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    Leather goods are a popular choice amongst people because of their durability and suave look. Leather items are created by tanning of animal rawhide and skin. These are further made into different objects by artisans who give them different shapes and colors. The leather industry in India produces 10% of the total leather produced in the world, with Kanpur as the largest centre of the industry. Leather is dyed and painted to make beautiful leather items. It is also carved to give a three dimensional appearance to the leather surface. Leather crafting also involves making leather stamps in various designs and patterns. Leather can also be shaped and molded into different figures and shapes. Very fine detailed designs can also be etched on leather surfaces by laser cutting.

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    Since leather is a durable and a robust material, it has varied usage. It requires low maintenance and is a rugged material. It is resilient in nature and improves with age, making it a long lasting material. Goods made of leather are stylish and have an exquisite look. Popular leather products include shoes, hats, jackets, skirts, wallets, bags and belts. Apart from this, it is also used for bookbinding, furniture covering, upholstery and leather wallpapers using different techniques. Leather seating is done in cars and motor bikes. Leather is one of the most preferred materials for shoes amongst men and women. Formal as well informal leather shoes are made to match the occasion and attire. Variety of bags like duffles, briefcases, totes as well as backpacks are products of leather.

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    Leather is always in style.Leather articles never become obsolete and are liked by people of all ages across the globe. Leather goods have a unique style and look and are appreciated for being durable and value for money.

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