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    Since time immemorial India has been known for its prowess in arts and crafts. In fact, skilled craftsmen were so prevalent that you could find different types of art and crafts across the landscape of the country from glass work in Uttar Pradesh to Thanjavar paintings in Tamil Nadu and fabric work in Gujarat to terracotta work in Assam.

    Even the British did their bit to boost the Indian handicrafts as such items became rage in the wealthy European countries and such things continue on till today. India today holds a profound share of handicraft exports globally which is giving a boost to the local village economy of these areas.

    Here are the top 5 centres of handicrafts in India today:

    Moradabad – Uttar Pradesh

    Moradabad town is approximately a three hour drive from New Delhi and boasts of a booming brass handicrafts economy. Brass is part of the city DNA to such an extent that Moradabad is called the ‘Brass Capital of India’. Majority of the city’s population is directly or indirectly involved in the business of brass hence giving it the name of ‘PitalNagri’ or Brass City. These highly acclaimed brass handicrafts are exported across the world and is considered of very high value.

    Kanchipuram – Tamil Nadu

    This city in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu is famous for its staggering and exuberant silk production. This world famous silk from Kanchipuram also called Kanjivaram is celebrated across the world and is well known for among the rich and royalty of the west. Families across the city are involved in the business of silk, a skill that has been passed down from generations. Travellers to Kanchipuram not only get the chance to buy world class silk there but also witness the divine knowledge and history of silk evolution, its production and its export. Being one of the most expensive fabric in the world, the Kanchipuram silk is one of the most sought items because of its enigma and beauty.

    Image Credit - Flickr Image Credit - Flickr

    Dakshinachitra – Tamil Nadu

    Located just on the outskirts of Chennai, this burstling village is the epicentre of woollen industry in South India. A village well known for arts and crafts, it boasts of a grand museum which showcases the collection and handicraft skills of people from this region. Many tourists throng this place throughout the year to witness the museum exhibits and the craftsmen at work making things as unheard in Tamil Nadu as the Tibetan woollen item Pulu. Today, Dakshinchitra has become a booming centre of arts, crafts and the folklore of South India.

    Image Credit - wikimedia.org Image Credit - wikimedia.org

    Kutch – Gujarat

    Located in India’s most western state of Gujarat, the Kutch region shares the border with neighbour Pakistan. From ancient times this region has been the centre of civilizations and has a very rich history. It is this encapsulating history that makes the region truly mesmerizing and worth visiting. As a centre of art and craft, Kutch is famous for its mirror work, embroidery, art paintings, mud paintings, mud sculptures and the weaving industry. Infact the annual Rann festival in Kutch is famous across the globe and attracts attendance from the rich and famous. The biggest celebrities can be seen thronging the region during the festival giving the place a spot in the global culture circuit. Some of the other renowned arts of Kutch include Khareek, Suf, Wood Carvings, Sea Shell Toys, Paako and the famous mud wall paintings.

    Thanjavur – Tamil Nadu

    A one hour drive from Trichy in Tamil Nadu can lead you to Thanjavur. The city is an important centre of South Indian religion, art and architecture. The UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Great Living Chola Temples are also located in and aroundThanjavur, thus placing the city on the map of every globe trotter in the world. The city also has to its credit the codification of Carnatic Music and has played a major role in the development of Bharatnatyam, a classical dance form from South India. The world famous Thanjavur paintings also get their name from the city and date back to the 1600s. Not only this, the city is also famous for several other types of metal carvings, metal sculptures and designs. The designs are carved out from earth metals such as copper, brass and aluminium. The metal production and skill of the local populace/artists of the city is spellbinding. With such a wide aura of culture and handicrafts, Thanjavur witnesses a lot of Indian and global tourists visiting the city who take part in the frequently organized craft fairs around the city.


    The centres mentioned above are only a small peak from a huge mountain base, every town in India and every village across the country is a centre of art and craft in itself.

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