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  • Poompuhar - Reinventing artisanship to perfection

    Art is the perfect way of depicting the exchange of emotions within and across the frontiers of a nation. Our rich history has been promulgating the importance of ancient Indian handicrafts since ages. The essence of handicrafts is engineered by the artisans who create it with their innovation. It is this rich Indian heritage which connects India with the western world. Today, there are numerous such platforms which provide the desired opportunity to the local artisans. India is a hub for such platforms promoting the rural Indian handicrafts.

    A platform to connect the local rural artisans with the global population is today known by the name Poompuhar. Poompuhar represents the sophistication of Indian culture, customs and traditions through the handicraft products. Empowering the local rural artisans to exhibit their talent before the world was the aim behind the launch of Poompuhar platform. Realising the importance of bringing rural women ahead and engaging them in creating masterpieces is the motto behind Poompuhars Empowering women initiative.

    Poompuhar is a government of Tamil Nadu undertaking to exhibit Indian artefacts, cultures and tradition. The Poompuhar team believes in empowering rural India to facilitate the local artisans to earn a decent living. Art is the necessity of life, and so Poompuhar decided to move ahead with this section to exhibit the talent possessed by Indian artisans. Providing a right platform to these rural artisans was need of the hour.

    Poompuhar redefines the beauty of the creative genius of the local artisans. Timely, the training sessions are organised by Poompuhar team to train the rural artisans. The training sessions are meant to nourish the creativity possessed by the artisans. Each artisan is nurtured with the right skills to highlight their talent and earn a respectable living to support his family. The pieces of training are arranged to introduce the handicraft creation technique for the rural Indians and bring out the best in them. It is meant to boost the inner strength of such artisans to make them realise their worth towards the society. Poompuhar team ensures that each of their artisans is trained with personal attention.

    Also, to earn a living, Poompuhar thrives in hard to build a sense of trust in these rural artisans, so they shine at their best. Today, after years of massive efforts investment, Poompuhar has come ahead with the exhibits of applique work, garland, bronze, brass, brass lamps, wood and stone carvings. Besides, the handicraft product catalogue of Poompuhar exhibits the creative brilliance of Thanjavur paintings, coconut shells, papier machie, kondapalli toys, and other wood, jute and clay creativity.

    Now, Poompuhar is indulged in formulating and implementing the rural artisan welfare schemes. The efforts of Poompuhar receives the timely financial assistance from the State Governments. Central Government too appreciates the efforts of Poompuhar, the Tamil Nadu government undertaking and assists it financially to uplift the local creativity of Tamil Nadu.

    Moreover, Poompuhar directly connects the local artisans with the global buyers. The annual award competition is the unique felicitation of these local artisans by the Poompuhar team. The annual award competition involves felicitating the local talent with certificates, gold medals and cash prizes for their outstanding contribution.

  • Indian Tradition and Culture

    India is a varied nation and so is its culture. Indian tradition has its roots deep seated in the Indian history which dates back to the Indo-Aryan era or even prior to that. They are also reminiscent of the foreign invaders who invaded India for their personal gains. Indian customs have influenced anyone and everyone who has come in close association. They are an amalgamation of diverse faiths, practices, cuisines, clothing etc. Each one complete in itself, completely different from the other yet dwelling since ages on the lands of the world’s seventh largest and 2nd most populous country.


    Indians love to visit their places of worship, and find solace in the idea of being protected by a Supreme Protector. The Indian culture is a mix of Secularism, Unity, Love, Humanity, Respect, Tolerance, Hosting Guests etc. The Indians believe in the in the age-old verse from one of the Upanishads (sacred Hindu Scripture)- “Atithi Devo Bhava, meaning ‘The Guest is Similar to God’.  Even our national flag and emblem reflect our thinking and take towards life. Satyamev Jayte meaning ‘Truth Alone Triumphs’ is deep-seated in the Indian mindset. Law is considered ‘Andha’ or ‘Bilnd’, i.e. it sees everyone alike; irrespective of colour, cast, gender and creed.

    Indian tradition and culture speaks volumes about its mystical folklore, melodious classical and folk songs, unique dances, rejuvenating medical science(ayurveda),  diverse literature, magnificent monuments, unmatchable arts and crafts and a lot more. Indian craftsmen have been moulding Indian customs and traditions into various forms. They are among those set of the population who have devoted their entire generations in order to keep the flame of Indian-ness alive.

    Hindustani culture is in a transition phase, it is changing as the world is turning more and more globalised. With the blurring of geographical boundaries, Indians are positively responding to this norm, making the Indian traditions and culture adapting with and influencing other ones.

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