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  • North Indian Handicrafts from Ancient Age

    Indian Handicrafts are known to the world and are popular. Handicraft is an art of making crafts by hands and it is a practice which is being followed in Indian since ages. People in India are well versed with the skill of making beautiful decorative and they have that grace since ages. In India, the art of handicrafts in North India dates back to Indus Valley Civilization and it is such a great practice that it is still followed. The handicrafts in North India are majorly consisting states of Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir and Chandigarh. The artisans from this state had that finesse in their art that they are being recognized in all other states of India as well as to the world. The popular handicrafts are:


    Paintings are beautiful and décor to your place. The art of making paintings isn’t new and is being practiced since ages. There are paintings that depict the culture of Rajasthan that have exotic color scheme and subjecting. Rajasthani culture is beautiful and tempting and everyone gets attracted by such beautiful paintings where women are an important subject to them.

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    North India is known for textiles. Embroidery is one of the major crafts work here. May it be Phulkaris of Punjab and handkerchiefs of Himachal Pradesh; they all look so beautiful and eye soothing that they add importance and grace to your outlook too. The history of Embroidery dates back to 3rd-5th century BC. They were also too hyped in the kingdom of Mughal Emperor Akbar who used to pay attention to various embroideries in the patterns of Saadi, Chikhan, Ari and Kohra.


    Copper Handicrafts of Kashmir

    They are handicrafts items that are beautifully carved and are made of copper. The beautiful carvings on the metal keeps you mesmerized and the artisans has that great finesse to do it so beautifully that it looks flawless and no machine can do it this good that a person had done.

    Carpet Weaving

    The Rajasthani Carpets also keep you enchanted with their beauty and was brought to India by great Mughal Emperor Akbar in the 16th century. Akbar called artisans from Persia to lay the foundation of carpet weaving tradition in India. The trend has been so much loved by people that carpet is not just a trend; it is the utmost need of all.


    Pottery also has an ancient history and is a wonder in handicrafts. It was founded in the period of Indus Valley Civilization. It is a ceramic art that is indulged in making storage vessels made of clay and then hardened by heat. But this is also an art and is beautiful in it.

    India has a rich cultural heritage and hence the artisans here have been so graceful that they helped us in following a trend that was originated long ago to add beauty to the culture. Handicrafts in India have been enjoying a rich tradition that mesmerizes all.

    Image credit - wikimedia Image credit - wikimedia

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