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  • Social Indicators of Indian Handicraft Industry

    Do you know the most beautiful handicrafts are from India and do you know Indian handicrafts have great demand in the world? So, who makes these handicrafts? These handicrafts are made by artisans from rural India who make them in great style and originality. Besides the fact that Indian handicrafts are contributing to the country’s growth, there is also one area of growth that is benefitting India at a deeper level. The development of Indian handicrafts helps companies achieve their goals and profits but at the same time follow a model where the artisans who make these products are also satisfied.This is because of the following reasons;

    Social Indicators of Indian Handicraft IndustrySource of income- Since handicrafts are doing so well in the market, it is in turn working in favour of the artisans of rural India too. In fact, the most popular handicraft industries include artisans in reasonable profits and since the artisans get a consistent income, they continue their association with them.

    More employment opportunities- Since the handicraft industry is a large scale industry in India, there is no dearth of opportunities for the artisans. Products made from stone, wood, clay, brass, different types of paintings and bronze are made, and the resulting business gives many opportunities to rural India.

    Focus on women- More women are getting employed with this model of making handicrafts. Women are usually good in handmade businesses and this industry too works well for them. More and more women are coming forward to work with handicraft companies.

    Skill development- Companies invest a lot of time in training and imparting skills to the artisans. The people who acquire the skill can also teach this to other members of their family and the spreading of knowledge will again work in favour of the handicraft industry.

    Better lifestyle and standard of living for rural Indians- Because the artisans are employed in big companies, they end up signing contracts and don’t quit because they like their association with big companies. Because of this, their standard of living and overall health also continues to improve.

    Indian culture gets huge publicity- Indian products are exported to UK, USA, Germany, France and many other countries. While products are bought or exported, they get massive publicity. When people buy handicrafts, they come to know about the richness of Indian culture.

    The Indian handicraft industry is a 100 million dollar industry. We can only expect more growth from this sector both financially and socially. With around 19 lakh job opportunities, this is a huge and diversified market with an annual growth of 15%. If we constantly witness financial growth, then social growth is automatically taken care of. Now, we live in an age of internet and social media, where we can send or receive information very fast. There will only be more and more growth for the handicraft sector which will make artisans have a sense of purpose as they will have people to invest in them and they will have a constant source of income will which increase their positivity towards their contribution to the handicraft sector.

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