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  • Explore The Best Of The Rest Products At Never Before Prices

    From the bronze figurines of the Chola dynasty to the rock carving sculptures of the Pallavas, the South Indian art and craft has its distinct aura since centuries. Indian lifestyle, religious outlook, emotions and cultural expression are vividly reflected through the paintings, statuettes, wall hangings and other home décor items available at Poompuhar. From stone to metal, clay to textile –all the products come at affordable cost and are rich in Indianness.

    Bronze Figurines

    With the sublime stillness, the Bronze figurines from Chola era are the epitome of the omnipotent energy. The miniature replicas of the sculptures from tenth to twelfth century bear no signature and come with three variants. There are both glossy polished statues as well as the antique polished ones which bear the vintage touch.

    Ganesha, Meenachi, Lakshmi and Buddha statues are avilabale in various sizes and postures along with the cow and horse figurines. The price starts from INR 2545 for a 3 x 2 inch size and the maximum size is ten feet.

    Oxidized Natraja

    From ages, Indian dance forms have taken inspiration from the cosmic dance of Shiva, also called Natraja. Indian art has a distinct place for lord Shiva and in order to invoke that reverence, Poompuhar has brought the colossal black colored Natraja in two size variants -8 x 10 x 3 inch and 5 x 4 x 3 inch. The price starts from an affordable cost of INR 840.

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    Stone Carving

    From the supple and sensuous female figurine to the vigorous and virility of the male figures, the magnificent rock-cut sculptures were the cultural identity of the Pallava era. These sculptures depict every human emotion, be it joy, coyness, aggression, tenderness and even authority. You will find the virtuous Perumal sculpture carved from granite, the Soapstoneand Redstone Ganesha, the meditating Buddha and so on. The sizes vary from fifteen feet to three inch and various others in between. Prices start from INR 120 for 3 x 2 x 2 inch lingam made of soft stone.

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    Brass Lamps

    As an indispensable part of daily worship ritual, the Brass Lamps are the most popular items created by the private craftsmen. From Agal to Villaku, deepam to hanging lamps –there are various sizes available. The price starts from INR 200 for the Agal.

    brass-ashta-lakshmi-vilakku-buy-online Brass Ashtalakshmi Vilakku Buy Online


    From flower vase to tray, lamps to wooden hangings, bowls to wooden dolls and of course the sandal wood carving, the intricacy is reflected from every item. Buddha, Krishna, Lakshmi, Balaji, Ganesha and various other decorative are hand-cut and carved. The price for a small sandalwood keychain is INR 250 while a 48 x 15 inch Gopuram cost INR 7425.

    Paintings and Textiles

    The ornate gold work of the Thanjavur paintings to the rich patterned glass painting and Batik, the vegetable painted Kondapalli toys to stunning Meenakari stools, Poompuhar has something for everyone. The miniature oil paintings, handcrafted textile bags, purses and wall hangings are also notable for their traditional essence.

    Deriving its name from the historic coastal hamlet of Puhar, Poompuhar’s vast range of products is manufactured in its 6 production units and bear the traditional aestheticism of Indian culture. Get your choice of products at an affordable cost and give your home a new look.

  • Art and Crafts of Madhya Pradesh

    Madhya Pradesh is known for its rich tradition and culture. This is reflected in the majestic pieces of art and crafts. The handicrafts of Madhya Pradesh exhibit the painstaking craftsmanship and great skills of the locals.

    The artistic pieces include:

    • Bamboo and Cane Products
    • Carpet weaving
    • Terracotta
    • Stone carvings
    • Jute Works
    • Papier Mache

    The 5 Popular Arts and Crafts of Madhya Pradesh

    If you love shopping the great crafts of Madhya Pradesh will definitely mesmerize. These are some of the most popular handicrafts produced.

    Bamboo and Cane Work

    Amongst the different crafts of the state, one that stands apart is their bamboo and cane works. Bamboo thickets are a common sighting in Madhya Pradesh and the artisans make use of them. The vast majority of the locals make everyday tools using bamboo. They make fishing tools, baskets, hunting tools all from bamboo.

    The tribal communities of Baiga, Gond and Korku are skilled in this craft. If you are visiting Madhya Pradesh you are guaranteed to be thrilled by their beautiful works of art.

    Image Credit - wikimedia Image Credit - wikimedia

    Carpet Weaving

    Carpet weaving as a craft came to India via Persia. It is a major center of carpet weaving in India. The materials mostly used are of wool, silk, and cotton.

    The art of carpet weaving requires highly skilled craftsmen as it is a delicate one. The craftsmen of Gwalior are the undisputed master of the art of weaving fine quality carpets combined with creative designs and motifs.


    Among the popular arts of Madhya Pradesh, is the terracotta pottery. The terracotta pottery is marvelous in its style and representation.

    The local people make potteries that are noteworthy. They make traditional statutes of different animals that they offer to their deities as sacrifices.

    Stone Carving

    The stone carving tradition of Madhya Pradesh is one of the best in the country and the world. The majestic stone carvings are found in the majority of their temples to depict the gods and goddesses of this local people.

    Stone carvings of Madhya Pradesh vary from place to place. Every region of this state has got its unique and distinct style. In Gwalior, lattice work is the specialty, whereas in regions like Jabalpur the craftsmen specialize animals and human statues.

    Jute Works

    Jute is a cheap textile fiber with a coarse and heavy texture. Jute works include baskets, flower vases, hammocks, purses and table mats.

  • A Glimpse of Tamil Nadu Handicrafts

    If you ever travel to Tamil Nadu, then your trip would be incomplete without acquaintingyourself with the rich and diverse handicrafts of the region.Be it the capital city of Chennai, the surrounding cities of Kanyakumari and Thanjavur or the geographically interesting Kanyakumari, every region in the state has something bright, colourful and original to offer to lovers of art. Poompuhar brings a vast collection of such diverse art to you at one place. You can visit our website at http://tnpoompuhar.org/ and be a proud owner of exceptional artwork crafted by talented artisans.

    Our products are bought to adorn homes not just in India but abroad as well. Some of our bestselling products and materials include –


    Bronze is the most popularmaterialfor art statues or sculptures. It can be used for statues, art pieces, small figurines, designer utility articlesand evenfurniture.  Bronze work is famous around Swamimalai, and Kumbakonam inThanjavur District.

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    Brass Lamps

    Brass lamps are commonly used in Hindu householdsin theprayer room, butmany designs of such lamps are used as decorative items also. These brass lamps are mostly crafted in areas like Sivagangai, Madurai, Tirunelveli, Nachiarkoil, and Kumbakonam in Thanjavur District.

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    Thanjavur Painting

    Tanjore Painting is one of the most famousstylesof traditional South Indian painting. It is the inherent art from the Thanjavur or Tanjore city in Tamil Nadu. It is also be found in Trichy and Chennai.Most of these paintings depict stories related to Hindu Gods, Goddesses and saints.

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    Thanjavur Art Plate

    Thanjavur art plates are the custom metal craft of sophisticated workmanship in Thanjavur. Famous Thanjavur Art plates contain images of goddesses, flora, and fauna or geometric patterns compressed out on copper and silver sheets.

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    Wood Carvings

    Sandalwood is used because of its religious significanceand it is supposed to be an extremely expensive material for wood artefacts. The wood is refined to create a number of products like God idols, twisted chariots with famous jail work, and home decor items such as paperweights, walking canes, photo frames, small storage cases, and holders and so on. Sandalwood carving art is done in Kallakurichi in Villupuram Districts.

    Sandalwood Carvings

    Sandalwood is used because of its religious significance and it is supposed to be an extremely expensive material for wood arte facts. The wood is refined to create a number of products like God idols, twisted chariots with famous jail work, and home decor items such as paperweights, walking canes, photo frames, small storage cases, and holders and so on. Sandalwood carving art is done in Kallakurichi in Villupuram Districts.


    Lacquerware is an art where objectsare ornamentally decorated with lacquer. Lacquerware has painted or carved pictures which are lacquered for the final touch. Such art can be done on any item like large boxes, crockery, tokens, furniture or even coffins. Ambasamudram in Tirunelveli District is famous for Lacquerware.

    Stone Carving

    In stone carving, pieces of uneven natural stones are designed into a beautiful piece of art by meticulously carving out the extra stone. The initial proof of depictive art is stone carving, for example, temple carvings and historic sculptures.  Stone Carving work mostly comes from Kancheepuram, Namakkal and Coimbatore districts.http://tnpoompuhar.org/tamil-nadu/stone.html

    Papier Mache & Clay Toys

    Papier Mache is an art form containing paper pieces or pulp, occasionally reinforced with fabrics using adhesive like glue, starch or wallpaper paste. Clay art is a traditional art of creating toys, statues, decor pieces using clay. Papier Mache & Clay Toys are famous in Cuddalore, Nagapattinam, Thanjavur, Chennai, and Kancheepuram.http://tnpoompuhar.org/tamil-nadu/papier-mache-47.html


    Pith is the hard core of a water reed available abundantly in tanks, swamps and lakes. The pith is used for creating the miniatures of famous architectural monuments and daily objects such as Taj Mahal, Perumal Temple, Bullockcart, Temple Chariot etc. This type of art is commonin Thanjavur and Kumbakonam Pudukottai areas.http://tnpoompuhar.org/tamil-nadu/pithwork.html

    Kanyakumari is known for its work in fiber, talipot fiber, screw pine, lace, and embroidery work. Vadaseri, Salem, Trichy, Virudhunagar, Coimbatore are famous for silver and imitation jewellery. These are just someof the productswhich you can browse and buyfrom Poompuhar. There are many other works of arts available and we try to feature as much as work from artisans from all over the state. Enjoy shopping.

  • An insight into South Indian Stone Carving and Sculptures

    Stone carving is an ancient activity of shaping rough natural stones through controlled removal of stone. It is a process employed by an artist while making a sculpture. Stone carving is mostly preferred over wood or metal work as many types of stones are easier to find than metal ores. Stone carvings last much longer than woodwork as stone is more durable than wood. Also the availability of varieties, quality and color among stones make it a choice of material to start off with the process of sculpting.

    Image Credit - wikimedia Image Credit - wikimedia

    The stones commonly used in sculpting are easily carved soft stones such as soapstone and pumice. Limestone and marble is also popularly used. Certain hard stones like granite and basalt form a beautiful finishing and are carved with special iron or steel tools. The crucial point in the process of sculpturing is the quality of the material used. The sculptor has to go into thorough details regarding the quality, texture and color of the stone before proceeding to work. The art of stone carving and sculpting is almost similar to the measurements, techniques and details set out for Shilpa Shastra. The enthusiastic and dedicated sculptors of South India have always worked creatively with the indigenous and extremely durable variety of the stone available to construct beautiful temples and sculptures.

    The astonishing temples that glorify south India are from Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. These states were ruled by various dynasties of Pallavas, Chalukyas, Viajayanagar Empire, Kakatiyas, Cholas, Rashtrakutas and Gangas and all the architecture reflects the culture and tradition of each dynasty in which it was built. The glory of south Indian temple architecture can best be seen at Meenakshi Temple at Madurai. The magnificent temple features a thousand pillared mandapas, huge reliefs and tall gateways.

    The sculptor’s unique sense skill can also be seen in the other temples of the region. At Chidambaram, there is a beautiful temple featuring the 108 mudras of the Natya Shastra while at Kanchipuram one can see a number of the temples reflecting the culture of Pallava and Nayak dynasty.

    Rock cut temple sculpture is mainly the contribution of Rashtrakutas period which exhibits Jainism and Buddhism culture. The temples beautifully depict mythological gods and goddesses from Hindu puranas on their outer walls.

    Sangam period witnessed more artistic and nature inspired elements that can well be seen on the deities inside Chidambaram Thillai Nataraja Temple and the Srirangam Ranganathaswamy temple of Tamil Nadu. The Pallavas period introduced a new phase in art at that time. They introduced incredible and novel ways of artistic expression in sculpting. Mamallapuram (Mahabalipuram) is the biggest example of such art form. Made from granite and dressed stone Mahabalipuram exhibits dream world of amazing tamil stone art and architechture.

    Sculptures of Chalukya dynasty are mainly found in the state of Karnataka. Standing tall on a lotus Gomateshwara monolith is considered as the major sculpture of Ganga dynasty in Karnataka and has been carved from fine grained white granite. Temples built by Kakatiya dynasty of Warangal are those at Palampeta, Hanamkonda and the Warangal fort, displaying both the love for architecture and the zest of sculpting.

    The distinct feature of south Indian sculpture is that they redefined and provided a unique identity to the art of sculpturing in India.

  • History of Tamil Nadu Handicrafts

    Tamil Nadu, one of the biggest states of South India has an enchanting cultural as well as traditional history that makes the state more diversified and interesting to talk about. Most popular art amongst all, known as Poompuhar brings to life lost and rare handicrafts of Tamil Nadu. The beauty and creativity of the handicrafts of Tamil Nadu keep you engrossed.

    The different handicrafts depicting the culture and traditions of the state add elegance and beauty to not only Tamil Nadu people, but also people all around the world. The different handicrafts of Tamil Nadu Include Paintings of Tanjore, Jewelry, Pottery, woodcraft, Stone carving and textiles.


    The best thing about the paintings of Tanjore is their mesmerizing beauty and most significant art that gets depicted in them. They are made on wood, mica and walls that make these painting more beautiful and profound. The Jewelry is another most important attraction of the handicraft of the state made of beautiful stones. They make the most beautiful ornaments that embellish the beauty of several people and are loved by all.

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    The love for the handicraft of Tamil Nadu is because of the quality, the authenticity and the diversification in designs the art engrosses. The paintings, mainly Tanjore Gold leaf paintings feature Hindu Gods and Goddesses and their stories. You can find the best Gold leaf paintings in Chennai where you will find authenticity. Since beauty is to be appreciated and art isn’t easily available, one should cherish the culture depicted in art and craft that makes the art as well as culture more appreciable.

    The woodcraft of the state is most commonly used to make the beautiful fiber products that exported abroad. Palm grasses and bamboo are used to make the authentic woodcrafts that add value to the culture as well as to the authenticity and glory of the country. Stone carving is also an irreplaceable art when it comes to Tamil Nadu, the best of which is Granite carving. The crafts of the Musical instrument cannot be ignored. The enticing beauty of art and culture gives the best blend of what comes out to be marvelous. Thanjavur, the hometown of many musicians is the major hub of musical instruments. The beautiful carvings make them wonderful.

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    The art is to be cherished and to be loved by all. The beautiful handicraft is to be explored and hence one can add divine art and beauty to their lives by giving these handicrafts a place in your houses so that it becomes more prevalent and known by all. They belong to the place where creativity and skill is the cast of beauty. The subtle beauty of Tamil Nadu is depicted through these beautiful and mesmerizing handicrafts only and has been endeavoring since ages to provide the best and diversified designs and miracle that can be done through human hands. The state and its beautiful handicrafts also glorify the country as it exposes the rich culture through the handicrafts and make India popularly known worldwide.

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