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  • Indian Wedding Gifts bring a surge in orders at Poompuhar

    Weddings in India hold an important place and are celebrated with full enthusiasm and joy. The tradition of marriages in India reflects regional, religious, cultural and traditional diversity of our nation. Indian weddings are never complete without the gifts, and with it come the confusion as to what should be presented to the newly wed couple and the family. If you take a glance over the handicraft collections at Poompuhar you will never be left in any dilemma when it comes to selecting gift items for any occasion.

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    Starting from metal handicrafts to Thanjavur art plates, you would find an array of wonderful gifting items at Poompuhar at reasonable price. Last year Poompuhar received an order of 1300 Thanjavur plates for wedding of a Coimbatore based industrialist’s daughter despite tough competition from corporate companies. This wedding gift order took Poompuhar to new heights and gave a boost to the all over Coimbatore based Poompuhar sale to Rs 3.15 crore. From the rich architectural perspective and scenic beauty of Coimbatore a large number of tourists keep visiting throughout the year. Coimbatore, which organized two outdoor sales and several indoor special sales, last year saw tremendous response for sales of traditional handicraft items in both. Thematic exhibition-cum-sales were organized during the festival season last year here where items worth Rs. 85 lakh to Rs. 90 lakh were being sold. The artisans got a chance to directly interact with the customers in such exhibitions held during festivals like Navrathri, Deepawali etc. This helps them sketch a clear plan about the items in demand and their respective sale, which otherwise are returned back to the organization for sale throughout the year. These exhibitions are also supported by Central Government where the artisans get financial assistance from the government to put up their handicraft stalls at many more such cities.

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    A surge in handicrafts and wedding gifts is taking Poompuhar to new heights in many South Indian cities where the customers and tourists want to buy traditional as well as contemporary hand crafted items to gift their loved ones. A large number of non resident Indians (NRI) visiting Coimbatore during summer holidays have shown special interest in Indian handicrafts and wished to take back some, to their country . Very soon an exhibition will also be organized in Coimbatore especially for foreigners and NRIs very soon by Poompuhar.

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