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  • Five reasons you should buy your next handicraft from Poompuhar

    Since decades, the worth of handicrafts has been experiencing exponential growth. India is a land of handicraft artists. Even the western countries have been praising Indian handicraft articles since decades. Handicrafts represent the amalgam of rich heritage, culture and tradition of a nation.

    What do you know about handicrafts?

    When an artist creates hand-made products, they are referred to as handicrafts. These handicrafts involve the use of small hand-held or portable tools to give rise to a magnificent thing. Handicrafts can be anything. It can be carved out of paper, plant fibres, textiles, fruits and so on. Majorly handicraft products are born and brought up in the rural areas of a country. Rural India is a hub of local artisans involved in creating handicrafts as a living source.


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    What is the uniqueness of the Poompuhar handicrafts which engages the onlookers in its beauty?

    Authenticity: The handicrafts created by the local artisans of Poompuhar represents their ethnic creativity. Poompuhar realised the innovational magic of these local artisans and decided to give them their deserving platform. This initiative from Poompuhar nurtured these local artisans to exhibit the allure of their creativity at their best.

    Creativity Genius: Each of the Poompuhar handicraft is the masterpiece brilliance. Moreover, each handicraft differs from other in one aspect or the other. Poompuhar owes its richness as the cluster of best handicraft exporters.

    Each handicraft is self-narrative: The beauty of these Poompuhar handicrafts lives in the beauty of their story-telling. Each has got a voice to narrate its own evolution story and mesmerise the onlookers. Poompuhar handicrafts represent the real beauty of India’s rich and sophisticated culture. Poompuhar handicrafts make the best fit for a beautiful gift to your near and dear ones.

    Durability:Poompuhar precisely vouches on the sustainability of their handicrafts. Poompuhar handicrafts have a higher demand in the export market. This demand emphasises to produce durable products. All the products promulgated by Poompuhar are carved out of sustainable materials. The durability ensures that the handicrafts are resistant to scratches and corrosion.

    Readily available online: With the world going digitised, the craze for online shopping has increased much in the past decade. Internet becomes a convenient place for the buyers as well as the sellers to either exhibit or purchase products at their ease. Poompuhar promotes all their handicraft articles online on their websites. This makes it easier for their users to go through a comparative view of their handicraft product catalogue. Poompuhar website lists every minute detailing of each of the handicraft that enters its online product catalogue. You may find the size, colour, use, and reviews of the products along with their product images. This information availability saves on the time of consumers from purchasing the products through retail shops. Additionally, the Poompuhar website precisely mentions the history of each handicraft creativity. Moreover, the site is easy to navigate and informative with categorically listing of the handicrafts created at Poompuhar.

    These are the unique features which make the  stands unique in the market.

  • A sneak peek into the lives of Indian artisans

    India is a country with varied art forms and cultures. Our artisans are the core of our artistic history and have been so since the early days. Sometimes, we fail to understand that every artistic expression needs appreciation. It therefore gets difficult for the artisans of our country to relish the outcomes of their hard work and efforts. To understand the artisans of our country and the life that they have, we have to keep in mind the following things.

    What do they do?

    Remember that  beautiful box of diyas you bought last Diwali? Those artistically worked ones, complete with colourful paint and sparkling stones? Yes, that was the result of time and work put in by our very own Indian Artisan,working silently behind the scenes without any expectations for recognition. Not just diyas; what about idols, paintings, weaves, bamboo baskets, wood carvings and the endless list of handicraft products we buy every festive season? These are all the fruits of the hard work put in by our artisans. Every handcrafted product that you opt for is your direct contribution towards our artisan community.



    What is their plight?        

    The craftsmen community of India is one which is under threat. The talent of Indian artisans have been facing the threat of becoming extinct and their role in the market is more than underplayed. Their survival rate is marked by the importance we give to their products and crafts. Without any surprise, because of middlemen in their trade, they do not get the attention they require.

    How are they encouraged at Poompuhar?

    At Poompuhar, we always aim at providing quality lifestyle to the artisan community of the state and the country. The artisans are encouraged by various awards like the Poompuhar state award, the Poompuhar district award, etc. We also impart training sessions to the artisan community, thus helping them overcome the problem of quality and production. Several exhibitions are also conducted frequently to expose the artisans to the customers directly thereby breaking the role of middlemen. We also provide them financial aids for the betterment of their society and livelihood. With the help of e-commerce, the artisans get better exposure to the feedback and appreciation from their buyers. This helps them improve their craft and also encourages them to perform better. Thus we try and encourage them as much as we can and in every way possible.

    A farmer depends on the rain for his produce to be harvested. Likewise, an artisan banks entirely on the appreciation and encouragement he gets from his buyers. It is therefore very essential for us to be more appreciative of indigenous products Instead of spending lakhs of rupees in shipping a product from overseas; we should opt for more Desi crafts and be as a source of inspiration for our hardworking artisans.



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