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  • Hanging Lamps from Poompuhar

    Lamps are one of the most loved symbols of the Indian society. They come in various forms, makes and materials; each one different from the other and meant to cater different purposes. A Hindu assembly known as Puja can never initiate without a Deepam. The Indian festival of Deepawali is a time when almost the entire country is covered with Deepak or lamps. Lighting the Deepak Coils is considered similar to cutting the red ribbon. Every Indian function that connects itself to ‘Indian-ness’  starts with the lighting of a deepam by the esteemed chief guests.

    Deepaks add to the good fortune of one’s home. They banish out the bad omens with the light they scatter. They make the negative energy burn off as they replace it with positive energy and simultaneously add to the beauty of the place they are kept.

    Most of us have mostly seen deepaks resting on a table or a puja thali. But Have u ever seen or heard of ‘Hanging Deepaks’?To many of us it may sound new, but quite a few of us might have seen them. In fact we try to think harder, most of us shall realise seeing them ‘in-reality’ or ‘reelity’. Those of us who haven’t seen them in our day –to-day lives can easily remember them swaying to-and-fro in a movie sequence where the protagonist is asking for God’s mercy. When all the temple bells chant together as they oscillate under the influence of the harsh winds.

    Hanging Lamps come in various forms and sizes. They may resemble a standard lamp with a spout and an oval bowl to contain the lamp while they may also be of various shapes or may have many lamps stacking together in a row or column. They are generally made out of brass since brass imparts both beauty and strength. They are the handiwork of artisans that work day and night to give shape to these masterpieces.

    Panjatchara Lamp has 5 lamps arranges one under the other. Each of the lamps is attached to the other with a brass link. The entire setup is connected to a series of links that form a metallic chain. It is a traditional lamp that is worthy enough to find a place in every traditional gathering.

    Panjatchara Lamp

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    Thonda Annam Hanging Lamp contains a closed compartment to contain oil. Annam is a celebrated bird (swan) which is associated to Lord Brahma. This lamp is thus of the shape of the mythological Annam who stands high on a the pot bellied oil container. This lamp is chained from the above the bird to enable it to be hung to the ceiling,

    Thonda Annam Hanging Lamp

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    Sangchakra Hanging Lamp has 5 spouts that give the portion that holds the oil a star-like shape. A rod like structure comes out from the middle portion which has the Sangu (conch shell) and the Chakra (Ring) of Vishnu. The Sangu and Chakra are attached with a metallic chain that helps hang the lamp from the ceiling.

    Sangchakra Hanging Lamp

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    Annam Hanging Lamp has the mythological swan attached through a central rod to a 5 spout star-shaped oil holder which is quite similar to the Sangchakra Hanging Lamp. A brass chain enables the bird to be hung onto a ceiling.

    Annam Hanging Lamp

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    Parrot Hanging Lamp is a bit different from the other 4 examples of hanging lamps. It has a 5 spout oil holder with coils that hangs from the mouth of a parrot which is attached to a base that rests on the ground.

    Parrot hanging Lamp

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    All these lamps are a perfect and a completely inevitable part of any religious or cultural gathering. Decorate your homes, offices, temples, etc  with these hanging lamps and spread positivity in all directions.

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