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    Jute is an evergreen product that never loses its good old rustic charm. Jute bags, baskets, vases, decorative and utility products are trending in urban homes which prefer to have a classic twist to contemporary d├ęcor. What makes them even more popular is their affordable prices and durability.

    At Poompuhar, we have a variety of handicraft items which redefine creativity using jute as the basic material.One of our bestselling products - our jute paintings are created by Indian artisans in different designs, keeping in mind a variety of tastes. Some of the jute painted wall hangings available at Poompuhar are:-

    A stylishly sketched peacock painted beautifully with vivid colors.

    Jute Painting Pen Stand PeacockA wall hanging with a traditionally painted elephant.

    Yet another magnificent work of artis an oval jute painting in which the design is sketched on an oval piece of jute fabric. The ingenious sketch of a man, woman and a dog painted in black colour gives a shadowed effect. A pattern of yellow and purple coloursenhances the beauty of the creative work.

    For those who love Bohemian and tribal sketches, a jute wall hanging with Tribal Art sketch is just the thing.The creativity of the artist is worth appreciation, as the painting, though done on jute, gives the impression as if it were done on a palm tree. All these wall hangings are available at attractive prices, all under Rs 300!

    Jute paintings have their own appeal and aura and inspite of it being a low priced craft item, they very well adorn the walls. Hang them on an empty wall or in a pair beside a wooden panel, and enjoy compliments about your good aesthetic taste!

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