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  • The Best Collection Of Brass Lamps Is Here

    There are a lot of different materials which are offered here, but Brass holds a popularity which others seldom enjoy. Whether it is because of a traditional attachment, as it was used for auspicious occasions or perhaps because of its golden shine, but the material remains one of the favourites.

    What products of Brass are available?

    The present collection ranges from simple products like Polished Brass Bowls to sophisticated designs of Brass Nataraj Statues Antique Finished, Polished Brass Peacocks, Polished Brass Uruli Light Weight as well as Weighted, Polished Brass Planters as well as Brass Coloured bowls. This isn't the limit as many more designs are also available in the collection.

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    What kinds of Brass Lamps are available?

    We offer the following collection of brass lamps:

    • Hanging Lamps: There are various kinds and designs of hanging lamps available in the collection. These range from Annan, Thonda to Gajalakshmi and Sangchakra hanging lamps. There is ofcourse a greater collection for this as well.
    • Lamps: These lamps are multi-tiered and so you will have the advantage of lighting multiple diyas on it. Some of the designs offered are called Double Thangali Annam Plain Lamp, Panjatchara Lamp with 5 tiers, 12 inch Brass Annam Table Lamp with gold Polish, Ornamental Annan Lamp, Plain Prabai Lamp, Plain Annam Lamp, Table Prabai Lamp, Malabar Lamps, Parrot Hanging Lamp and many more can be found on this site.
    • Traditional puja lamps: One tier puja lamps are a common demand during pujas and keeping those sacred traditions in mind the site has curated Agals, Parrot Agals, Paladais, smalls deepums, 5×2 Brass Puja Lamp, Malabar Lamps, Navagraha lamps, Balaji Deepum and many more.
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    How can I get these?

    There is a simple method of buying these up- you just have to sign up and create an account in the website. Then you can shop to your heart's content and put your selections in a virtual shopping bag. At the time of check out, the total amount will be shown which you will just have to pay. You will have the option of paying through not just Indian currency but other currencies as well, as those listed on the site are accepted as well.

    Apart from brass lamps what do you have?

    Apart from brass lamps there are various statues and designs made up of copper, bronze, metals, textiles, pithwork, clay, jute, wood carvings, stone carvings and much more.

    Are there any offbeat products?

    There are many offbeat products which are housed, such as Kondapalli Toys, Thanjavur Art Plates, Meenakari and Kalamkari Purse as well.

    Coconut shells and papier mache are also used as materials to make products so as to give an innovative touch to them.

    Traditionally brass lamps have been used for auspicious occasions all over the state and country as a whole, so seeing a renewed interest in the product is not just invigorating for the state of the craft but also for the people whose livelihood depends on their skills.


    Lighting plays an important role in setting a mood. Sufficient and suitable illumination is essential to the art of interior decoration and ambience. A combination of different kinds of lighting; such as general lighting, accent lighting or task lighting is both a tricky yet important thing to add beauty to a space.

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    Lamps play an important role in adding brightness as well as in setting moods. There are a variety of lamps available in the market. Table lamps, study lamps, spot lamps, floor lamps, etc. Each type of lamp plays a different function as far as its utility is concerned.

    Lamps play both functional as well as decorative roles. These are available in various sizes, shapes, styles, colors and materials, often varying from traditional to modern in their designs. Simple and sleek lamps are considered contemporary.

    Shop for this Table Prabai Lamp - Click Here Shop for this Table Prabai Lamp - Click Here

    Lamps are available in various sizes; howeverone must choose as per ones need and requirement, keeping in mind the main purpose that the lamp would serve. The size of the lamp should be taken care of while deciding upon the place where it has to be placed. For example, a small table will require a small lamp, while a big room will require a taller lamp. Lamps are available in sizes ranging from 15 inches to 27 inches.

    Interesting lamp shades add to the beauty of the lamp. Ideally, the size of the shade should be one half to three fourth the size of the base of the lamp and also that the bulb holder should not be visible, when it is put up. As for the shape of the lamp shade, it should complement the shape of the lamp that is to say that for a square shaped lamp, the shade should also be square or rectangular in shape. A round shaped shade will look good on a lamp with a round base, while a conical shade will look befitting on tall floor lamps.

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    In order to add general light to the room, one can use overhead lamps. Then there are floor lamps which shine up at the ceiling giving a reflected and touchier illumination. It provides an indirect dispersed light; which gives the room a blessed feel. Lamps giving out yellow dimmed light provide a romantic feel to the room.

    When it comes to lamps, one cannot overlook the beautiful and eye catching brass lamps fromPoompuhar. These lamps are used for pooja purpose as well as for decoration purposes and are available in various sizes and shapes. These are made out of copper and zinc along with high quality of brass.

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    These works of handicraft come under the government of Tamil Nadu’s undertaking i.e. the Tamil Nadu Handicraft Development Corporation Limited. A variety of lamps such as Ganesha lamps, Brass annam lamps, Lakshmi lamps, Prabai lamps, Kerala lamps, Balaji lamps, annam hanging lamps, Balaji branch lamps are available. Besides these, there are mangaladeepam, panchanlingadeepam, agalvilakku, kuberadeepam, Ashtalakshmi and Kamatchi lamps and also Jesus Cross lamps. These lamps vary from one foot to six feet in their size. Their weight also varies from 200 gm to 80 kgs. The best thing about them is thatthey can be dismantled, which makes them easy to pack and carry.  Even the prices vary from Rs 65 to Rs 64,000.

    Exhibitions are organized to display these traditional lamps so that the wonderful works of art of the artisans can attract the attention of visitors with their ingenious depiction of the cultural heritage of Tamil Nadu. There are more than 500 varieties of lamps available here which are of different sizes and shapes. These works of art are promoted by Poompuhar throughPoompuhar Sales Showrooms.

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