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  • Science behind Buddhist Handicrafts

    Many consider Buddhism as an art of living, rather than a religion. Well, the belief is quite true since many follow Buddhism to find peace and harmony in life. The home science, popularly known as Feng Shui in Chinese mythology is mostly based on Buddhist beliefs of life and living.

    One of the core belief of Buddhism is One self is constantly changing with time, even when you feel that you are the same person throughout your life. Buddhism teaches that art of living and its origination from different energies and vibrations that are present in the Earth's crust. The term, 'Om' is often related to Buddhist teaching and is considered as the first vibration that was naturally present in nature when living organisms came into existence. Today, there are different kinds of Buddhist handicrafts found in themarket, which is considered as a science to livelihood.


    Many people keep Buddha idols and incense sticks at their home without knowing the science of its existence. So, here we will discuss the scientific aspects of Buddhist handicrafts. According to a scientific Journal CellPress, published in the US, it has been proved that most beliefs behind Buddhism and Buddhist handicrafts that people keep in their home are real and directly related to the change that exists constantly.
    What is the most important aspect that keeps you living? Of course, its positive energy, determination and hope that keeps us alive. When Buddhist teachings came into consideration, it came with different perspective of bringing positive energy, hope and determination through some physical materials which are known as Buddhist handicrafts. Buddhist handicrafts include Buddha Idol, Incense sticks, Idols of Laughing Buddha, and different types of paintings, gems and stones.

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    Remember those Stones that were used when you went for a SPA? Those stones are a natural source of energies that helps to improve blood circulation. And that is the reason why they are rubbed into one's body whenever you go for a body massage. Another Buddhist handicraft is the main idol of Lord Buddha. Feng Shui science says, looking at Buddha idol, can bring peace to your mind. Hence, they are always found decorated with rose petals and incense sticks in Yoga rooms, meditation rooms and many living rooms too.

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    It was published in the Journal CellPress, that these beliefs are actually scientific since these handicrafts are made up of natural elements found in Earth's crust and they tunes with your nervous system, thus improving your willpower and blood circulation. According to neuroscience, this tuning creates an illusion in our brain which helps our mind to think positively about everything around us.

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    The Chinese home science called Feng Shui science, which is often used as an Architectural science to position different corners of your home, also follows Buddhist beliefs. And that is the reason, why big mansions that you may visit, have big pots of scented water and Buddhist idols. Feng Shui says that this handicraft keeps negative chi out of reach and if any negative vibes entered the room, the positivity that already exists inside the room work on it and pushed them away.

    Today, science says, keeping Buddhist artefacts at your home helps to live to a positive lifestyle.

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