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    India is a diverse country with  numerous cultures and styles. One can find remarkable differences in the life styles, eating habits, language and other features of the people of different regions. Even when it comes to art and culture, the styles vary e.g. Mughal style, Gujarati style, Kashmiri style etc. Similarly, the classical South Indian Style of Painting is a special one; known as ‘Thanjavur Painting’.

    At Poompuhar, in Tamil Nadu, one can find amazing works of Thanjavur Paintings, which can be bought at affordable prices. Some of these wonderful works of art are:-

    Thanjavur Painting Perumal – which is a portrait of Lord Vishnu made on gold foil paper. He has four hands, a conch shell (sanku) and the chakra. As his companion, he has Sridevi and Bhudevi and his vehicle isThe Garuda. This lovely decorative painting has the starting price of Rs 2,200.

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    Thanjavur Painting Krishna – The eye catching painting of Lord Krishna; who is another incarnation of lord Vishnu, has been made on the gold foil paper. The clarity, color combination and beauty of the painting is amazing. Its price starts from Rs 2,200.

    thanjavur-painting-krishna Shop For Thanjavur Painting Krishna - Click Here

    Thanjavur Painting Ranganathar – has the starting price of Rs 4,800. In this painting Lord Mahavishnu can be seen in a reclining posture on the coiled body of a five headed serpent. It is on the prehistoric waters known as Ranganathar.

    Thanjavur Painting Ranganathar Shop For Thanjavur Painting Ranganathar - Click Here

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