women used to weave textiles with patterns which were precisely of their communities, culture or families. The raw material is spun, woven and dyed by hand to create durable and fine-looking textiles. A lot of renovation and modifications have taken place over the period of time to improve upon the art. Even a few assorted weaves were combined to create a better and modern weave. Handcrafted textiles require the artisans to have the necessary technical skill and good aesthetic sense so that they can think of a wide range of patterns and designs to creatively make it impressive and attractive.

    Image credit - wikimedia Image credit - wikimedia

    There are hundreds of types of hand-woven and handcrafted textiles; some of them aremade of cotton, linen, khadi, silk, woolen or even combination of any two types of textiles. To add variety to the textile, it is hand blocked and printed using natural dyes. Bright vibrant colors and even subtle colors are used.

    Image credit - wikimedia Image credit - wikimedia

    These handmade fabrics are beautifully crafted intoKalamkari, Madhubani, Mangalagiri, Narayanpet, Pattachitra, Dabu printing, pigment painting, Ajrakh printing, dye painting, Batik printing, Bandhni and Leheriya styles of dyeing Chikankari, Kanthawork, reversible kantha, Shibori- dyed wool fabric, block printing, zari work, suf embroidery etc.

    Image credit - wikipedia Image credit - wikipedia

    The handcrafted textiles are converted to various amazing items such as hand bags and college bags of different sizes and shapes, runners, table mats, bed sheets and bed covers. The imagination and aesthetic senseare also deployed to create beautiful and amazing suits, lehengacholi, sarees, tops, skirts etc.

    Image  credit - wikipedia Image credit - wikipedia

    Handcrafted textile has huge demand not only in India but in international market as well. The industry has great scope to expand and increase its market share all over the world. With extensive marketing and promotion, the artisans and their goods can be given international platform to showcase their skills and products.

    Apart from all this, textiles and goods which are hand woven have low carbon footprint compared to textiles made by modern machines and technologies. Since, organizations are deeply concerned to maintain their goodwill and to project themselves as eco-friendly, the handcrafted textile industry seems to have a sustainable future and shall witness boom in the near future.

  • Craft Bazaar exhibition at Kalashetra Foundation, Chennai

    The Tamil Nadu Handicrafts Development Corporation Limited, popularly known as “Poompuhar”, is a Government of Tamil Nadu Undertaking and is in charge of the handicrafts sector in the state of Tamil Nadu. The main objective of the Corporation is to provide marketing assistance to the craftsmen of the State in particular and for the craftsmen community in general. The Corporation achieves this objective by marketing the products of the craftsmen through its large network of 12 showrooms situated all over Tamil Nadu and also at New Delhi and Kolkata. Apart from the Sales showrooms, the Corporation  also has 7 of its own production units.

    In addition to rendering marketing assistance through its showrooms the Corporation also conducts a large number of exhibitions every year throughout the country in order to provide more marketing avenues for the poor artisans.

    As a part of our exhibition programme for the current year, we are organizing “Craft Bazaar” exhibition at Kalakshetra Foundation, Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai from 22.01.2016 to 31.01.2016 with financial assistance of the O/o Development Commissioner (Handicrafts) Ministry of Textiles, Government of India, New Delhi.

    This exhibition was inaugurated by Thiru. P. Mohan, Hon’ble Minister for Rural Industries & Labour, Government of Tamil Nadu at 4.30 p.m. Friday on 22nd January 2016 in the presence of Thiru Harmander Singh, IAS., Principal Secretary to Government, Handlooms, Handicrafts, Textiles and Khadi Department, Chennai, Dr. Santhosh Babu, I.A.S., Chairman & Managing Director, The Tamil Nadu Handicrafts Development Corporation Limited, Chennai and Thiru P. Mallikarjunaiah, Regional Director (Southern Region), O/o Development Commissioner (Handicrafts), Chennai.

    Craft Bazaar exhibition at Kalashetra Foundation Chennai

    In the ongoing exhibition, we have displayed a wide and exotic collection of heritage items like Brass oil lamps, Bronze Icons, Wood Carvings, Thanjavur Art Plates, Thanjavur Painting, Stone carvings, Artificial Jewellery, Brass sheet metal products, Papier mache dolls, Incense and perfumery, Rajasthan Marble craft items, Madupani Paintings from Bihar, Wood Carvings from Andhra Pradesh, Palm leaf Paintings from Orissa, handcrafted textiles and many more gift items. Handicrafts from all over India are displayed under one roof.

    The exhibition is open from 22nd to 31st January (10.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m. daily , including Sundays) and a special discount of 10% is being offered. We accept all major credit / debit cards, without any service charges.

    We appeal to the citizens of Chennai to patronize this exhibition as they have been kind enough to do so on earlier occasions, so that the maximum number of craftsmen can benefit.


    When it comes to handicrafts, the various types of beautifully crafted items come to mind and the wonderful fact is that most of them are available at Poompuhar in Tamil Nadu!

    Now, if we think of handcrafted items in textiles, Poompuhar has many things to offer. For example, the expertise with which the handbags of various sizes and shapes are made is worth appreciation.

    Mini hand bags are available of the dimensions 12x10x1 inches and 14x10x1 inches which have been priced at Rs. 700 each. Both the bags are differentyet unique in their shapes and colors.

    Shop for this Mini Hand Bag Voilet - Click Here Shop for this Mini Hand Bag Voilet - Click Here

    A hand crafted textile hand bag of 14x10x1 inch dimensions, having a stunning design with elephants, peacocks, trees and flowers on it and having long straps is available at Rs. 650.

    Shop For This Textiles Hand Bag - Click Here Shop For This Textiles Hand Bag - Click Here

    There is a college bag,called joolna bag, which is of the dimensions 14x10x1 inches. This lovely bag is priced at Rs. 1,050.

    Shop For This Joolna Bag -    Click Hear Shop For This Joolna Bag - Click Hear

    Another beautiful hand bag of the dimension 12x10x1 inches, is available with an impressive patch work on it. It is priced at Rs. 1,650.

    Shop For This - Patch Work Hand Bag Shop For This - Patch Work Hand Bag

    Another12x14x1 inch silk bag of a lovely shape with beaded handle to add to its beauty, has a beautiful floral design on it. This gorgeous bag is available at justRs. 950.

    Shop For This Textiles Silk Hand Bag Pink - Click Here Shop For This Textiles Silk Hand Bag Pink - Click Here

    A 12x10x1 handcrafted textile silk purse is available at Rs. 950. An elegant design enhances its look. Yet another 12x10x1 inch hand crafted textile silk hand bag is available at Rs. 950. It has stripes on it along with a nice design. Its handle has been made in a stylish braided way.

    Shop For This silk purse - Click Here

    Shop For This silk purse - Click Here

    Shop For This Silk Hand Bag Green With Stripes - Click Here Shop For This Silk Hand Bag Green With Stripes - Click Here

    Besides these bags, there are attractive wall hangings of various sizes and shapes made out of silk and other handmade textiles. A 10x14x1 inch wall hanging with the picture ofan elephant, a camel and a horse in a landscape orientation is available at Rs. 1,750.

    Shop For This Silk Wall Hanging Elephant/Camel/Horse - Click Here Shop For This Silk Wall Hanging Elephant/Camel/Horse - Click Here

    Another silk wall hanging of the dimension 19x11x1 inches which has been artistically handcrafted with peacock design is available at a price of Rs 1,950.

    Shop For This Silk Wall Hanging Peacock - Click Here Shop For This Silk Wall Hanging Peacock - Click Here

    A silk handcrafted wall hanging of the dimension 18x 6x1 inches with elephant design is available in portrait orientation.

    Shop For This Silk Wall Hanging Elephant - Click Here Shop For This Silk Wall Hanging Elephant - Click Here

    Ties, runners and dinning sets are some other attractive things which are made out of the handcrafted textiles and put for sale at very reasonable prices.

    These lovely pieces of art not only add beauty, but also talk about the owner’s aesthetic sense and style.

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