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  • How To Decorate Your Pooja Room as per Vaastu

    In India, a pooja room is constructed as a sacred room in every home. It is a special place to worship and offer prayers to Gods and Goddesses.

    how-to-decorate-pooja-roomPraying various Gods and Goddesses is a kind of contemplation of an individual human. It is considered that offering prayers improves our mental and spiritual strength: it is assesses as an essential activity for good mental health and an amazing spiritual contentment.

    All Hindu houses have a pooja room with various idols of Gods and Goddesses.

    How To Decorate A Pooja Room ?

    First, let us discuss how to place deities in the pooja rooms. It is very important to have a pooja room in your home which follows the norms of Vaastu, which is an  important thing to be born in mind while decorating your pooja rooms.

    Decide well about the location of your pooja room in your home.  It is usually built in the north east corner of your house. Also consider this point:  The pooja room should face either east to west or west to east.

    It is better to make your pooja room with wood material. It may be sandalwood or teak wood, with a conical shaped top. Also consider the color of the wood: it should be kept in natural wooden colors.

    Place your religious books in either south or west. Also ensure this: Your pooja room should not lie below, above or next to your bathroom. Usually, bathrooms emit negative energies.

    You should not place your pooja room under the stairs or inside the bedroom, especially inside the master bedroom. Your pooja room will be total only after you place the  idols and deities in the right direction.

    See below some important tips that would help you to place the deities inside your pooja room.

    Rules to Keep Idols in Your Pooja Room

    There are some idols of Gods that need to be placed in the east of the house facing west to increase their positivity in the house.

    Some examples of these gods are : Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh, Kartikeya, Indra, Surya.

    Where to Place Ganesha Idol at Home?

    The god’s idol that need to face north to south direction are: Ganesh, Durga, Shodas, Matrika, Kuber, Bhairav. It is also important to keep the idol or photo of Lord Hanuman facing South East. This will have a tendency to combine with agni which is located in the South East as it is the Agni’s direction which is not a good sign. Shiva is usually prayed in the form of a linga in Indian houses and it is advised to place the idol in the north direction.

    In general, the best direction to place all your  idols is the North East direction and it is really an auspicious direction to locate all the idols, gods and deities in compliance with various religious standards and procedures.

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